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For the Good of My Heart

Could any choice made out of love REALLY be wrong?

Well, I just thought of this after reading a (grrr) Jacob/Bella fic. But then I thought about it, really thought about it, and I realized that she loves both of them. Could any choice she makes for her heart really be a bad choice? Yes, we'll go to our little Team Edward/Jacob camps and hope and hope and hope that either Edward or Jacob will win over her whole heart, but is any love really WRONG?

1. Bella Swan

Rating 3.5/5   Word Count 88   Review this Chapter

I could be so happy with either one

But in the end,

I will

Have to choose

How can I judge who should hold my heart?

They both have


Do I choose the one

Who I can't live without?

The one who I need?

Or the one who

Put me back together,

Stitched the hole

He left in me

Which one? Which one?

How can I judge who loves me more?

I know who Charlie would choose

For me

I know who Esme would choose

For me


They are not me.

And in the end

It is I that chooses

For the good of my heart