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The Final Sunrise

This is my first fanfic so please be kind. Anyway this is the story of Alice's life from her childhood until she meets the Cullens. Please read and tell me what you think :-)


3. Chapter 3

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I leant my head back against the brick wall. I was by myself again in an abandoned house in the middle of nowhere. If you could call it a house, a hut would be more accurate. I felt oddly weary. Not tired exactly, I never felt tired. I was just sick of things being the way they were. It might have been the loneliness that bothered me. I was used to being alone but I wished I wasn’t. I hadn’t always been alone in the time that had passed since I awoke without my memories all those years ago. I had come across other vampires on my travels and from them I had learned that the lack of memories was not what usually happened. I had stayed with those others for a little while but I hadn’t been able to settle with them. They weren’t like me and I wasn’t happy with them. I wasn’t too depressed though. I understood that it was only a matter of time before I met the others like me. I knew Carlisle and his family were in my future. I felt a great sense of gratitude towards Carlisle because it was by seeing visions of him that I had been given the option to hunt animals not people. But still I was aware of the fact that it would probably be a while before I joined Carlisle’s family. I had to find Jasper first. My whole life had been taken over by my obsession with finding Jasper. I had seen enough in my visions to come to the conclusion that he would be vitally important to my life. I wasn’t sure precisely how long I would have to wait until I found him to discover that. I felt like my life and death rested on us meeting. It was beginning to frustrate me that my visions never gave me anything concrete enough to be able to track him down. I didn’t know if I could stand to wait much longer. I threw myself restlessly to my feet and went to look out of the grimy window. It was an overcast night; I couldn’t even see the stars. I turned towards the door thinking that I might go hunting even though I wasn’t really that thirsty when the blackness fell upon me like a shroud. My knees gave way and I fell the ground. Terror clutched me and I could feel my entire body shaking with the freezing cold. I felt like someone was watching me. The darkness lifted and I could see again but I continued to shake. This time with tearless sobs. I was terrified of this vision. It didn’t feel like any of my other visions but there was nothing else it could be. It returned to me repeatedly. I had had it again and again since I had been created. I didn’t understand what it meant but I knew that I had to do everything I could to not let it happen to me. Somehow in my head I had connected this vision with the ones I had of Jasper. I was illogically certain that if I found Jasper this dark vision would not come true. There wasn’t much reason for this conclusion but every time I saw Jasper I felt like I was safe. I trusted that if I found him he would be able to protect me from the darkness in my future. I hugged my arms around myself and fixed an image of Jasper’s face into my mind. Just at little longer, I just had to wait a little longer. 1948 I was in Philadelphia. Sat in a small diner on a stormy afternoon. And he was coming. It took all of my self-control to sit still. I was so excited. This was it; I had finally found him. I was certain this was the right place and the right time. Every vision I had had lately had told me I was correct. I just had to wait for him to walk through the door. The rain was getting heavier. A storm was whipping itself up. This was exactly the weather I had seen through diner’s windows as he had walked in. I looked down at my skirt willing myself to retain my composure. He would be here any second. And then he was there, walking through the door. Jasper. It was just as I had foreseen. He looked so perfect even more so than I had seen in my head. It was amazing to be finally looking at him for real. He looked wary and uncertain of himself. I felt a smile break out across my face. Finally! I slipped down from my seat just as he caught my scent and turned his head sharply to look at me. Jasper’s PoV My hair dripped into my eyes. It felt like a storm was coming. It was weird for me to be outside when some light still remained even if it was getting darker by the minute. I was soaked through but it felt nice to me; the raindrops sliding down my skin. Unfortunately I knew it would look strange to any humans for me to be standing in the rain. I debated for a minute whether to risk stepping into a nearby diner. My eyes were black not red so that wouldn’t cause alarm but what if I lost control. I decided to risk it. I felt sure in my control today and I didn’t want to leave the city just yet, and lose one of my few chances to be in a city during the daytime. I walked into the diner, keeping my guard up against the scents that assailed me. But there was one I did not expect. Vampire. I glanced quickly over to where the scent originated feeling a jolt of unease. I didn’t want a confrontation, not anymore. She was surprisingly small and for one horrible moment I was reminded of Maria. But this female wasn’t like her at all. Her emotions weren’t tainted by hate. She was more beautiful that Maria, her black hair was short and shining. Her eyes were gold. She was so excited I was surprised she could be so still. She got up and danced over to me, her excitement rising with every step. She smiled up at me. “You’ve kept me waiting a long time.” She said in a sweet soft voice. I didn’t know how to respond to that. I wasn’t sure what was going on. My instincts, the few I’d retained from my human days, took over. “I’m sorry ma’am,” was all I said. She laughed at that, she had such a beautiful laugh, and then she held out her hand to me. I didn’t hesitate. I didn’t even think I just took it as if I had intended to all along. I felt relief rise off her as I curved my fingers around hers. I realised I was too smiling. With the slightest tug of her hand she led me outside into the rain again. As I felt the raindrops on my skin again I realised I felt an almost unfamiliar emotion in myself. It was hope. Alice’s PoV I could hardly believe he was real. But his hand felt so strong and secure around mine. I had no intention of ever letting go. I turned my head and smiled up at him again. This was almost to good to be true. He looked as if he could hardly believe what he was seeing. He seemed to struggling to find the words he wanted to say. “It’s ok, Jasper” I said happily “you can say whatever it is you want to say.” “How do you know my name?” was all he said. His voice was perfect deep and calm and reassuring even in his shock. I laughed in delight at his question. “I see visions of the future,” I answered simply “ I’ve been waiting for you.” It took only a moment for the look of surprise to pass from his face and the smile to return. “Perhaps I’ve been waiting for you too,” he responded thoughtfully, his eyes not leaving mine. And we smiled at one another again. We walked in silence for a while, hand in hand. I couldn’t stop stealing glances at him. Every time I did I saw that he was watching me too with a look a wonder in his eyes. I saw that his eyes were completely black. “We should go hunting,” I said. I almost didn’t want to break the peaceful silence between us. I felt even worse when I saw how his face darkened at my words. “No, I can stand few days longer.” He responded in a low voice, looking away. I realized he didn’t know the option that I had learnt of through Carlisle. “Let me show you how I hunt.” I said firmly. He looked a little surprised but I tightened my hand on his and together we ran out of the city.