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Blinded By Darkness

A collection of one shots on how the Cullen men feel during different times in the three novels. Rated Teen for minor language. Photobucket
Chapter Nine: Edward's POV of when he asks the Volturi to die.

Songs used in this chapter are Le Disko by Shiny Toy Guns and Kill The Messenger by Jack's Mannequin. Chapter One: How Jasper feels when he loses Bella in Twilight.

3. Emmett

Rating 5/5   Word Count 2004   Review this Chapter

Here in this yellow room blocking the screaming
Sounds from the stage
There's silhouettes passing by in the doorway
I pay no mind
You're half dressed and star struck
Will they pull you out
Will they bring you back
We both know it's coming

I walked in the entrance to the hospital while sighing. I hated being here. It wasn't that I didn't want to be here for Bella. It was just that the whole building had this air of depression and death. Plus, add on all of the blood from bleeding and suffering patients, and it's really not the place you want a vampire to be in. I really had no clue how Jasper did it.

Bella had recently sent Edward off to hunt. It was clear from the color of his eyes that he was thirsty. Alice and Jasper had already gone once and Carlisle never even had too. It always stunned me that he could have such control. It seemed that working in hospitals was nothing to him.

I knew Renee, Bella's mother, wasn't here because before I had left she said she would be back tomorrow. I was glad she wasn't here. Not that I didn't like her or anything, it was just difficult talking to humans and pretending to be human. Even though with Bella it was quite the opposite. She was easy to talk to and didn't shy away from us. I truly liked her. She was exactly what this family needed.

I walked down the hall towards Bella's hospital room. Bella was the type of girl that when you talked to her, it seemed like you had known each other your whole lives. Whenever I went into her room I would tell everyone I was going to visit "My Old Friend." Jasper would just roll his eyes while Alice would smile at me. So, I was off to visit My Old Friend.

As I got closer to the room, I could hear someone talking from within the room. I knew Bella talked in her sleep, I had experienced it firsthand, but this voice didn't sound like hers. It was deeper and held the perfection that only vampires would have. Jasper.

I leaned hesitantly outside of the door and listened to what was going on in there. I could hear the soft pounding of Bella's heart and the at ease pulse. At least she was ok. Jasper was still talking and I knew that they were having a conversation. Hm, this could be interesting. I chuckled quietly but stopped when I heard Jasper hesitate. When I made sure I wasn't even breathing, he continued.

"So, I just needed to make sure you understood, Bella. I never wanted that to happen." His voice was strained from desperately trying to stay in control, I presume. I heard a weak chuckle and then Bella responded in a breathless voice.

"Oh, I don't blame you, Jasper. I was the one that ran away from you. It's my fault. I thought it would be a miracle if I even managed to get out of your sight, let alone out of the building." I heard Jasper laugh quietly as I heard the sheets ruffle. Bella must have moved.

"I guess you have a point there. I still can't believe I didn't notice you weren't in there. You would think with my hearing and smell I would have known the second you left and with what exit. Guess I'm not the young vampire I used to be." Jasper sighed dramatically and then the two of them laughed together. It seemed to me like the whole family was starting to love Bella. Now, if I could only get Rose to come around.

"Well, if you still blame yourself, you can always remember that I'm perfectly fine. My life is no longer in danger!" I heard Bella's chest puff out as she tried to sound proud and Jasper snickered quietly.

"I wouldn't say your out of the woods just yet, Bella. We still have to get Edward to come around to changing you. Then you won't be in danger from us." He stressed the word us, and I smacked my forehead. Way to scare her off, Jasper! Now she just may get the message into her brain that we're dangerous! I sighed in great relief when I heard Bella giggle slightly.

"Yes, that will be difficult," Bella mumbled quietly, more to herself. I finally decided to make myself known as I knocked on the hospital room door and opened it. I peeked my head in the opened crack as Jasper and Bella looked towards me with surprised expressions.

"May I come in?" I widened my eyes in the best puppy dog face I could imagine as Jasper rolled his eyes dramatically. Bella blushed from God knows what and nodded.

"Of course, Emmett." She smiled as I walked in and closed the door behind me. Jasper was sitting in the visitor chair next to the hospital bed looked incredibly relieved. I would too if I had just found out she didn't blame me for what happened, even if it was her decision to run off. Humans could be weird that way. They always seemed to blame other people for their problems or their own accidents.

Bella was lying motionless on the bed with her wide brown eyes staring back at me. I went over to the other side of the bed and pulled up the other chair.

"So, how you doing, Bells? If I don't say so myself, you don't look your best with being covered in gauze and all." I smiled apologetically as she laughed. I could understand why Edward loved her. She was truly an exceptional person. If I didn't already have my Rose and I was human, I would have definitely been one of those guys at the high school like Mike Newton or Tyler Crowley.

