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Life is anything but perfect. But it can be close. Then they turned into werewolves. A Pack story. (This is being completly rewritten from the old story, 'A Best Friend' I'll post the new story chapter by chapter. Hopefully this one will be better)


3. Huh?

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Embry was a quiet guy. He understood that he was a quiet guy. But, after being a quiet guy for most of his life, he felt as if he knew a little bit about the kinds of quiet that there can be. There’s the thinking silence, where you have a math problem knocking at your brain and you can’t get it out. There is a shocked gasp, like when you’ve just found out that Kevin’s twin brother Michael who was in a coma was really Archie their other twin brother and were really triples so that it was Archie who got Jessica pregnancy while she suffered from amnesia. There’s a tense moment where no one has spoken, and there’s a moping silence, usually done by geeky teens that have had their cell phones taken away. But Jake’s kind of silence is one that he’s never seen before. It’s almost as if his kind of silence is broken. Like he couldn’t be able to bridge the gap and speak even if he wanted too. Which he doesn’t. It’s strange really, if anyone had told him, this was the way Jake turned out, Embry would have laughed in their faces and said they’d seen too many werewolf’s in the woods...anyways.

He contemplated this while walking back home, decidedly on two feet for a change. Embry was always the quiet one; he enjoyed his spot in their little trio as the least talkative of the three. He had carved his place in the group and planned to stay there. Then, when he got all big and furry, he’d had to make his place all over again, in an even bigger family. It was hard to do, without Jake or Quil but he’d managed, and when the time came his friends were with him again. For the first time ever Embry had felt, well, secure. But now, he was being forced out of that comfortable spot near the background, to play the heroic best friend, front and center, all lights on him.

A small sigh escaped his lips. Great, now he sounded like a tea pot. It was right around this time his phone started to ring.

Pokemon! Gotta catch’em, my heart so truuue! Our cou-” Embry put the phone to his ear

“Yeah what’s up?” A voice sang out over the airwaves. Well, not so much sang as snap.

“Embry, you of course remember that I disagree entirely with your idea to move out and do not support you in anyway?” Embry nodded and then remembered he was on the phone. He’s usually a smart boy.

“Yup. Got that point Mom.” He could almost see his mother standing by the oven, swinging a spoon in her hand like a cleaver with an evil smile on her face.

“Good boy. Now I left a pie for you on your porch, eat all of it you hear me? And force feed that depressed boy you have living with you.” Embry sighed and rubbed his face with his free hand. His mom did have a way of picking up on things.

“Jake’s not depressed Mom, just...hormonal. Teen angst, and that sort of stuff.” There was a silence then-

“Bull-shit Embry. That boy has had his heart broken.” Embry held his breath.

“But you know what? The only thing that can really help now is some of my pie!” He smiled weakly. Everyone knew he had a major soft spot for his mom.

“Yeah I’m sure that’s true Mom. Look I gotta go but I’ll call you tonight, Ok?”

“Sure! Remember, don’t eat any rabbits ok? And if you split another pair of pants your going to have to deal with going naked. Oh, and remember that your cousin is coming and you promised you’d pick her up!” Embry jerked to a halt. She’d added in the last sentence so fast he hadn’t had time to register.

“Wait wh- ” He stuttered.

Love you, bye!” The line went dead in Embry’s ear. Huh. Why did he have a sudden sense of impending doom settle over him?


Men, are in general, a opinioned gender. They seem to have opinions on everything under the sun. But one of the most widespread, believed and back up opinions by men that exists is this. Woman are scary. Also remember that this is the gender that came up with monster truck racing, so they may not have the best judgment skills. Most woman are friendly, cool, regularly a lot smarter than men, and great people to hang around with. Emily Young was the model of all things woman. Because Emily Young has mothered seven highly hormonal teenagers, and one fiancé. Because Emily Young can cook a 19 pound turkey with assorted side dishes and stuffing’s daily and not break a sweat. Because Emily Young hangs with werewolves and can still smell fresh as a rose. Because Emily Young took in two toddlers so that one of her ‘sons’ wouldn’t have his heart wrenched across the country. Because Emily Young is secretly the biggest badass of all the motorcycle ridding, dirt biking, vampire killing crew that she runs with. To put it in simpler terms.

Emily Young is the reason why Waldo is hiding.

So, when Emily Young bursts through the door and points a shaking finger down at her husband screaming with her cell phone still in her hand-

“Would you be so kind to tell me why the FUCK I wasn’t informed on the matter of Embry’s cousin!?”

This is why, about five miles deep down within Sam Uley, in a dark corner of his soul, he cried.


