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With A Rebel Yell

AU. Chicago, 1928. Edward Cullen is living his life of rebellion, feeding only off criminals. Then, he stumbles across someone seemingly innocent who appeals to him in ways that could force him to reveal his secret and scare away the girl he's grown to love.



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Bella’s home with the gangsters was an elaborate one, I begrudgingly admitted to myself. The outside, at least, showed all of the upper class requirements in a house.

Though I wasn’t so quick to say that this place was ideal for someone like Bella to live, judging by the Jazz music drifting to my ears a distance away, and the couples openly embracing on the front porch, illegal alcohol discarded on the floors.

I felt Bella tense next to me, her hand tightening on my own, as she prepared for the comments I would indefinitely have on her accommodation.

My hunger hadn’t dissipated any from our first meeting. It was clawing at my gut, demanding that the blood of a criminal sate my thirst.

I glanced around wryly.

Take your pick.

Bella’s amazingly hot, comforting hand left my grip and I lamented the loss immediately, my hand feeling unnaturally cold, even for one of my kind.

“I told you,” she spoke quietly, hiding her face behind her hair, unknowing of how much it affected me. I had to resolve to not breathing at all in her presence. “They were the only people who would help me.”

“But, Bella, you have me now.” I countered, unwilling to leave her alone among these lions. Men like this that were the reason that humans were feared more then the fast-becoming-mythical story of vampires. “And I cannot, in good mind, abandon you here among these … animals.”

I realised the irony, of course, considering that I was the animal that hunted her own kind.

“Besides,” I shrugged, quite convincingly in my opinion. “I promised to explain about the alcohol incident, did I not? If you do not bring them their moonshine, you will be punished. I hardly see where it’s fair that you should suffer at another man’s greed and lust.”

They were two of the seven deadly sins.

If only she knew that the former was controlling my every thought at present.

“I suppose.” She sighed and her bottom lip suddenly found itself attacked by her perfect teeth. The sight was excruciatingly cruel.

I wrenched my eyes away from her mouth, instead I stepped back and gestured for her to lead the way to whoever it was had sent her to her near-death.

Following her silently, I tried to keep my thoughts off both Bella herself, and the many criminals openly planning crimes all around me. My thoughts, instead, went to any possible reason I could think up to get Bella out of this horrible entanglement of crime that her life had become. I am sad to say that I couldn’t think of one.

She stopped, finally, in the entrance of a room where a man sat on a wide, almost throne-like, chair. He obviously thought highly of himself. In his mouth there sat a cigar – only the best – and a scar stretched across his face.

I almost groaned at Bella’s utter bad luck. She seemed to be a magnet for trouble.

The Gangsters that had taken her in were only the most notorious to walk the streets of Chicago, the most unforgiving, if stories were to be trusted.

Al Capone.

It had suddenly just become a lot harder to think up an acceptable reason to convince them to let Bella leave. At the same time, it had suddenly become a lot harder for me to give her up to these men.

It was worth the torment she would put me through daily just by being around me if I could get her away from this man.

Unfortunately, he didn’t share my opinion. He called her name and opened his arms for her to embrace him – a sight I’d never thought I’d ever see. Judging by the calm exposures of his henchmen, it was a sight encountered often.

I couldn’t control the outrageous burst of jealousy that bubbled up from my stomach at the sight.

Another Deadly Sin.

Ashamed at my lack of composure, I dropped my head in shame.

My vampire hearing caught the words of the voice I would never forget, not for the eternity I would live.

“He saved me,” she was whispering. “I would be dead by now, were it not for him.”

I felt the infamous mob boss cast an uncaring eye over at me.

“A boy like that can only be after one thing.” He sneered.

My fists were clenched in anger at the mere suggestion, before I remembered the thoughts that had stampeded my mind upon our meeting and my hands, once again, fell limp.

The thoughts of the people surrounding me bombarded my mind, all of them agreeing with Capone’s opinion.

I shut my eyes, wishing I could shut my mind also.

“If that were true,” Bella stubbornly replied. “Then, again, I would be dead by now.”

I glanced up quickly and started at the image of small, young Bella standing in front of Al Capone, hands on her hips as she softly flicked her long hair over her shoulder. My lips quirked up slightly.

“You, boy.” I was summoned.

“Edward.” Bella corrected.

My name was repeated, not at all kindly.

“What do you want with Bella?”

My reply was immediate in my mind. ‘I want to give her a better life, away from you.

My verbal response, however, was more polite. More like how I’d been raised.

“I only wanted her to return home safely,” I muttered. “I didn’t want to see her hurt.”

“What do you want with her?”

Though his response had reached me before he’d vocalised it, having thought it before speaking, it still made me wince.

“I wanted,” I began. “To help her get her life back together.”

Needless to say, my response wasn’t met happily.

“Well,” A man to Capone’s right spoke. “We happen to think that Bella has a good life here. We don’t want her to go.”

I had a feeling that this would be the case. I felt yet another sin rise up within me – this time wrath – as I stumbled with my reply.

“I understand, but I think that -”

I was silenced by a kick to the gut. It was the surprise, more then anything, that caused me to lose the breath I didn’t have.

Bella’s shocked screamed pierced my ears.

“That’s not to say that we don’t want you as well.”

My eyes came up quickly to meet Bella’s dark ones, wide with fear and mentally begging me not to accept this.

I had no choice. I wasn’t going to leave Bella here alone, and I wasn’t allowed to take her away from here. That had been made abundantly clear.

I redirected my gaze towards the leader and jerked my head up and down once before cheers filled the room.

I, Edward Cullen, had just joined the most feared gang in all of America.

In the name of a human’s safety.