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a poem about Edward from Bella's PoV


1. Chapter 1

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Edward Cullen. So mysterious. So handsome. But he also has a dark secret. He is

Dangerous. A Vampire. The famous bloodsuckers of the horror movies come to life.

Without all the hating the sun…stake through the heart, garlic kind of stuff. He uses his

Alluring voice, looks, even his smell, to bring in his prey. But he is not an evil vampire.

Really. He doesn’t hunt people – just animals. It is Doctor Carlisle Cullen who first started

Doing so. I wonder-he says my blood is abnormally-distracting. Is there a term for that?

Colors flash through my face (well..color-red-)when I notice him looking at me. I blush with an

Unusual frequency because of him. But I can’t help it. My feelings for him so strong. I

Love him. And he loves me. The thought makes my heart soar. I smile at him and his

Lovely crooked smile is my answer. We hold hands underneath the table. People notice.

Especially Mike. But I don’t mind staring, only sunny days when they go ‘camping.’ I

Never want to leave him, ever. Edward Anthony Mason Cullen, I love you. ♥