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Since the Cullens moved to Astoria they could tell its not like the other towns. Not the town, but the people in it. They need to be careful or else everything they have worked for could be revealed. Someone is coming to Astoria. She knows something is not right. She will stop at nothing to find out who or what they are. Someone dangerous is also coming, watching their every move. Its only a matter of time. banner made by the lovely eternitys_charm!

ILL GIVE YOU MY NEW CARRRR!!!!!!!!! well actually thats a lie i wont....

7. Chapter 7 - Banana Pancakes

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I was frightened to go back to school.

I felt sick when even thinking about it.

There was only one option left: fake sick.

"Mom…mommmm…MOM WAKE UP!" I yelled as I shook the mass of dark blonde hair.

"…not right now Rachel…ugh…" was all I got as a response.

"The studio is on fire mom." I said. This would work, I thought, seeing art was all she really cared about.

"WHAT?!" she said falling out of bed and landing directly on my left foot.

"Ow! Mom that was my foot!!! @#%*!!!!" I screamed as my mom scurried around trying to find her keys, convinced the art studio was on fire.

"Rachel hurry get your coat on!! What the hell are you doing on the bed?" She continued to skittle around with a look of pure terror on her face. This woman could face blood thirsty vampires as long as they didn’t touch her art. "THERE IS OVER $10,000 WORTH OF ART IN THERE AND IF YOU THINK IM GOING TO LET IT BURN DOWN WITHOUT ME, YOU'RE INSANE!" she shrieked as I rolled in a ball on the bed trying to soothe my aching foot.

"MOM calm down ok? I just said that to wake you up!" I said, knowing she would be pissed when she found out this was an act. "The art house is NOT burning down," I added trying desperately to calm her down as she skidded down the hall.

She screeched to a stop at the top of the stairs and stood there silently. I could feel the angry slowly grasping the air around her.

"What?" she said in a small voice. "Rachel I do not think you fully understand how bad of a way to wake me up that is. Ever heard of the term 'don't wake someone up on the wrong side of the bed'?" she continued obviously trying to keep her anger under control.

"Sorry ... but you wouldn't wake up," I replied trying to keep myself in her good books if I had any chance of staying home today.

"Then POUR COLD WATER ON ME!" she cried as she replaced her keys on her dresser and stormed into her closet to burn off some steam. I decided that it was a bad time to bring up school and made my way down stairs.

I got some ice for my foot and sat silently on the cold plastic chair we had yet to replace in the kitchen. I made it my goal to buy new soft chairs on the weekend.

My mom was a pretty easily distracted person and tended to forgive and forget very quickly. I made some banana pancakes and cut up some strawberries to speed up the process of forgiveness.

When she came down she had already completely calmed down.

"What's for breakfast, Rach?" God I loved my mom sometimes.

"Strawberries and banana pancakes, your favourite," I replied, kissing up as much as possible.

"Thanks sweetie," she said kissing me on the forehead as she took a seat on the chair opposite mine. I placed the food in front of her and sat down.

"You're not hungry, honey? You do look a little pale, are you feeling alright?" she asked. Oh mother, so susceptible to my acting abilities.

“No I'm not actually, my stomach feels terrible and I have a wicked headache," I responded, leaning my head over on the table.

"Are you going to stay home today?" she garbled, her mouth full of pancakes.

"Yeah is that ok with you?" I asked innocently.

"Sure Rachel, I'll call the school. You just rest and feel better," she replied.

"Thanks mom, oh and you can leave that, I'll finish the dishes," I said as she made her way over to the sink.

"Thanks honey, I really do have to get over to the studio, big clients coming today. I'll make sure nothing was burned," she added with an eyebrow raised as she made her way out the door.

"MOM!! You forgot your..." I started but she was already out the door. She would have to come back. She wouldn't get far.

Five, four, three, two…

"Oh sorry, I forgot my keys!" she said as she came back, hurried her way up the stairs and then back down. "Bye sweetie! Feel better!" she shouted as the wooden door slammed loudly behind her. I heard her car door slam as I made my way over to the sink to put the dishes in the dish washer.

After I was done with the dishes I sat back down on the chair and contemplated what I was going to do today. I immediately thought of that morning and a bright red flush covered my cheeks.

I knew it was cowardly to not go to school just because I had embarrassed myself in front of them. But in my heart I just did not know what I would do if I saw them. I couldn't wave, or talk to them. I don't think I could ignore them either. It was just something I couldn't handle today, after I was already emotionally worn from this mornings weird happenings. I figured I would have to really think about what happened eventually, but I would do that later. Maybe.

After I was dressed and ready for the non productive day ahead of me, I made my way outside and decided on taking a walk through the neighborhood to familiarize myself with it. I started off going west down the street because the other way was a dead end. It wasn't raining, but the grey clouds in the sky were definitely pushing their limits.

We lived just on the outskirts of town, just off one of the main roads called Irving Ave. We lived on the last street before the endless wall of trees that kept Astoria hidden away. Behind us were just miles of uncut forest. Before we had arrived here, I figured that it would be the perfect place to hike, but after arriving, I decided against it. They were so intimidating and, well, green. The mist protruding from them and the utter silence of the unwoken beast gave it an air of mystery and depth. It was almost too overwhelming to look at.

We only had one neighbour to our left. It was a pretty large house, with ugly yellow curtains in the bottom window. There were not plants in the front yard, just bright green grass that seemed to take over the entire yard. There were no lights on in the house except one candle set in place of the upper left window.

Did someone die there? I thought to myself.

As I continued walking by their house, something moving in the window caught my eye. One of the yellow curtains swayed as a dark figure appeared behind them. The shadowy figure slowly moved its hand towards the edge of the curtain. My heart sped up and I realized that I had stopped walking. Everything was moving in slow motion as a hand appeared at the side of the curtain. A dog barked distracting my attention from the house. When I looked back the figure was gone.

Shadows are more than faint lines on the floor.

Shadows are the only things that know our secrets.