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For the Good of My Heart

Could any choice made out of love REALLY be wrong?

Well, I just thought of this after reading a (grrr) Jacob/Bella fic. But then I thought about it, really thought about it, and I realized that she loves both of them. Could any choice she makes for her heart really be a bad choice? Yes, we'll go to our little Team Edward/Jacob camps and hope and hope and hope that either Edward or Jacob will win over her whole heart, but is any love really WRONG?

2. Bella Black

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Jake, my

Would-be soulmate

If nothing else out there existed

If there were no vampires, no werewolves

Just life

Life with me and Jake

My best friend.

I could be so happy,

So human

With my

Would-be soulmate,

My would-be lover,

my would-be true love.

If nothing existed out there

But my path lies elsewhere

With Edward

I'm so sorry, Jake

I can't help it

It's like...fate...

It's like...imprinting...

Can't be helped

I'm sorry for the pain

I've put you through

We could've been so


If nothing existed out there.

I cannot help it

But then, you won't either

When you imprint


My would-be soulmate,

My best friend in the world,

I wish you fair weather.

I wish to you a good life,

Full of blessings and life

And I bid you to

Forget about me and to

Love again.

My would-be lover.