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A Fresh Start

Claire's been gone for four years. What's in store for her when she returns home? Quil/Claire


9. Endings

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Claire Young, Forks

Claire screamed for what felt like an eternity. The never-ending pain had made it impossible for her to do much else. Even so, she was still aware of her surroundings. Whoever had captured her had ran her to a beautiful old house and left her lying alone in one of the bedrooms there. The back wall of the house was entirely made out of glass and if she were not in so much pain, she would have been able to appreciate the beauty of it.

Eventually, the pain began to subside and her heartbeat slowed until it finally stopped. Claire knew what she had become, had known what she was becoming the moment that that man had bitten her, but she refused to admit it to herself. In order for her to come to terms with such a thing, she would have to begin to mourn all that she had lost (Quil, she thought with a pang) and she was not quite ready for that yet.

She sat up on the bed carefully, aware of her newly strong limbs. Her intensified senses allowed her to take in her surroundings in a manner that she never had before. There were dust sheets covering the furniture in the room, save for the bed that she was sitting on. From this, she concluded that she must have been taken to an abandoned home.

Suddenly, she became aware of a burning sensation in the back of her throat. She was thirsty and she knew that it was not for water. It was an altogether different pain than the fire of her transformation into a…No, she still could not think the word.

She heard a noise downstairs and the sounds of someone making their way up to her room. It was surprisingly loud.

Whoever it was knocked on the door three times in quick succession and entered without waiting for a response. The man that entered was one of the most beautiful people she had ever seen. He had long, jet black hair and chiseled features. Beneath his pallor, his skin had a distinct olive tone. When she looked into his deep red eyes, she realized that his beauty was a cruel one. “Ah, I see you’ve completed the transformation,” he said in greeting, his voice all too familiar to Claire.

In less than a second, she was standing in front of him, instinctual growls practically being ripped from her chest. “You bit me!” she exclaimed. “You bit me! Why?”

The man simply smiled at her, as if amused by her anger. “Sit down, my dear,” he ordered gently, steering her back towards the bed. She sat down and glared fiercely at him. He ignored this. “Let us get the pleasantries out of the way before we delve into such deep matters. My name is Demetri. Normally, this would be the point where I ask you if you know what it is that you have become, but I know that you are already aware of what you are. Still, just in case, I’ll say it for you anyway. After I bit you, darling Claire, you went through a transformation that changed you into a vampire.”

“Don’t call me that!” she snapped. “And how do you know my name?”

Much to her annoyance, he came to sit down next to her. “We’ve been watching you for quite some time, Claire.”

Claire stared at him in horror. “Who the hell is ‘we’?” she asked, trying to keep the fear out of her voice.

“The Volturi,” he told her, reverence clear in his voice as he said the name. Claire gasped in recognition. “I see that you’ve heard of us. Good. The more you know, the less I have to inform you about. As I said before, we’ve been watching you for quite some time. The Volturi has always kept close tabs on Forks ever since our little fight with the Cullens and the werewolves. We lost many of our guard and two of our leaders, Marcus and Caius, during that battle. Since then, our remaining leader, Aro, has been plotting his revenge. He still hasn’t figured out what to do for the Cullens but he figured out the perfect revenge against those stinking dogs: take one of their own, someone that they loved, and then turn them.

“As if that weren’t good enough, then we found you. Not only were you a werewolf’s mate, but you also happen to have extraordinary potential for power. With that brain of yours, who knows what you could do. Aro saw your name in several newspapers and decided that once you were old enough, you would be the one. Not only would it get the revenge that he so desired, but he would also gain a new, strong member for his guard. When you came back to Forks, it was the perfect opportunity for us. And now here you are, in the vey house that the Cullens once lived in, a newborn vampire, ripe and ready to serve the Volturi.” He grinned at her, expecting her to agree.

Claire felt like she was about to explode. “You…you…you…monster!” she spluttered. “You ruined my life. I was in love! I was happy! And you took that all away.”

Demetri patted her on the shoulder. “You’ll get over it eventually. Human memories fade. Besides, I’m sure you’ll find with time that the love one of our kind can give you is much more satisfying than the love that any dog could,” he told her with an appraising look.

She could hardly believe what she was hearing. She had to get out of there—Demetri was clearly a more than a bit disturbed. “I’m leaving,” she told him flatly.

He laughed. “Oh no you’re not. You’ll be coming with me to Italy. Not before we get a little taste of the town folk of Forks first, of course.”

Let me leave, she thought angrily. Much to her surprise, his expression went blank and he nodded. “Yes, you can leave,” he agreed, his voice monotone.

