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Life is anything but perfect. But it can be close. Then they turned into werewolves. A Pack story. (This is being completly rewritten from the old story, 'A Best Friend' I'll post the new story chapter by chapter. Hopefully this one will be better)


1. A note

Rating 4.5/5   Word Count 317   Review this Chapter


If you happen to be reading this, and are thinking something along the line of, gadzooks! She’s swindled me into thinking there’s a story to be read! You are wrong. If you have already read this story, you may be thinking, gadzooks! There used to be a story here! You are not wrong. The simple fact of the matter is, my good fanfic friend, the story was boring. It sucked more balls than a child in a chucky cheese ball pit. The reason? I was trying to do something, I could not. I was trying to be a serious writer, and I am not. So I said to myself I said, Daisy! Fuck the lemons and bail! So I did. I will now continue to write, in my own non-serious, comic relief, not making sense way. It will still be the basic plot outline, but with a lot more focus on some characters I decided to neglect earlier on. Because I really wanted to write a story about the whole pack, not just Jake. Also. I am sorry, but Breaking Dawn...was not my cup of tea. Between prego Bella, sexy times on a island Leah being BARREN and the vampire’s of the world house party/Rosalie being a ragging yet predictable bitch, I felt like I was reading a bad fanfic. Then there was the loch-nessie and I was like you know what? No. Stephanie Mayer, no. I might be the only one who thinks this, if so, good day, lets let bygones be bygones and agree to disagree. If your with me, then sick. But I digress. I just wanted to let everyone know that I am still planning to write Sunrise, but It’s getting a total rewriting first. I’m also searching for a beta, if anyone is interested.

Let me state this now.

No pairing arguments or I will jack bitches up