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Since the Cullens moved to Astoria they could tell its not like the other towns. Not the town, but the people in it. They need to be careful or else everything they have worked for could be revealed. Someone is coming to Astoria. She knows something is not right. She will stop at nothing to find out who or what they are. Someone dangerous is also coming, watching their every move. Its only a matter of time. banner made by the lovely eternitys_charm!

ILL GIVE YOU MY NEW CARRRR!!!!!!!!! well actually thats a lie i wont....

6. Chapter 6- Dented walls

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To say I was scared was an understatement; I was terrified.

I had ran as fast as I could to where, I thought, the scream had come from. I went toward the foggy gym window and peered in. By then all I could hear was stifled screams and mumbling. Seeing as the window was frosted, it was very difficult to see inside but I managed to make out a few very fast blurs moving around, it was too fast for a human to be moving around like that, but what else could it be? I did not believe in ghosts, so that was ruled out.

Maybe it was just my imagination.

At that moment all the mumbling stopped and the blurs disappeared. Faint figures moved together in to one center location. I decided to go investigate.

What if it was some gang riled up and ready to attack?

What if it was some crazed murderer loose and ready to kill the next person it saw?

But maybe it was just some rebellious kids, who had nothing better to do then sneak into the school at 6 in the morning and mess around a little bit.

I was really hoping for the last one.

I found the front door unlocked and softly pushed it open; but having my luck, it made a loud creak and a whooshing sound of plastic door protectors sliding against hard, obviously not freshly waxed, tiled floors. I snuck in as quietly as I could, but found that my sneakers, due to the dew on the ground, made a squeak with every step.

I was nearing the gym and knew that if I had any chance of turning back, it would have to be then. I stopped and turned around heading back to the door I had just came in from.

But what if someone’s in danger? I thought to myself.

But then again I don’t want to die… I argued with my subconscious. I

need to get better with my decisions.

I was very scared but, obviously, the person was in some sort of danger. I turned around again and moved blindly towards the gym's green doors.

As I approached I heard a mumbling of arguments through the doors. Suddenly I heard, “SHUT UP!”

These can’t be people though….Even if they are, what where those speedy moving blobs? I thought to myself as I reached for the handles.

All was silent, as I gently pushed open the cold, metal doors, which where silent this time because of the waxed wooden floors, I stared into the golden eyes of the rebels.

“Oh. Sorry” I whispered as they all stared at me with the same worried look.

There was about 10 seconds of awkward silence. Until the little one spoke up.

“No I’m sorry we didn’t mean to startle you. We just, ugh, decide to have a little fun you know? Just umm.. yeah…” she said embarrassed.

The gym was a mess. Balls everywhere, Frisbees in the rafters and a colorful parachute lay crumpled below my feet.

The weirdest thing was the massive hole in the wall. It looked like a bolder had crashed into it. The stone behind the initial brick showed as white painted bricks lay scattered all around it.

They all followed my gaze to the hole and all responded with a mortified look towards me.

“What happened?” I asked after a few minutes of edgy awkwardness. “Uh that was there when we got here. I don’t know what happened…..Weird eh?” The tall brawny one answered.

That can’t be true…. I thought to my self.

Something wasn't right here. “You mean you didn’t make that hole?” I posed to find out more about it. They seemed so surprised, it really didn’t suit them.

“Do we look like we could something like that? The mess was us, but that’s easily fixable,” answered Edward, I believed was his name.

“Well, what did it then?” I retorted quickly. I wasn’t stupid, I didn’t think a human could do it, but at the moment the finger was sort of pointing in that direction.

“We are just as much in the dark as you are right now, OK? Hey, why are you here anyways, it’s, like, 6 in the morning; shouldn’t you be sleeping?” the stunning blonde countered icily.

“I…well….I just came on a run down here and heard a scream. I am sorry I intruded." I said embarrassed, "I’ll leave now,”. I turned to leave, not wanting to hear what they had to say about my lame excuse for being at school so early.

“See you later, Rachel!” the one named Bella said as I shut the doors.

I ran as quickly as I could out the front doors as I heard the voices rising again behind me.

That was the last time I wake up at 6:00.

Time is impossible

Without life to live it out

Food is impossible

Without predators to consume it