When he was talking about power before…Claire grinned to herself. She decided to try something. Spin, she ordered him mentally. He spun. She chuckled darkly. Now, you are going to let me leave without coming after me, understood?

“Yes,” he said in the same strange voice.

She decided it was best to get out as soon as possible, before he snapped out of whatever trance she had put him in. She punched a hole in the glass wall and jumped out, landing lightly on her fight. After that she ran and ran at speeds that she never thought any being could ever be capable of.

Finally, she stopped when she reached a clearing. In it was a deer. She remembered the stories of how the Cullens had eaten animals. Her thirst was beginning to gnaw at her, so she figured it was worth a try.

She snuck up quietly on the deer. It never even noticed her approach until a half-second before she snapped its neck and started to drink from it. The blood tasted okay and it quenched her thirst, yet the burning sensation was not entirely gone.

Claire looked down to find herself covered in blood. She was a monster! A beast! She had just killed a poor, innocent deer. What would Quil think if he could see her now? The mere thought of his name was enough to send reality coming crashing down upon her. She sunk down to her knees, tearless sobs shaking her body. She had forever lost Quil, and in turn, had lost herself.


Quil Ateara, La Push

For days, Quil and his pack had searched for Claire, but to no avail. Whatever bloodsucker had taken her had covered their tracks.

His pack brothers tried to comfort him, but that was also turning out to be completely useless. Quil was usually an optimist, but even he knew that in this case the prospects were grim. He could tell from the blood in Claire’s room that the leech must have bitten her. Either she was dead by now or she had turned into one of them. He couldn’t decide which was worse.

Quil was sitting in his apartment, staring at the mural of the wolf and Claire, when Jacob called his house with the best news that he had heard over the past few days. “We found a trail,” Jacob told him. “It leads to the Cullens’ house, but it’s not one of them. The smell is familiar, though, so it’s quite possible that it might be one of the Volturi.”

“Excellent!” Quil hissed. “I’ll meet you in a few minutes.”

“Okay,” Jacob responded. “And Quil? I’m sure we’ll find Claire alive and just fine. I promise you.”

“Don’t make promises you can’t keep, Jake,” Quil said, bitterness laced in his tone. He hung up the phone without waiting for a response.

It was only a matter of seconds before Quil fled his apartment. He phased faster than he ever had in his entire life and was running at incredible speeds towards the Cullens’ house. He could feel his brothers running close behind him, but he knew that this kill would be his and his alone.

He found the bloodsucker already running from the house when he arrived. He caught up easily and pinned him. For a few moments, Quil stayed like that, growling at him.

Recognition flared in the vampires eyes. “So it was your mate that I turned?” The leech laughed menacingly. “That little bitch left me here about an hour ago. She used some sort of mind control on me…” the Cold One trailed off, noticing the numerous wolves that had rushed into the clearing.

Quil decided that he had had enough of hearing this monster speak. All alone, he ripped the beast to shreds.

His friends phased back, yet he remained a wolf. They collected the pieces of the leech and lit them on fire. “Please turn back, Quil,” Jacob begged. “You’ll deal with this better if you do. Trust me, I should know.”

Quil just stared at him. Suddenly, a gust of wind blew an all too familiar scent into his nostrils. Claire. Yet it wasn’t—the smell was different somehow. It burned his nostrils. He turned away from his brothers and raced off towards the scent, ready to confront whatever it was he was about to face.


Bella Cullen, Forks

Bella fidgeted nervously, as she and Edward entered Forks. They had taken a separate car from everyone else. The rest of the Cullens were waiting for Esme and Carlisle to come back from a hunting trip.

Demetri was the only member of the Voturi currently in Forks, so neither Edward nor Bella were nervous about possibly having to fight him alone. If there were any danger, Alice would have seen it.

We’re going to have to stop driving and get out in a minute or two, Edward told her with his thoughts. Bella had discovered that she had a gift that was similar to Edward’s when she was first turned. The only difference was that she was able to close her mind to the thoughts around her and that she was able to send her own thoughts into other people’s heads. Most of the time, she shielded her thoughts from Edward, but she was far too agitated to do that right now.

Hopefully the girl will not be too afraid of us when we approach her, Bella thought back to him. Alice had had a vision of Demetri changing a girl from La Push. She had called them about a half an hour ago because she had had another vision of the girl sobbing in the clearing that the Cullens had once played baseball in.

We’ll just have to approach her cautiously. He paused, parking the car next to the woods. Let’s go.

They hopped out of the car and began their run towards the clearing. Bella hoped that they could fix the mess that the Volturi had created.