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Blinded By Darkness

A collection of one shots on how the Cullen men feel during different times in the three novels. Rated Teen for minor language. Photobucket
Chapter Nine: Edward's POV of when he asks the Volturi to die.

Songs used in this chapter are Le Disko by Shiny Toy Guns and Kill The Messenger by Jack's Mannequin. Chapter One: How Jasper feels when he loses Bella in Twilight.

2. Edward

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Where are you now?
As I'm swimming through the stereo
I'm writing you a symphony of sound
Where are you now?
As I rearrange the songs again
This mix could burn a hole in anyone
But it was you I was thinking of

"I was just, um, wondering if you might, well no, you probably do, want to see this, Edward. Uh, it's the, um, the video tape from the dance studio. I've already seen it, of course. So has Alice. I just, well, Carlisle thought you should see it, too. We, uh, we have a VCR set up in a room down the, er, down the hall." Jasper sighed heavily from my side. I still hadn't talked to him. I was still contemplating if I should ever waste another breath talking to him again. It's not like he was worth my time or anything.

I nodded tensely before standing rigidly. I looked downwards at my angel on the hospital bed. She looked so peaceful as she drifted through unconsciousness. Her dark mahogany hair was fanned out around her head as her cherry red lips pouted outwards. How could I let this happen? I was truly a monster to let this go on so long, but now I knew it was almost impossible to let go of her. What was life, or more like existence in my case, if there was no love?

I turned to Jasper as he stood in the doorway with a rectangular black box in his hand. The infamous video tape. He looked hesitant. He should be. I walked stoically towards him and the strength it took him to control himself was palpable in the air. If anything, I gave him credit. He had been waiting in the hospital waiting room for 7 hours now, a long time for a vampire that was struggling with his thirst. Jasper must have felt my appreciation for he then thought, I just needed to make sure she was all right. He smiled sadly and turned around and walked down the blindingly white hallway towards a door a few rooms over.

I followed him numbly as the time away from my Bella seemed to take its toll. He felt my grief and put his hand on my shoulder. It will be fine. I just know it. I nodded my head and looked pointedly towards the video tape. It was time I saw it.

He grasped the metal doorknob and twisted it. The door swung open and I looked in. Emmett was sitting, grief-struck, on a green sofa in front of a small TV. Carlisle was standing in the corner and Alice was standing next to the TV. I know where I came from, Edward. She smiled gravely as her eyes twinkled with glee.

"Good for you, Alice. At least someone is enjoying themselves." I regretted the words as soon as they left my mouth. The bitter and harshness in my tone captured Emmett's attention as he looked towards me with wide eyes. I soon felt waves of calm start to drift over me. I turned my head swiftly and glared at Jasper. I wanted my feelings. The calming sensation immediately left. Alice's smile left her face. I didn't mean it like that, Edward. I ignored her desperate pleas and sat down on the sofa next to Emmett.

"Put in it, please." I looked over towards Jasper who nodded in return and walked briskly up to the TV set. He turned the power on and was about to put the tape in when he stopped.

"Are you sure you want to see this? You're not going to like what you see, I can promise you that." His eyes were a chillingly black onyx color. He needed to hunt. I nodded mutely as Emmett sighed.

"I may have to restrain you, Edward." I looked over to Emmett in surprise. These must have been the first words that left his mouth since we found her in the dance studio. His face was gaunt and the shadows under his eyes were more pronounced. I ducked my head in acceptance and raised my eyes towards Jasper.

"Just put it in." His hand pushed the video tape in swiftly and then it started playing.

I gasped as a dark room immediately popped up on the screen. There he was. James. I snarled in response to seeing his evil face on the screen. He was standing in the dance studio while a look of pure happiness covered his features. He opened his filthy mouth and started speaking.

"Hello, Edward, and whoever is watching this tape. I hope you eventually get this tape so you can come and get your pet's body. It would be a shame to let her rot here without a proper service," he laughed maniacally as my fists clenched tightly,"This is nothing to do with your coven at all, this is merely just a game of cat and mouse. Hunter and the hunted. Predator and prey. Don't take it personally. It's just a matter of quenching my thirst. And your little pet was just in the wrong area in the wrong time. Also, oh - here she comes now." He smiled menacingly and I wanted to just run into the screen and rip off his head. I knew how this ended, yet I still wished that I got there in time.

I could hear Renee's voice in the background, screaming out for Bella, as she walked hesitantly into the dance studio; a look of pure fear covered her face. He went on to make polite conversation with Bella, but all I cared about was what he did to her before I got there. My attention was pulled back to the screen when Alice came up in the conversation. I could hear Jasper tense up as the moment dawned close.

"She didn't even seem to notice the pain, poor little creature. She'd been stuck in that black hole of a cell for so long. A hundred years earlier and she would have been burned at the stake for her visions. In the nineteen-twenties it was the asylum and the shock treatments. When she opened her eyes, strong with her fresh youth, it was like she'd never seen the sun before. The old vampire made her a strong new vampire, and there was no reason for me to touch her then. I destroyed the old one in vengeance." Jasper growled in response to his words and I looked to Alice. She was looking at the screen with her head tilted in curiosity. I always knew Alice was different, special, but I would never guess she would be locked up in an asylum.

I looked back to the screen and waited for the moment. The moment he would spring. I tensed as he stepped towards her and lifted a lock of her hair and sniffed it. He stroke her face delicately and my mind exploded in anger. He had no right to touch her in such a way. He stepped back and began to circle her curiously. And then the moment I had been waiting for; he crouched down and exposed all of his glistening teeth. I looked to Bella's face and my heart broke to see her so scared and then she ran. My eyes widened in surprise. Emmett let out a gasp of air and shook his head sadly. My eyes were glued to the screen.

I growled ominously as he dashed in front of her and used his foot to send her flying backwards. She crashed into the mirrors that surrounded the dance studio and blood starting rushing out of her head. My stomach clenched tightly at the sight of it, but overall I felt disgust. I know I had hunted humans all those years but I had always made sure it was quick. How could someone hurt such an innocent beautiful girl and draw it out so she was in pain? Easy, my kind.

She struggled to get on her hands and knees and crawled towards the door. Carlisle closed his eyes, not wanting to see someone in such pain. Jasper looked away, feeling ashamed that he had let this happen. Emmett pursed his lips in anger and shook his head repeatedly. Alice had left the room. I kept my eyes glued on the screen, not able to look away.

James was immediately over her as he stomped down on her leg. I flinched from the sickening crunch that echoed through the studio. I took a deep breath and waited for the rest to come. He nudged it with his foot and she screamed. No one deserved such excruciating pain. I snarled as she screamed for me not to go after James. How could I not? I almost regretted letting Emmett and Jasper kill him. I wanted to.

The blood from the wound starting gushing out at an even more alarming speed as James tensed. His desire, his lust, for the blood was driving him mad. Bella lifted her arms to her face as he loomed closer. I was snarling constantly now. How dare he.

He pounced on her and grabbed her hand. She was already lost in unconsciousness. I heard a vicious snarl and saw Emmett and Jasper rush forward and pin the hunter to the wall who had blood running from his lips. My angel's blood. I saw myself run forward. Then it stopped. Jasper had hit the Pause button.

Silence enveloped us. It was nearly suffocating. Carlisle had finally opened his eyes; knowing the torturing of Bella had ended. Emmett looked to the ground as Jasper stood there composed. This is all my fault, he thought. I looked at him squarely in the eyes and gulped.

"Destroy it."

Dark blue, dark blue
Have you ever been alone in a crowded room?
Well I'm here with you
I said the world could be burning 'till there's nothing but dark blue
Just dark blue