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A New Life

Bella and Edward's wedding was in August. It is now October. They are hit with challenges and other stuff that just gets in there way. Bella is now pregnant and they don't know what to do or really how to deal with it. Now they are on the journey of there life. The Cullens will do everything to keep Bella and the now baby alive. Jake is back from his "trip" but Bella hasn't seen him yet or told him. I know you all are probably wondering where in the next chapter. I'm trying really hard. Sorry for the wait but I think you'll love the next two chapters. Just wait patiently and they will be out soon. Sorry for the long wait.Chapter Six: Planning is coming soon...Chapter Seven: Flight is coming soon...

Okay so this is my first story that I have put up on the site. So please tell me what you think and if you have any questions e-mail me at sahdog@hotmail.com thanks.

3. Chapter 3: The Visit

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3. The Visit

Sure enough when I woke up the next morning I was puking. Edward had followed in after me and held my hair. I told him to go away but he just laughed and said he wouldn’t. That I couldn’t make him. Which he was probably right. I sighed once I had stopped puking. You know how much that hurts! It felt like everything in me was coming up and it hurt like hell.

I got up and reached for my tooth brush but Edward already had it. I smiled at him. “Thanks,” I mumbled and went over to the sink and started brushing my teeth. I glanced at Edward and I saw him leaning up against the wall just staring at me. “What?” I asked but it didn’t sound like that but I knew Edward would understand it…hopefully.

Edward’s smiled just grew. “Well I was thinking that maybe,” Edward paused. “Maybe we could go tell Charlie today and Renee. Or we can go visit your mother. It’d be like last time but we would be in the same room, even though we were but they didn’t know that. But still it’d be good for you and your mother Bella.” Edward said and I my eyes grew as he said the words. I spit out the toothpaste and wiped my mouth.

“Are you serious?” I asked. I really wanted this. But I didn’t know if I wanted to tell them just yet. I knew we were for such pregnant but how would they take it? They hadn’t took the whole engagement well. It was a disaster. But by the time of the wedding they had gotten it in there head that I was marrying Edward and they couldn’t do anything about it. Jake hadn’t come back then and he was still missing. I was sad about that still even though I knew I shouldn’t really be but it was my fault he was hurting. I looked back up at Edward and pushed those thoughts out of my head.

“Yes I’m serious, I know you miss your mom and it would be better to tell her in person then on the phone don’t you agree?” Edward said and he turned his golden eyes on me. He knew that was the only way I would agree at the moment at least.

I rolled my eyes at him and he just laughed at that. “Yes I agree. It would be nice to see my mom. I haven’t seen her since the wedding. And then I didn’t see much of her either. So yes that would be nice Edward. I’m so grateful to have a husband like you.” I said and I smiled at that. Edward smiled at that also and he took a step and wrapped his arms around me. I hugged him back and he rested his head on my head.

Edward chuckled lightly. “So when do you want to go then?” He asked.

“Hmmm….how about sometime soon. Before I get really noticeable. I’m already starting to show a bit. But not much.” I said and l looked down at my stomach. Yes I was starting to show even though I was 3 and a half months a long. But if you didn’t know that I was pregnant than you would of never been able to tell.

I could feel Edward’s head move and looked down at my stomach also. “I don’t think your showing Bella.” He said and smiled. I rolled my eyes and I just let him have the last word with that. “Well maybe do you want to talk to Carlisle to see what his theory is why you could get pregnant?” Edward asked.

I looked at him and nodded, “Even though you probably already know but I want to hear it for myself from him, not having you edit anything.” I said and smiled. Edward just rolled his eyes.


We had just walked out of the room after Carlisle gave us a reason why we could get pregnant. It had kinda been a bit embarrassing but Edward held my hand the whole time and he was smiling. I knew he was happy that I was pregnant but he was scared too. I knew he was, I could just tell. I was scared too. What would happen if someone found out like the Volturi? What would they do?

Well the whole reason I had gotten pregnant was very odd Carlisle had said. He said since I was still human that my reproductive organs still were working and Edward probably had some sperm since he had never had sex and so and so forth. It had been embarrassing to listen to but I survived it.

Edward and I walked down the stairs hand in hand and I was concentrating on not falling or something stupid like that. It would be great to do that when your pregnant. Once we made it to the main floor Edward tensed and put himself in front of me. “Edward what’s wrong?” I asked him and I looked around. Looked like everyone was here. Rose and Emmett at the top of the steps, Carlisle and Esme at the kitchen door and Alice and Jasper next to me and Edward. I looked at the door when it was opened and Edward growled.