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Since the Cullens moved to Astoria they could tell its not like the other towns. Not the town, but the people in it. They need to be careful or else everything they have worked for could be revealed. Someone is coming to Astoria. She knows something is not right. She will stop at nothing to find out who or what they are. Someone dangerous is also coming, watching their every move. Its only a matter of time. banner made by the lovely eternitys_charm!

ILL GIVE YOU MY NEW CARRRR!!!!!!!!! well actually thats a lie i wont....

4. Chapter 4- Neon Appliances

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Rachel’s POV

My first week was, well, boring as hell. This town was smaller than my development in San Diego. The only words people seemed able to muster was “welcome” or “where you from?” Don’t get me wrong, everyone was very nice, but their brains definitely needed some jumpstarting.

I have gotten quite settled with a bunch of people at school, whose names I have mostly forgotten. Rebecca and Fern were the only ones who really stood out to me as having even a little personality. Well actually they where just the only two who's names i remember.

Fern seemed over excited to hear anything I had to say, and Caroline was very nice but quite self-conscious. The rest of the group was just there, semi interested in anything I had to say. I tried to bring up the topic of parties, but every one just looked at me as if I just stepped on the American flag.

Although I was busy with school and looking for a job, I could never seem to get my mind off that group of kids at school. They seemed to walk about the school as if they’d seen it all before. They always looked bored or tired, and never appeared to listen in class. I had the small one with the spiky black hair in my geography class, and the big, curly brown haired one and his sister, Bella, I believed, in my English class. They would sit together and pretend to pay attention and pass notes. They seemed kind and always answered when the teachers asked them questions.

Every time I saw them I was in awe. They were beyond perfect. From their graceful movement to their eloquent speech, I couldn’t see any flaws beneath their odd white skin. Rachel was right, most kids did avoid them, but I couldn’t seem to grasp why.

I woke up very early on Monday morning eager to get to school so I could try out for field hockey. Sports had always been a passion of mine. I craved the intense burn after a hot, sweaty workout. I longed for that taste of cold water running down your parched, arid throat. I required that feeling of strength, endurance; pure, brute power.

I slid out of bed and snuck over to my door, as I reached the hall I could hear my mother snoring softly in the other room. I tiptoed down the stairs and into the lime green kitchen. I wasn’t used to having such bright appliances shining on my face at 5:30 in the morning; it was terribly annoying to have them gleam on you when you weren't even fully awake. The kitchen was small, not meant for big families. There was an intense green, four jet stove; inlaid between lighter green counters and cabinets. Across the room stood a majestic fridge, not trying to hide its age. The tiles and ceiling were contrasting white, and stood out against the worn wall paper, which too was green.

I made my way over the counter and pulled on a pastel cream knob. It made a sharp popping screech of shredded wood and came out with my hand.

“Ughh,” I groaned, as I slid my nail into the crevice between the door and the counter and pulled it open. I searched through the dark, dusty drawer 'till I found what I was looking for. I slid out the small box of strawberry Pop Tarts and put them on the counter.

Next: find a pencil.

After finishing my hearty meal of pop tarts and fifteen minute long quest to find a pencil for the drawer hole so it could open and close, I made my way back up to my room to get changed.

I wasn’t really sure what to wear. I had never tried out for a team in a small town in 13o weather. I eventually settled for a tight, dark blue v-neck and mid-length black spandex. I grabbed a silver Lululemon sweater on my way out, knowing that the weather was not my friend at the moment.

It took me less then five minutes to get to the school, probably because no one else seemed to be up yet, so there was no traffic.

That’s weird, I thought as I go a space in the parking lot, which was the only one with a car in it. I looked at my watch; it read 6:00am.

“Where is everyone?” I mumbled as I made my way over to the poster board where I last saw the ad for the tryouts.


6am, Monday, April 5th "

“Crap” I thought. Just like me to not read the rest of the sheet. I got everything else right, except for the date of the tryouts.

So there I was, in school, at 6am, in track gear, by myself.

What to do? I asked my self.

I made my way back to my car, until a muffled scream came from the morning mist.


Like an animal,

Run, stalk, catch,

No escape from bloody claws,

Time draws near,

As clocks beat against the doomed.