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Since the Cullens moved to Astoria they could tell its not like the other towns. Not the town, but the people in it. They need to be careful or else everything they have worked for could be revealed. Someone is coming to Astoria. She knows something is not right. She will stop at nothing to find out who or what they are. Someone dangerous is also coming, watching their every move. Its only a matter of time. banner made by the lovely eternitys_charm!

ILL GIVE YOU MY NEW CARRRR!!!!!!!!! well actually thats a lie i wont....

3. Chapter 3- After Bali

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Edwards POV

“Jasper’s angry”

I quirked my eyebrows downward, wondering why that could be.

He’s mad that Bella isn’t even affected by the students, and he still is. Its quite funny actually.”

Ha. I wasn’t surprised really. Jasper had been fuming after realizing that human blood still repulsed Bella. She was happy that she could go to school or work and not have to face trying to resist the smell. He was still the weakest, and that bothered him.

I looked over at Jasper and smirked. He just glared back.

“Oh, give it a rest. You know it’s not really that funny, and I am doing extremely well.”

He was right; he had been doing much better. He no longer had to stay about 5 feet away from the nearest human. We were proud that we could all resist moderately well. And the rest of us were just happy to go back to school. Denali was good, but 5 years can really get a little dull.

I was frustrated, however, that I could not just swing Bella up anytime I wanted and kiss her. No, I had to restrain from that activity for about 7 hours each day. You would think we would lose interest, after kissing almost non stop on our private island off Bali for as year. But each kiss still held the same amount of excitement as it did our first one.

“Bella’s sad” Jasper thought.

I looked over at Bella and she was looking of into the distance with a sad look in her big gold eyes. She turned towards me and looked at me oddly. I mouthed “what’s wrong?” and she returned with a chuckle.

“It’s just that it was at this time I first was you, in the lunch room I mean. You all looked so weird in the corner, you were such outcasts.

“I never thought I would be one of you. I guess that makes me an outcast too!” she chuckled.

“Hey Edward what does the new girl make of us?” Emmett thought.

I gave him a questioning look and he pointed to a girl in the lunch line. She was around medium height, about 5’5 with dark brown hair. She was slender, with a slight tan. Well that won’t last here long, I thought. She was very girl next door. The one thing that stood out about her was her massive blue eyes. They overpowered the rest of her face, but somehow it fit. She was pretty, but nothing compared to my angel.

I concentrated for a minute trying to pick up her thoughts along every one else’s. Hum, that’s weird, I really couldn’t find it. I tried harder but nothing came up.

“Girl with the spiky black hair!” She thought, but nothing came after it. I focused even harder but I couldn’t get anything from her. If I couldn’t read her mind, how did I get that one sentence? This was a little to familiar. Damn this better not be deja vu.

She was staring at us now that were obvious. I could feel her eyes on the back of my head. I guessed that the girl with the spiky hair was Alice, but how did she know her and why was that the one sentence that I got?

Wow, their gorgeous” she thought again. Why was I only getting little sentences? This was really getting on my nerves. I tried to focus on the people around her to see if I could get anything from them.

“Of course she would notice them first, they are a little palpable, and I should probably mention that they are all together, we don’t need her getting any ideas. I hope she likes me, she seems nice enough. Maybe we will be friends...” I heard from Rebecca Stevens. She was a very nice girl, sometimes a little self-conscious at times. So she had already been informed about us. I really needed to figure out why I couldn’t hear her.

“Edward? Hello? What does she think of us?” Emmett thought angrily. I had been so preoccupied with the girl’s thoughts I forgot about my family. I shrugged an “I don’t know”. And he turned away. I was finished picking at my bun and moved onto the pasta.

I would need to talk to Alice and Carlisle later. To see what they thought about the mysterious new girl.

“I will find out more” She thought.

That’s what I was afraid of.

The woods were dark.

Everything was dark.

The time was coming.

The final destination approached.

Soon, very soon.