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Since the Cullens moved to Astoria they could tell its not like the other towns. Not the town, but the people in it. They need to be careful or else everything they have worked for could be revealed. Someone is coming to Astoria. She knows something is not right. She will stop at nothing to find out who or what they are. Someone dangerous is also coming, watching their every move. Its only a matter of time. banner made by the lovely eternitys_charm!

ILL GIVE YOU MY NEW CARRRR!!!!!!!!! well actually thats a lie i wont....

5. Chapter 5- 6 in the morning

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“Stop!! Stop it!!! Please!! Please!” Bella screamed as Edward lifted her up again.

“Over here Jasper!! Quick!” Alice shrieked as she ran towards the bright yellow line drawn coarsely on the wooden floor.

“Jasper now!!!!” bellowed Emmett who stood near the cold metal bleachers protecting his precious wife, Rosalie, who was sat silently watching.

The school gym echoed with screams and roars as the six rebellious vampires faced off against their greatest enemy yet: the soccer ball.

Emmett had convinced them that it would be fun to break into the school gym for the night and play a little three on three. Bella, Alice, and Jasper had been on it right away. Edward was soon convinced by Bella to come. Rosalie, on the other hand, had only agreed to come watch and paint her nails. Around 1:00 in the morning, they had all made there way silently to the gym.

It was the boys against the girls, which was bad, for the boys. Alice and Bella could both use their powers to find out what everyone would do next, even with Edwards mind reading capabilities, they were still at a loss.

By that time it was around 6:00 in the morning and they were starting to wrap up their master tournament. The boys' only needed two points to win.

Emmett swiftly maneuvered Bella’s attack from behind as Edward sliced in front of Alice and took the ball from Emmett. He kicked it towards the goal and... ... ...SCORE!

The two teams set themselves up again and the play began. Rosalie stood up as she watched the speedy vampires kick the ball around so fast it looked like a grey blur. There was a sudden thump as her husband flew out of the jumbled blur and flew into the wall. She screamed and ran over to her husband. He didn’t move for a few minutes then started shaking. By then the others had gathered around also. He flipped over to produce a hysterical Emmett. Everyone burst into massive fits of laughter, and then Edward stopped in the midst of the laughing.

“What’s wrong?” asked Jasper as he looked from Edward to Alice, as she now had a blank look on her face, as well. Sure enough Bella developed the same facial expression.

“No,” is all Edward said as he whipped around. They all followed his gaze to a blurry face in the window.

“Who is it?” Rosalie asked.

“The new girl, Rachel” replied Alice in a whisper.

“I think she’s coming in. What are we going to do?” asked Jasper once she had left the window.

“Can we still get out in time?” someone else asked.

“Carlisle is going to kill us.”

“Emmett I hope you realize this is all your fault.”

“Yeah was this really necessary? I mean, I could have finished painting my nails instead….”

“Sorry for wanting a little excitement guys, but I am not the only one who wanted to come…”

“SHUT UP” Bella yelled over all of the quiet arguing. They all stared at her sudden outburst.

“Okay guys, as I see it we have two options: run and make her thinks she is crazy, or face the music and make her think we just snuck in to have a little fun,” replied Alice

“But did she not see how fast we were going?” Jasper questioned.

“I really hope not, because she’s here,” responded Alice.

No, no


Don’t cry now

Death should be faced with a smile

Hunger can’t satisfy the dead

Red eyes overwhelm