"I'm all right, Emmett. I've been better." She smiled peacefully as Jasper looked at her broken and crumpled form and frowned deeply. He still blamed himself, didn't he?

"Well, that's good, my friend, because as soon as we spring you out of here, we are so going to Vegas! Gambling and Night Clubs await, my dear!" I made sure to shout loudly as Jasper looked at me strangely and slapped my arm.

"That's a bit too loud, my dear, " he hissed loud enough that Bella could hear. She giggled as I grumbled.

"I don't know, Emmett. With my luck I will fall down a flight of stairs and through a window," she sighed as she looked out the window. Jasper bit his lip and narrowed his eyes as he looked at me.

"Well, you know, you'd have five vampires with you. I don't think we'd let something happen to you...again." I chuckled as Jasper and Bella rolled their eyes simultaneously.

"And what about Edward, Emmett? You know he would never let her go there." Crap. Good point, Jasper. I hadn't really thought about Edward and his overprotective stubbornness.

"Well, for him, we have someone who would be perfect for persuading him to let us go." I winked as I looked pointedly towards Bella. Jasper grinned as Bella blushed.

"Oh no you don't, Emmett. I don't even want to go to Las Vegas." She shook her head repeatedly while the blush still hung on her youthful face. Jasper laughed as he took in her response.

"Well, you know what they say, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas," Jasper mumbled softly while looking out the window with a grin still on his lips.

"Excellent point, my brother!" A booming laugh resounded off the walls as Bella giggled and Jasper lightly chuckled. "We could do anything there! I hear they have amazing sports bars and clubs and...well, you all know I love pirates," I smiled guiltily as Jasper widened his eyes. Bella looked confusedly between the two of us.

"Pirates?" Her tone was full of doubt as she continued to stare.

"Oh yes, Emmett was a pirate for Halloween just a few years ago. Worst experience in my existence," he grumbled as he looked at me with a bitter look on his face. Sour puss.

"I love ye pirates, matey!" I smiled jokingly and Bella cracked up. I would always remember that Halloween; I must have been the biggest pirate ever recorded in history.

"Yes, such good times, Emmett," Alice mumbled as she gracefully strolled into the room with several shopping bags from Phoenix and stood behind Jasper with her arms around his neck, "So, what's this I see about Vegas? You know I've always wanted to go! They must have tremendous stores there full of clothes! Oh! Bella, I could take you for your first Official Alice Cullen Shopping Spree!" Bella's eyes widened with fear as I tried to contain my laughter. Jasper took in her fear and put his hand on Alice's shoulder.

"Maybe you could wait until she has fully recovered before you take her shopping, love. I don't think we should force her into anything just yet." He looked at her with a wide innocent expression. I coughed into my hand to hide my laugh. Alice's gleeful expression immediately ceased. She looked over towards Bella who was nodding vigorously and agreeing to Jasper's words.

"Oh. Well, I guess that's all right. I mean, you are probably correct. We wouldn't want to strain her leg, right?" Her glum looked intensified as she looked towards the shopping bags full to the brim that she had set down by the doorway. Her glance was followed by an enormous sigh.

"How about this, Alice? You wait a few weeks before taking Bella shopping, but I'll go shopping with you when we get back to Forks. I promise, a whole day. You, me, and a whole mall," Jasper smiled genuinely and shook his head while trying to persuade his shopoholic wife. She took in the negotiation and narrowed her eyes towards Jasper. Bella smiled slightly while taking in just another normal day in the life of the Cullens.

"You promise? A whole day? In whatever store I want?" She was starting to bounce with excitement while clapping her hands. I knew whatever plan Jasper had up his sleeve would end; he simply could not deny his wife anything when she was in such a state.

"Promise," he sighed as she jumped up and clapped with all her energy. I had never seen anyone so excited about shopping with their husband. She squealed and pecked Jasper on the cheek before running over to the doorway.

"I need to put these bags in the car. I'll be right back! See you in a few!" She slipped on her Gucci sunglasses before picking up all of the bags and strolling out the door.

"I will forever be in debt to you, Jasper. Thank you." Bella looked at him gratefully and he returned her thanks with a slight smile.

"It won't be so bad...I hope." He looked over towards the doorway which his wife had just exited. "I'll be right back. I need some fresh air," he smiled apologetically towards Bella who nodded understandingly. Again, I was stunned by her cool stance. She took everything in so well.

"So, Vegas? This is your last chance, Bella." I looked over at her with wide eyes after Jasper had left the hospital room. I wiggled my eyebrows as she giggled. Please let her say yes! Please!

She sighed deeply before opening her mouth, "Fine. But remember, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas."

We must care for these little ones
We must keep them safe
From the horrible ideas
And the people who have them
They're too young
For wondering
Too young for wishing
Tell them they're beautiful
Perfectly placed
Love and be loved
Take air into your lungs
And turn into the most beautiful sound you can make