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The Final Sunrise

This is my first fanfic so please be kind. Anyway this is the story of Alice's life from her childhood until she meets the Cullens. Please read and tell me what you think :-)


2. Chapter 2

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Dr Martinson’s PoV I looked up from the notes I was reading as a patient was taken past my office door, on the way back to her cell from the shock treatment room. I didn’t need to look up to see who it was. I would know that scent anywhere, but I still wanted to look at her again. She was so tiny being half carried by the doctor with her. Her hair cut so short because of the shock therapies. A lack of exercise meant that most of the patients in this asylum had barely enough body strength to hold themselves upright. Mary Alice Brandon was no exception. On her file it said she was born in 1901 making her 19 now. You wouldn’t know it to look at her; she was as small and fragile as a young child. It was disheartening to know that her whole future would be contained within these four walls. No one ever left the asylum. Their minds were too destroyed by the existence they were forced through her. Eventually they just shut down; there was no hope for them then. I had always felt a strange affection for Mary Alice, ever since I started working here. Maybe it was just because of her unparalleled scent. Or maybe it had something to do with the fiery nature that occasionally still resurfaced when they tried to force her into the treatments. It spoke of a determination and a bright and sparkling personality not quite completely destroyed by life here. Maybe there was hope for Mary Alice if not for the others. If she could regain her former state of mind perhaps she could be released and start her life again. Times were changing and if she were careful she would be able to live a normal life in society even with her prophetic visions. I wanted that for her I felt she deserved it. I would try it. We would have to take it slowly, build her up again. First I would give her a breath of fresh air for the first time in years. That would help to reawaken her. The first step to giving her back her life. Alice’s PoV I was aware of being half carried again. It dimly registered in my mind that it was odd to be taken from my cell twice in such quick succession. I knew who was carrying me. It was the doctor with the kind voice and the cold hands. I didn’t remember his name. Maybe I never knew it. A blast of cold shot through me and took my breath with it. It took a moment for my mind to catch up with what I was feeling and recognise the cold sensation as a breeze. I was outside! The doctor was saying something to me in his caring voice but his words didn’t register. I stared around in awe and saw trees and I could smell plant life. I could feel grass beneath my bare feet and I could see the sky. It was twilight. A strange sound escaped my throat and it dawned on me that I was laughing. I lurched forwards out of the doctor’s grip and found myself dancing across the grass. I felt so light and free. It was amazing. I ran my hands over everything I could reach breathing in all the myriad scents around me. For a time I forgot about what awaited me in my cell. I was outside and I was happy. I don’t know how long I spent in my euphoria but I was rudely interrupted from my dream like state by a low, menacing feral growl. I shivered. The next thing I was aware of was being lifted up and flying through the air back towards the asylum. I wasn’t sorry to be taken back inside. Before my eyes had set upon the now black sky above me as I was flown back indoors I had seen a pair a bloody red eyes. I was frightened; the dream had turned into a nightmare. Dr Martinson’s PoV How could it have gone so wrong when it had been going so well? She had been enjoying herself more than I could ever have hoped she would. She had smiled and laughed as she had run about familiarizing herself with what she had forgotten. No, not run, danced. The wind had been in the wrong direction blowing our scent towards him and so I hadn’t been aware of him until the last moment. It had been so close, too close. I had nearly lost her. He would come after her. There was no doubt about that. The walls of the asylum weren’t enough to keep him out. If only she didn’t smell so wonderful. But this wasn’t her fault it was mine for not being able to protect her properly. He would kill her. What could I do? I already knew my answer. There was only one way to save her from death and that was to take her life. Could I do that? It didn’t bother me much the thought of ending her human life. It was already over, had been since she was brought here. But could I really turn sweet little Mary Alice into a monster like me? Yes, I could. It was selfish but I liked the idea of us being able to stay together for eternity. And if she already had visions now think how powerful she would be as a vampire. And this way the tracker would never be able to hurt her. She would be forever beyond his reach. * * * It was pitifully easy to take her from the asylum. I took her to a remote spot where hopefully we could be alone until her transformation was over. She lay still in my arms as docile and compliant as ever. She never struggled. She didn’t even seem to feel the pain of the bite she just tossed and turned as if she were having a bad dream. I was painfully on edge. The time seemed to be crawling past. It was going to seem like a lot longer than three days. A breeze stirred and my head whipped round. He was here. I walked forwards to meet him. Putting myself between him and Mary Alice. 3 Days Later Alice’s PoV The first thing I was aware of was that my clothes were damp from the wet grass beneath me. It was quiet. Everything felt to still. My chest felt still, there was no heartbeat. Somehow I knew that was wrong. I was breathing though. So I just lay there listening to my breaths, waiting for something to happen. Nothing did. So I opened my eyes. That was when something strange happened. I didn’t see the sky above me or even the tops of the trees I could hear whispering nearby. I saw a man. I didn’t recognise him. But then I wasn’t sure if anything was familiar to me. He was tall with honey blond hair. He was very pale. He seemed to be walking down a dark street somewhere. He eyes were downcast; a small frown creased his brow. I knew without really knowing how I knew that he was deeply unhappy. The sight of him made my still heart ache. I wanted to be with him to say something to him to relieve his unhappiness. But he was gone and I was staring up at the skies. Innumerable stars sparkled down at me. I sat up. I was completely alone. That was confusing, how had I got here? I didn’t remember coming. I didn’t remember anything. I looked down at myself. Unsurprisingly I didn’t recognise my clothes. I studied my skin closely for a few minutes. It was the exact same pale shade as the man’s I had seen. I didn’t want to be alone. Without really making the decision to I decided I would look for him, the man with skin like mine. It just felt like that needed to happen. Maybe he would be able to explain to me what was going on. I stood up and doubled over as my throat felt like it was ripping apart. The burning of it hitting me properly for the first time. I was so thirsty! I started to run. I was so consumed by thirst that I didn’t even realise how fast I was moving. All I knew was that it wasn’t fast enough. I followed a scent that I caught. It led me to a small town. Before my mind caught up with me I had killed a person. I had drunk their blood. At least now I understood the thirst. The death troubled me. I turned and fled the town. I realised this wasn’t going to be easy.