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The Final Sunrise

This is my first fanfic so please be kind. Anyway this is the story of Alice's life from her childhood until she meets the Cullens. Please read and tell me what you think :-)


4. Chapter 4

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Alice’s PoV I couldn’t believe it had been only a day since we met. It felt as if it had been a lifetime already. We were in a forest miles away from anywhere; we didn’t want to have to deal with anyone else just now. I glanced back at Jasper even though I knew he was still there. He was lying on his back in the small clearing, staring up at the stars. No doubt thinking through the developments of the past few days. I was struggling to accept how well things had turned out and I had seen it coming! I wandered around the edge of the clearing, running my hands over the undergrowth. I was still too excited to sit still. I had not stopped grinning since yesterday. It was even better because I knew that Jasper understood exactly what I was feeling. It made me feel even more connected to him. To begin with yesterday I had felt a bit shy of him at times, which was a first for me. How do you behave when all your dreams actually come true? But it was impossible to be awkward around Jasper. I glanced over at him again. He was still staring upwards but he had an amused expression on his face now. Probably because of my exuberant emotions. I felt almost like I could sing, I was so happy. I stepped forwards slightly deeper into the trees but I never felt my foot touch the ground as the darkness rushed up to meet me. Jasper’s PoV I found Alice’s company blissful. I had never been in the company of anyone so peaceful. She was an angel. Everything that had been wrong before, she had resolved. All traces of unhappiness, she had banished. I had no intention of letting her go. I watched her carefully without actually watching her as she gleefully danced around the glade. I listened out for every rustle of her clothing, the soft sound of her feet on the earth, the gentle regularity of her breathing. I was acutely aware of every tiny alteration to her emotions, marvelling at her irrepressible high spirits. I still couldn’t take in my good fortune at having met her. I couldn’t accept her assurances that it was no happy coincidence but fate that had brought us together. Fate had never been kind to me before. I was constantly braced for the moment she would just disappear as abruptly as she had appeared. Then I heard her scream. I felt her emotions pivot sharply from exultation to terror in a fraction of a second. I was on my feet and racing towards her before she hit the ground. I didn’t understand what had happened. One minute she had been fine, better than fine she had been in an enchanting state of high ecstasy. And now she lay crumpled on the ground sobbing in apparent terror. Without thinking I fell to my knees beside her and gathered her into my arms. I held her to my chest and soothed away her fear until her sobs subsided. I could feel her small hands clinging to me. Without prompting she spoke to me. “I thought it would go away, I thought being with you would stop it from happening.” Her quiet voice was barely above a whisper. I stared down at her utterly perplexed. I couldn’t see her face, which was still hidden, against my chest. “Alice, what happened? Did you see something?” I murmured to her, hoping that I wouldn’t provoke the fear I had just eased from her. “It’s the same vision, always the same,” she explained with an edge to her voice now, “In it I’m alone in the dark and I’m cold and I’m frightened. I don’t want that to happen to me. I thought that when I found you I wouldn’t get them anymore.” She was sobbing again by the time she finished. I returned to soothing her again, murmuring softly into the top of her short, dark hair. But there was something about what she had said that bothered me but I couldn’t place what it was. I caressed her back gently as she calmed down, still trying to identify what it was that didn’t fit with her story. She moved her head now so that her cheek rested against my shoulder. She was calm now but the wild happiness she had previously felt was dampened. We stayed sat like that for a while both thinking about the vision. She had been alone and frightened and cold. And then it hit me. “Alice, you’re sure you don’t remember anything of your human days.” I queried. “Yes,” she responded feeling a wave of confusion at my unexpected question. I smiled to myself, feeling relief ease through me at my realisation. “Alice,” I repeated unable to keep the smile from my voice, “vampires don’t feel the cold. I think you were seeing a memory of your human life not a vision of your future.” She twisted to look up at me. She stared into my eyes for a long second. And then it felt as if her emotions had exploded. I was surprised the force of them didn’t physically move her. Relief, delight, and something deeper and stronger that I couldn’t quite name. She beamed up at me, her eyes shining again. “So you didn’t save me from my future, you saved me from my past!” she exclaimed, iridescent with joy. I laughed at that. And I knew what that deep unidentifiable feeling was then because I was feeling it in my own heart. Love. I loved her. And she loved me. Without hesitating or thinking at all I lowered my head to hers and kissed her on the lips. 2 Years Later I tugged at Jasper’s hand, shooting him an impatient look. I couldn’t wait; we were so nearly there. Jasper rolled his eyes and I giggled. I knew he was nervous about meeting them but he didn’t need to be. I had seen how it would turn out. I was surprised we had found them so fast. It had only taken two years; I had expected it to be longer after how long it had taken to find Jasper. But it had been worth the wait for him. We were nearly there. I could catch their scents now. They must have lived here a while. And there it was. A house so big it was almost a mansion. We stopped for a moment and stood looking at it. Jasper’s hand tightened over mine and I knew he was being overprotective again. I squeezed his hand back. “It’s going to be ok, Jazz,” I whispered reassuringly to him, “they are going to accept us into their family. And Edward and Emmett are still out hunting remember.” (My visions of our arrival had been very detailed) Jasper smiled down at me and stepped forward to knock on the door, even though they would already have caught our scents by now. I was almost shaking with excitement as Carlisle finally opened the door. His eyes quickly travelled over us, his eyes lingering on the scars on Jasper’s forearms, his gaze a little alarmed. “Hi Carlisle,” I exclaimed happily and I leapt forwards to embrace him, my new father. I could almost here Jasper role his eyes in amusement at me. When I released Carlisle I could see Esme and Rosalie staring at me with stunned expressions. Carlisle seemed to be trying to gather himself from his shock. “Well err… please come in and…” But he didn’t get chance to finish for I had already skipped inside to greet my new mother and sister. “I’m so excited to finally meet you Esme, and you Rosalie,” I beamed at them. I felt my exuberance ease slightly and knew that Jazz had decided the Cullens needed to be soothed after the surprise of my greeting. “My name is Jasper and this is my mate Alice,” Jazz told them, probably feeling that an explanation was required. “Alice gets visions of the future,” he added. They only looked a little less confused. There was a moments silence in which I continued to beam at them as Jasper maintained the calm atmosphere. It looked as if our new parents and sister were lost for words. I suddenly knew what to say to break the silence. “So, which room can I have?” I asked happily. Jasper laughed, as did Rosalie a little incredulously. I could feel how we were going to be happy here. Jasper and I would be together forever and now we had a family to share our lives with too. It felt like the dawn of everything. And I couldn’t help smiling! The End