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A New Life

Bella and Edward's wedding was in August. It is now October. They are hit with challenges and other stuff that just gets in there way. Bella is now pregnant and they don't know what to do or really how to deal with it. Now they are on the journey of there life. The Cullens will do everything to keep Bella and the now baby alive. Jake is back from his "trip" but Bella hasn't seen him yet or told him. I know you all are probably wondering where in the next chapter. I'm trying really hard. Sorry for the wait but I think you'll love the next two chapters. Just wait patiently and they will be out soon. Sorry for the long wait.Chapter Six: Planning is coming soon...Chapter Seven: Flight is coming soon...

Okay so this is my first story that I have put up on the site. So please tell me what you think and if you have any questions e-mail me at sahdog@hotmail.com thanks.

2. Chapter 2: Home

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2. Home

Edward took me to the hospital and I did have a 2 broken ribs and the doctor said I was definitely pregnant and Edward just smiled as did I. He took me home after they fixed me up.

I sat in his car leaning my head up against the seat. "Edward," I said and I looked at him.

"Yes?" He asked and he looked at me and kept his eyes there. I hated it when he did that.

"What were you thinking when I got hit with the ball today?" I asked him and he sighed.

"A lot," He said and took a deep breathe. "I thought 'No not here,' and 'No not the baby' I don't want to loose either of you. I love you and I love our child Bella. I was praying that the ball didn't hit you in the stomach and I could of hit Emmett but I knew he didn't do it on purpose." He said and smiled. "And when you yelled at me, I was surprised." He said.

I looked down and sighed. "Sorry but it hurt when I moved and I didn't want you to pick me up and I was thinking the same thing. I didn't want to loose the baby either but I knew after a bit that it didn't hit me in the right place." I said and looked up and smiled. "I love you too Edward." I said and I smiled again.

"Well I'm betting Alice is going to ask me if she can throw me a baby shower right?" I asked Edward and I knew that he knew. He just laughed. "I'm taking that as a yes." I said and I sank lower into the seat.

"Oh Bella its not going to be that bad. She planned our wedding and it turned out just fine." He said and laughed.

"Yeah for you." I grumbled.

He looked at me raised his eyebrows. "What do you mean by that?" He asked me.

'Whoops' I thought. "You know I don't like big stuff and parties. And the wedding was both big and like a party but I knew Alice would do that, so its my own fault. But I did like it." I admitted to Edward. "Are you mad?" I asked him and I peeked over at him.

"No Bella I'm not. I knew that. I just though it might of been something else." He stated and we had now arrived to the Cullen’s house. "Do you want me to carry you?" He asked me and opened the door.

"No I can walk...I think." I said and opened my door and got out. I stumbled and Edward caught me. Edward put his arm around me and we walked into the house.

I was almost attacked by Alice with her happiness but Edward stopped her and she pouted. He just laughed and so did I.

"Alice is there something you need to tell me or ask me?" I asked her, teasing her more like it. It was fun actually.

She smiled. "Yes, well maybe." She said and looked at Edward and he shook his head no. "Well tomorrow then." She said and then hugged me.

“Ow,“ I said and cringed a bit. I hugged her back but she pulled away.

“Sorry Bella I forgot.” Alice apologized probably because Edward wanted her too.

We walked into the house more and everyone was there except for Emmett and Rose. "Where are they?" I asked Edward and he knew what I meant.

He smiled. "There out, somewhere." He said and I sighed in relief, I was hoping she wasn't going to be mad at me and all. Edward sense what I was thinking and he just smiled. "She's not mad at you Bella." He said and kissed me on the forehead.

For the next few hours I was asked questions to how was I to what we were going to name the baby. By the time it was over I was exhausted and I knew I would be puking in the morning again. I sighed and Edward looked over to me, "What’s wrong?" He asked.

"Oh nothing," I said and stifled a yawn. "Lets go to bed. I'm very tired." I said and he nodded. We said goodnight to everyone since I was the only one sleeping. Even thought I hated them not being able to sleep I was glad at some point. It let them do what they needed to get done and everything.

“Yeah we better be getting you to bed, you’ll probably be puking in the morning.” Edward said almost reading my thoughts.