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Starting Over

Pretty much the same format everyone else follows. Continuation of New Moon. Enjoy!! *********Spoiler Warning******************* ***Update*** Now that i actually know what this story is going to be about, i am going to change the summary... Edward finally changes Bella, but instead of ending the problems, it simply brings on more. Bella develops an outstanding gift which brings vampires from all over looking to get her on their side... So, how do you like it??

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

2. three

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My face was puzzled. “But I’m immortal, they can’t hurt us, right?”

Edward visibly relaxed as I brought this to his realization, but he still looked slightly panicked. “Yes, that’s true, love, but they will want you to join them, and if you don’t, the might be forced to take liberties.”

Liberties? What liberties? But before I could voice my alarm, Aro stepped forth from the shadows, followed by several other vampires. I picked out several I knew, including Marcus and Caius, and Felix and Jane. They still all wore thick black cloaks and had a chalky white skin, but now their eyes were vivid ruby in color. There was one vampire I was sure I had not seen before. He had short black hair that stuck out and pale blue eyes--strange considering all the rest of the Volturi had red eyes. He wasn't nearly as good looking as Edward, but something about him caught my gaze and held it. The wierd thing was that I coudn't look directly into his eyes, i had to look from the side.

“Hello, my dears! I thought I might find you here…” Aro said quite pleasantly. Edward stepped in front of me instinctively, but I pushed my way till I was equally next to him.

“Aro, Marcus, Caius…” Edward bowed in greeting. “What brings you to the New World?”

“Why, we simply wanted to satisfy our inquiries concerning young Bella. But it is apparent that you have followed through on your word…” Aro said. Felix’s grin immediately vanished.

"I see you have a new addition to the clan..." Edward trailed off, nodding at the blue-eyed vampire.

"Yes! This is Thomas, he is quite delightful!" Aro's eyes held a hint of mischeif.

He continued, “Are you still firm in your refusal to join us?”

“Yes, sir.” Edward said coldly, his face reasonably calm. “That is correct.”

Aro looked visibly disappointed but then evidentially caught sight of my exotic eyes, for he turned on me with interest.

His eyes brightened with comprehension, then sparkled with delight. "A Sensitive..." His face was incredulous. I was confused. A Sensitive? What was he talking about??

Reading the puzzlement on my face, Aro explained, “Why, that is your talent! A rare one it is… I have only known one other who possesses such power. A human. Why, this is incredible!!”

“Sir, what do you mean, a sensitive?” My voice shook as Aro paused to look at me. I glanced at Edward and Alice, and both their faces held the same incredulity that Aro’s and the rest of the vampire’s faces held.

“A Sensitive possesses many talents. You can resist all forces that act inside the head--that's not suprising, considering what you were capable of as a human. You can sense other's thoughts--both pain and happiness. A sensitive is incapable of killing anything. You can also heal others. You've got the magic touch! And illusions! You can cast illusions--including invisibility! Oh, what a joy it would be to have you in our forces! Oh, Bella, I must beg you to join us! And bring Edward, bring Alice, bring the entire family. Oh, do join us Bella!” he pleaded.

I was reeling. I could do all of this?? Wow. Resisting other’s—that would explain my immunity to Edward and Aro. Projecting thoughts? How? Feeling other’s emotions? I thought back to the elk. This was feeling emotions? Feeling death? Yuck. He was right in assuming that I couldn't kill. But persuasion? Mind control? That would come in handy. Illusions? The list went on and on. But I couldn’t do any of this…well I couldn’t yet. But I hadn’t really tried…

I was brought back to reality with a deep growl from Edward. I looked at Aro. “Please?” he prompted.

I thought about it for a long moment. Edward had said something about liberties. That if I refused, they would take liberties. I had no idea what that meant, but I assumed it would be bad considering the horror I had felt as he said this. I looked up at Aro. He knew I was going to say no, I knew it by the disappointment I felt emanating from the clan. I decided to test my mind control skills.

No, you do not wish Bella to join the Volturi. She would be nothing but trouble now—she is a young, inexperienced vampire—she would most definitely be no good. Come back in a year or two when she is trained.

I shot this at Aro, willing him to succumb to it.

Amazingly enough, I saw his face become resigned as he considered this. I finally responded. “Actually, I would prefer not…” My voice was barely audible.

“Well, I suppose you’re right. But I hope you wouldn’t mind if we came back in about a year or so to check on you?” Judging the faces of the other vampires, each filled with disappointment; he suddenly realized what I had done. “Already testing your powers, eh?”

Edward looked over at me, shocked that I had caused his change in mind. I grinned and then looked back at Aro.

“Goodbye, friends! Do come to Italy sometime!!” And with a flash of his black cape, he was gone.