Jake realized he was tired. The thought came to him suddenly, as he’d been zoning out for the past few minutes. Wait, didn’t it used to be light out? Scratch minutes, he’d been here for hours. The wind wiped through his hair making him squint. It came to Jake that he should be heading home. It became apparent that he had in fact, been sitting for a long a long time, judging by the fact that his joints were so stiff he could almost hear them screaming as he got to his feet. He, much like Embry before him, walked home, the normal non-furry way. Jake’s face turned up in a sneer. Normal. Like anything about him was normal. He shook himself out of that line of thought. He had a sudden blast of the air turning warmer, then a woodsy musky scent with a hint of peppercorn. He turned to look at the giant wolf a few tree’s away from him.

“Hey Paul.” The wolf rolled his eyes and gave a single bark then whirled, running the way he’d came. Jake scowled after him knowing full well that Paul thought he was being a wuss.

“Bitch!” He yelled in the direction that Paul had run. He really told him.

“Wow. You really told him.” Jake turned to see Leah leaning against a tree. Smiling that bitter smile he hated so much. Mostly because that same smiles been on his face a lot more lately.

“Why the fuck is the forest full of werewolves?!” Jake muttered to himself as he kept walking, away from Leah. She didn’t get the hint.

“Sulking are we? Well, I guess I’d be sulking too if my one true love was getting turned into a Buffy extra.” Jake snarled.

“You really are the wicked bitch of the west Leah.” She seemed unfazed by his insults, almost like she was enjoying them. Jake, who in fact was a subtle son-of-a-bitch realized this.

“You really enjoy making other people as miserable as you are, don’t you Leah? Just as long as your not the only one suffering, everything’s fine right?” Leah, to Jake’s intense annoyance just smiled.

“You are trying to pick a fight with me aren’t you Black?” He couldn’t stand being around the smug air that Leah was practically expelling.

“Get bent Leah.” He shrugged her off and this time she let him. Jake didn’t look back once as he faded into the distance, as Leah knew he wouldn’t. Because if he had, he would have seen Leah’s face, which was usually covered in a bitter sneer, strangely transformed by the emotion on her face. Loneliness.


“Jared?” Kim Hidro looked over to the boy who she was head over heels in love with. No, more than in love with, soul mates with. It seemed like every time she even thought of it, she got shivers. Kim again cast loving eyes over to her boyfriend, her other half, her knight in shinning armor. So handsome, so brave, so perfect. The guy was drooling.

“Jared!” He started forward and almost brained himself on his girlfriends forehead. He groaned and lowered his head back down onto Kim’s lap. They were sitting in the back of his recently purchased 91 pick-up truck that looked about as sturdy as Paul’s anger management. Jared rubbed his eyes with the heels oh his palms.

“Hzzzzga...?” Kim rolled her eyes.

“Wake up sleeping beauty.” Jared smiled.

“I am rather attractive aren’t I?” Kim loved the way Jared’s smile made two small dimples appear on his cheeks. Such great cheeks...such great eyes...such great lips...stay focused.

“I was thinking about Jake.”

“Should I be worried.?” He faked alarm.

“Shut up jerk face. No, I mean the whole...thing. You know with Bella...and his big ‘bleh! I’m going wolfboy forever!!!’ meltdown. But, that was almost a month ago and he still hasn’t even started to get over her...aren’t you guy’s worried?”

Jared had the distinct look of one who is highly uncomfortable with the discussion of emotions and how they feel felt about something. Oh wait. He’s a boy, isn’t he?

“Well...yeah...I mean we’re all worried about the guy, but he...he doesn’t really like it when we think about it to much, he thinks we’re pitying him you see. Don’t worry, he’ll get over the vamp cheerleader soon enough.” Jared shifted. “These things take time babe, he was kind of, well, really... um...fond...of Bella.” Kim’s pretty face scrunched up in a slight frown.

“Well don’t you think he’s in a bit of a rut? That maybe he could use a little help getting over Bella?” Jared gulped at his girlfriends suspiciously light tone.


“So...what do you think about...maybe...Jacob...and Leah?” Kim’s tone was again, suspiciously light. He frowned in confusion.

“Death and dismemberment?”

“No! As a couple.” She paused. “Jared dear, your turning unsightly shade of blue.” Jared was halfway to the white light when he remembered how to breathe.

“Jake and Leah!? Jake and Leah!?” Kim wondered if he had always been able to use that octave or if his recent lack of oxygen had induced it.

“Yeah, I mean, they both have the dark brood going on, plus there both victims of tragic pasts!” She was now using a tone that was often given to small children when told that two plus two does not, in fact, equal kitty. Jared’s mouth worked wordlessly for a minute.

“No, Kim no. Just-no. I mean...were talking about Jake, a generally nice kid, and a girl who hit me in the head with a disembodied arm. Then threw it at me. As a Christmas present. Leah was invited to Satan’s super sweet sixteen. It would not work. At all. Ever.” Kim’s lip pouted.

“I think things could work out.” Jared snorted, closing his eyes.

“Yeah, when pigs fly.”