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Jealousy: The Little Green Monster

When a new girl moves to Forks, is a vampire, is imprinted on by Jacob, and has all the guys’ attention (including Edward’s) … Bella finds a trait of herself she hasn’t had much experience in.

All characters (excluding Lily, Christie, and Savanna) are Stephanie Meyers!

1. Meeting the New Girl

Rating 5/5   Word Count 1330   Review this Chapter


Lily’s POV

I quickly unpacked my things in my new room, my coven and I had recently moved to a tiny town called Forks. I hated small towns, but it would be nice to be able to wander around during the day. There were two other members in my coven, Christie, and Savanna. Christie was changed by myself, had curly blood-red hair, and bright green eyes. Savanna was created by me, she had long perfectly straight black hair, and bright blue eyes.

I on the other hand, had white-blonde hair (that went to my butt), and clear blue eyes (like blind people) but I had better than perfect vision. I was very short, but intimidated people none-the-less. Savanna and Christie didn’t have powers, but I could adopt anyone’s power.

“Christie. Savanna.” I called down the stairs, “We have to leave in a few minutes, so be ready.” I turned to my closet, and chose a tight-fitted turquoise tee, with a v-neck. I grabbed my black jeans, and a gaudy black necklace.

I ran to my car, which was a Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder (white with black flames), and slid in. I rested my head on my hands, and patiently waited for my sisters.

Finally, Christie and Savanna made their way to my car. “Ready?” I asked as I pulled out of our driveway.

I was responded with Ugh’s. “Do we have to go to school?” asked Savanna.

“Yes,” I said as we came to the school.

“But we’ve gone soooooo many times!” said Christie.

“It won’t kill you.” I said laughing.

They pretended to be dead, and we all laughed.

We got out of the car and headed towards the office. We were stared at by everyone, but we were all used to it.

“Hi,” I said as we came to the secretary, “We’re the Lafayettes.” We all smiled brightly.

She fumbled with her papers with nervousness, but finally found our forms. “Just get that slip signed by all your teachers.” she said smiling at us in awe.

“Thanks.” I said smiling again.


We had all the same classes together, which was good, and decided to head to our first one, English.

We had the teacher sign our slips, and then she showed us our seats.

A few minutes after the class started, a girl with chocolate brown hair ran in holding her excuse.

She sat down next to me, and I smiled brightly. I heard her intake of breathe (at my eyes) and held in a giggle.

“Hi,” she whispered, “I’m Bella.”

“Lily,” I said extending a perfectly manicured hand.

She shook it, and I introduced my sisters.


After class, Bella offered to take us to our next class, which was the same as hers. On the way there a gorgeous bronze haired vampire came up to us.

“Hello Edward.” I said using one of my many powers.

He regarded us carefully, then said slowly, “Hello… how do you know my name, and why can’t I hear your thoughts.” he said pointing to me, he quickly moved in front of Bella.

“One of my powers, and I’m immune to anyone else’s powers. My name’s Lily, and this is Christie and Savanna” I said holding out my hand.

He shook it lightly and smiled. I looked at Bella (who looked as if she was trying to figure out a math problem even Einstein couldn’t do) and smiled, “We’re of the same nature as the Cullens.”

“Oh.” she said smiling.

“When can we meet your coven?” I asked in a low voice, “And, of course the wolves from La Push also.”

Edward nodded and said, “Well, we could probably meet later today, Bella would you call the La Push gang during lunch and tell them we’ll meet in the woods in Forks? I’ll call Carlisle.”

“Okay.” we all said.

“Do you have Calculus next?” he asked.

“Yes.” Christie said.

“Great. So does Alice.” he said as we walked through the door.

Bella and Edward headed to their seats, and my sisters and I handed our slips to our teacher. She gave Christie and Savanna seats in front of Edward and Bella, and I sat next to Alice (who knew my name also)

Alice and I chatted about powers until the class began. Class dragged on and on (like all classes do) and finally the class ended, and we went to lunch.

“I forgot to ask you,” started Alice as we got trays of food (which would go untouched) “about your eyes. How did you get them that color? Shouldn’t they be red or topaz?”

“Well, it’s a long story, but I’ll tell it later.” I said.

Alice looked disappointed, but we started talking about other things. The rest of their coven arrived, and we went through introductions again.

Bella called the wolves, and Edward called Carlisle. They both agreed to the meeting.

Lunch ended, and we all (excluding Bella) threw away our untouched food.

Edward, Bella, Christie, Savanna, and I headed to Biology.


Biology went exactly like the other classes, and gym was alike too, except we didn’t get to do anything.

Finally, the last bell rang, and we went to the parking lot, where we followed the Cullens in their cars.


We parked near the entrance of the woods, and walked in some. There we were met by twelve werewolves. I glanced at them, but my eyes were drawn to one of the larger ones.

He was extremely tan, and had short black hair. He was very muscular, and was only wearing a ripped pair of jeans. His eyes locked with mine, and we seemed to be the only people in the universe. The space between us seemed like hell, and I wanted to sprint across it and close all space between.

I was snapped back to reality when Edward began to talk.

“Everyone. This is Lily, Christie, and Savanna. We need to talk about the Treaty, ect.”

“First, are you vegetarian, or carnivore?” asked Carlisle.

“Umm… well, carnivore, but it’s complicated.” I said. “You see, I’m a pretty old vampire, and an unusual one. I’m not like your type, but Christie and Savanna are more like you.” I said indicating them, “See, I have fangs,” I extended them, “long nails, which take forever to cut,” I said laughing, “I can transform into an animal, not a bat, but a wolf.” I said looking at the wolves, “and I have to drink human blood, or I’ll die.”

Carlisle interrupted, “Well, we can’t have you killing people here.”

I smiled, “I don’t kill them, and I don’t turn them either. See, before I feed, I breathe on their face, and my breath has some sort of amnesia/sleeping gas, which makes them forget what happened, and put them to sleep. I don’t have poison in my fangs, the only way I can change someone is to give them my blood. My eyes are like this because I’ve seen so much, and for some reason they lose more color every ten years. Oh, and to my knowledge, I can have kids.” I said laughing.

“Wow, but I know many older vampires, and none of them are like you.” said Carlisle.

“Oh, yeah you know the Volturi don’t you?” I asked, “Yea, I was changed way before any of them.” I said smiling,

In the corner of my eye I saw him step forward, “What about your sisters? Do they kill humans?” he asked

“No, we don’t.” they said together.

“Okay,” started Carlisle, “my family and the La Push werewolves have a Treaty, which states boundaries, and such. We’re going to need to make another treaty with you also.”

“We can meet at our house.” I said, “But, are all twelve of your pack going to be there? Because, if they are, I might need to stock up on food.” I laughed.

“No,” said their pack leader, “Only Jacob and I will come.” he said indicating to him.

I smiled, “We look forward to having you all there,” especially you, Jacob…