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Life is anything but perfect. But it can be close. Then they turned into werewolves. A Pack story. (This is being completly rewritten from the old story, 'A Best Friend' I'll post the new story chapter by chapter. Hopefully this one will be better)


4. Kitty

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Quil Ateara was not a spy. He does not fall through glass roofs while grappling with a foe. He does not have high speed boat races. He has, (to his disappointment) never been shaken, or stirred. So why, you may ask, is Quil Ateara crouching with his ear pressed against the wall in a very spy like way?

“Kitty!” Said Lucy gurgling from her crib.

“No Lucy, we’re eavesdropping.” Said Quil from his post at the wall. Clare clapped her hands and made one of her happy gargling noises. Quil was momentarily distracted by the way the light caught her cheekbones and made her hair sparkle. She really was the most beautiful, most precious, most amazing thing he’d ever seen. Ever would see. It surprised him that something that perfect could even be created, and he got to be in the same room as her. A happy sigh escaped his chest while he watched the most wonderful person in the world pick her nose. Charming.

Quil’s attention was again drawn to the door where the voices had reached a deafening level. He grimaced, hearing the terrified note in Sam’s voice as he tried to reason with Emily. She scared the shit out of Quil, and personally, someone that can deal with Leah and Paul while keeping her cool has bound to have some sort of pent up anger issues. Quil leaned against the door again to hear the tantalizing information that obviously, had been freaky enough for Sam to keep it from Emily which meant that it was something big enough that Emily would really worry about. Sam hated it when Emily worried. Sam’s quiet voice drifted through the wood.

Quil felt his mouth drop. WAIT WHAT!? He shoved his ear closer to the door and in his haste, jammed a small piece of wood into sensitive ear tissue.

“FUCK!” He yelled without meaning too while grabbing his ear. Lucy clapped her hands in the sudden ringing silence. Downstairs Emily broke the spell.

“Is Quil upstairs?” Quil took this time to ruffle Lucy’s hair and give Clare a quick kiss on the forehead, before jumping out the open window. Moving quickly he slid down the eaves obviously spurred by the pounding feet practically flying up the stairs. He herd the door slam open just as he jumped to the ground, their yells following him in the trees.

“Quil! As pack leader I order you to get back here!” Yelped Sam.

Bitch don’t run I’ll find you” Ah, woman.

Quil just smiled, sprinting towards his house.

Teenage boys are some of the strangest creatures you will ever meet. They will scream at you and then hug you, they will pull your hair to get you to like them, they will throw a chair though the window to make a door, they will croon sweet nothings to you while they burn your favorite stuff animal. The average boy between ages 13 to 19 has had at least one huge screaming match with their parents, thrown a punch, gotten so drunk they go cross-eyed, hit their head against the wall hard enough to make them go cross-eyed again, and then continued to do so for at least another hour. The boys of which we speak, were allowed to do none of the above. Something’s gotta give.

Now, I bring you to a room. A room that is most obviously inhabited by all males. Teenage males. Between the kitchen, which is covered in old jumbo sized pizza boxes, massive half-eaten bags of pretzels and chips, huge two gallon bottles of pop and giant packages of microwave dinners strewn across the table, to the stack to car magazines pilled high on top of a chair and next to the less than tasteful calendar, we get the slight impression of unkempt. Next the living room, where all the furniture was as crappy as they come, stood a high def wide screen TV, with an attached Xbox. This is where we stop.

“Dude.” Paul spoke with a deadly serious voice. Someone giggled. Paul put his hands up like a traffic cop giving the ‘stop’ signal.

“No dudes. This is like, for real. I am so serious right now-like you wouldn’t believe. Wait-would you? Can you like, you know see emotions? That would be so cool. No. You don’t even-stop giggling Embry- wait....what was I saying?”


“Wow Embry...Paul’s right. You totally do giggle. It’s like...a girls-”

“Shut up! It totally isn’t!”

“No seriously Embry...listen to Jared and me. We’re like-the oldest which means like...that were the wisest!”

