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With you...Forever.

Bella's transformation and her life after.

The characters and the books Twilight and New moon are property of Stephenie Meyer.

1. Changing

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Day 1

Pain. That was all I felt. The fire coursed through me scorching my veins. I shuddered and screamed. Why? I thought silently to myself. Then came his voice and I remembered. “I’m sorry,” the angel sobbed into my hair as I squirmed and writhed. Angels shouldn’t cry, I thought through the burning, but I could hear the tears-that wouldn’t fall from his eyes-stuck in his throat.


Day 2

If it is even possible the pain is worse today. I deserved hell, I knew I did, I just couldn’t remember what for. It felt like someone had poured gallons of gasoline all over the fire. I screamed and couldn’t stop. Cool hands press against my cheeks and a pixie-like voice chimed in my ear, “Only a day more, Bella.” Another whole day! I screamed again. Why??

Day 3

THE PAIN! IT HURT SOOO MUCH! The fire was so hot. Why wasn’t my skin melting off? Why weren’t my bones fizzling into tiny piles of ash? What had I done to deserve this?!


And then it stopped…