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With A Rebel Yell

AU. Chicago, 1928. Edward Cullen is living his life of rebellion, feeding only off criminals. Then, he stumbles across someone seemingly innocent who appeals to him in ways that could force him to reveal his secret and scare away the girl he's grown to love.



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Forks, Washington, 2004

I felt like growling. And I never growled.

Instead, I settled for squeezing Bella’s hand tightly. She didn’t show if I hurt her, merely rolled her eyes.

I was going to kill Carlisle for bringing us here.

It wasn’t even lunch yet and already the entire male population of this high school were all thinking about my Bella.

Of course, she was beautiful as a human, even more so as a vampire.

But, it had never been this bad before.

I blame Rosalie. And Emmett, come to think of it. If they hadn’t decided to live together separately as a married couple, then the attention would most likely have been focused on Rosalie instead – and Bella preferred it that way.

Rolling my eyes, I scowled to myself as someone named Mike Newton came to sit at our table.

Humans were supposed to shy away from us; it was in their nature. It made absolutely no sense why they would chose to ignore that now.

I placed my arm on the back of Bella’s chair.

Only Bella noticed it, but she leant into my embrace, leaning her cool white skin against my chest.

“Where did you say you were from?” Mike asked, his eyes travelling up and down Bella.

I growled at him, his thoughts taunting me. He startled slightly and his thoughts shifted quickly to me, and how far he could go before I'd snap.

“Chicago,” Bella smiled widely and Mike’s thoughts were focused on her once again.

Calm down, Edward, Alice’s voice appeared in my head. Jasper and I are on our way, and Bella has no plans to abandon you within the next five minutes.

As much as my little sister’s sarcastic comments annoyed me, I was glad to hear them.

The first year or so after Bella’s turning had been hard. She’d fought as hard as she could to resist the temptation of a human’s blood. She’d almost relapsed many times.

When she finally became controlled enough to be around people, I’d never been more proud – particularly as she’d never once tasted human blood.

But it also meant that when we went out I was faced with the often discourteous and disrespectful thoughts men who saw Bella instantly thought of.

Bella had told me that she also got jealous, of the attention I apparently got off of girls. I didn’t notice, myself.

Eventually, we noticed that she too had a ‘special power’. Bella could always tell when someone was lying – she’d apparently brought her intuitiveness over with her. It made it hard to surprise her, as she knew whenever I'd lie about going somewhere, or doing something.

She turned to me, ignoring Mike and whatever he was saying, and gave me a brilliant smile before kissing me lightly.

I smiled back at her, tucking a lock of hair behind her ear.

That kiss told me everything – that she knew how jealous I was getting, but that I didn’t have to worry.

Alice danced over to the table, Jasper following behind her like the lovesick puppy he is.

“Hey guys,” She greeted – Jasper merely nodded, not one for talking much.

“Alice!” Bella ignored Mike altogether now that her best friend was here, and, unfortunately, she ignored me as well.

Which left me alone with Jasper, and the thoughts of everyone around me.

That new girl, Isabella Swan, she looks hot …

“It’s Bella,” I hissed under my breath, causing my girlfriend to cast a knowing smile my way.

Wow, Alice Cullen sure is pretty …

I growled again, not sure which was better. Them thinking about my girlfriend, or my sister.

Groaning, I collapsed my face into my hands.

“Er, is he alright?” Another boy, Eric, asked concernedly.

“Oh, he’s fine,” Bella answered, taking my hand and squeezing it gently. “Aren’t you?”

She kissed my neck affectionately as it was the only place I had on show at that moment.

I raised my head again and smiled at her, relishing in the disappointed thoughts of everyone else when she accepted my kiss wholeheartedly.

“I’m just saying,” I was talking to Bella as I drove us home that day in my silver Volvo. Alice and Jasper were in the back seats, pretending not to listen. “I didn’t like the attention you were getting.”

“It’s not like I know why,” Bella shrugged. “I don’t encourage them. I mean, look at what I’m wearing.”

Bella had never liked shopping; Alice had to forcefully drag her whenever she decided Bella needed new clothes. But, I had to give it to her, my sister knew how to shop.

Today, Bella was wearing dark jeans and a pretty long sleeved white top. She looked beautiful, and it was no wonder she had gotten so much attention – I didn’t know how she didn’t realise it.

“Besides,” she fixed me with a stern look. “You had all these girls staring at you all day, and you did nothing to stop it.”

I stared at Bella incredulously, barely glancing at the road I was driving on.

“Bella,” my voice was clearly exasperated. “You know that I only have eyes for you – I didn’t notice anyone else.”

“And the only reason you worry so much about me is because you can read people’s minds.”

My eyes narrowed on the road.

“They shouldn’t be thinking those things about you.”

She rolled her eyes.

Alice pulled her seatbelt on quickly and Jasper, noticing, did the same. I found the time to smile faintly – she knew what was coming.

Slamming on the breaks, the car squealed to a stop as I quickly pulled Bella closer to me before she processed what was happening.

“They shouldn’t Bella.” I told her, desperately trying to make her see what I felt. “It’s rude and disrespectful and you clearly have a boyfriend.” I kissed her neck slowly. “Who loves you dearly, and eternally.” I smiled, showing off the glint of my teeth. “And who would quite willingly remind them of that - violently, if needs be.”

She slapped my chest in admonishment and I chuckled deeply.

“I love you, Bella.” I told her, putting aside my laughter and opting for a more serious tone. “I love you, and no one is going to change that. No matter how deliciously tempting you look.”

Bella smiled and pulled my neck down for a slow, languid kiss – the likes of which we could participate in now that I wasn’t worried about snapping and accidentally killing her in a moment of weakness.

“I love you too, Edward.” She told me as we broke apart again and I rested my forehead against her own. “Now, drive. Let’s go home.”

Her secret smile was all the incentive I needed as I linked my hand with hers and I drove off quickly – much quicker than before.

The only other sound besides the squeal of the tyres on the tarmac was Alice’s tinkling voice.

“Oh, brother.”

Turning sharply around a corner, I managed to flash Alice a quick smile, who rolled her eyes – so much like Bella in that aspect – before hitting Jasper when he let out a small appreciative chuckle.

We arrived at the Cullen house shortly afterwards, and Bella and I barely said ‘hello’ to Emmett, Rosalie, Esme and Carlisle before we moved upstairs.

“At it again are you, Edward?” We, even on the opposite end of the house, easily heard Emmett’s chuckle.

“You’re just jealous!” Bella chuckled playfully back.

We received multiple responses at that. Emmett laughed and shouted out, “hell yeah!” whilst Rosalie objected strongly and there was laughter from the others.

Pressing a finger against Bella’s lips, I prevented her from speaking by leaning down to capture her lips, once again, with my own. She responded by winding her arms around my neck and pulling me closer to her, eagerly kissing me back relentlessly.

Unsurprisingly, Bella and I didn’t leave our room that night.

But, I thought, as the sun shone faintly on her sparkling body as it set later that evening and I kissed her temple softly as she lay next to me, I wouldn’t have it any other way.