“Yeah but Jake’s bigger! So his brain is like bigger too....right Jake?” Embry looked fantastically smug with his idea of cranial capacity. Jared was momentarily stunned, Paul’s mouth was hanging open waiting for flies and Jake...Jake sat there. Jared cocked his head to one side.

“Bro’s, I hate to interrupt this steller think tank but we have company.” Paul closed his mouth. Embry giggled. Jake sat there. Jared sniffed the air.

“False alarm, only Quil.” Not five seconds later the large hulking shape that was Quil burst through the doorway, knocking the screen door clear off it’s hinges and sending it flying into a wall.

“Whoa! Sorry dudes. But seriously! The most amazing piece of news that’s ever been herd ever was just herd! By me!” He stopped, his face slipping from frenzied excitement to exasperation.

“Dudes... seriously...come on, Sam is going to fucking roast your ass’s if he finds out. Any-

“Awwww come on Quil, before you got all goo-goo eyed for baby Claire you were as bad as the rest of us.” Jared smiled. Quil rolled his eyes.

“Yeah but that was before, I need at least some brain cells left for later.

“Awwww does ickle baby Claire not want to have to deal with a brain dead drooler? Because I hate to break it to you, but you drool.” Quil scowled at Jared.

“Dude! But Claire drools too! They like, match! Ow!” Paul was referring to the fact that a metal cooking sheet had just brained him upside the head. Quil smiled, satisfied with his handiwork.

“Anyways! Dudes you won’t even begin to understand how freaking freaky this whole thing is! Like, no. But seriously! This will like change our lives!” Jared rolled his eyes.

“Quil! Just spit it out already.” Quil took a large breath.

“Alright, but it all starts...with him.” Quil threw his arm up and pointed it dramatically at Embry, who stared at the end of his friend’s finger like it held the key to the universe. There was a tense silence then-

“Duh-duh-DUH” Every head whipped to Jake, who hadn’t said a word that evening until uttering that cinematic classic. He furrowed his dark brows.


Embry giggled.


Leah sat, alone in her dark room, balancing in her chair with two of its legs off the ground and her feet crossed on the desk that she’d had since she was a little girl. Leah remembered back when she’d first learned to make the chains of people out of paper, she’d spend hours decorating her room with row and row of paper people, coloring them individually, giving them all names. Man had she needed a hobby. So she got one. In the form of a boy named Sam Uley. There was an odd cracking sound. Leah looked down to realize that she’d left a sizable impression in her old desk that fit the groove of her hand perfectly. She raised her hand to her face. Perfect. Now she had a tree in her hand. Sighing she started to pick the small sharpened pieces of wood from her fingers before the skin started to grow over. Her mom shifted her weight from her right foot to her left in the kitchen, and Leah herd her sigh. She could almost see her mom throwing worried glances at the wall separating them. Her lip curled back over her teeth in distaste. It wasn’t like she was a freaking psychopath.

“You know you’re a total psychopath right? And I know that your rolling your eyes right now thanks very much.” Leah felt him move towards her though his body heat. He popped his head just above hers. The little jerk was smiling. He moved quickly, hopping up on the desk she had been contemplating.

“What are you so happy about half-pint?” Seth wiggled his eyebrows.

“You can’t really call me that anymore you know, considering the fact that I’m two feet taller than you and your waist is the size of my forearm.” He flexed his new muscle that he was so proud of, flashing a smug smile.

“Sorry little bro, but there isn’t a height requirement on my nicknames.” He continued to look superiorly smug and it was starting to piss Leah off.

“What’s your deal anyway? You look like you just shot the sheriff.” He wiggled a little.

“I know something you don’t knoooooooooooow” Leah raised an eyebrow. Then turned back to study her hand. Shit, she’d missed a splinter.

“Sorry, I didn’t know you were still in third grade. So what’s the big secret.?” Seth just shook his head.

“Never mind!” And quicker than Leah could dodge, Seth jumped off her desk and gave her a quick kiss on the forehead. Swerving to avoid the punch that Leah sent flying his way he turned and ran out of her room, yelling a goodbye to their mom as he went. Leah sat at her desk staring blankly for a second before her features twisted into complete confusion.

“What the fuck?”