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Ink Stain

Jake/ Samara Jake and Samara are together again for the first time in years and everything will be alright now. They deserve it, right? When strange visitors come to Forks, Billy Black and Charlie Swan are put in the hospital. Now, Samara's past is brought to the light and the secrets Jacob knew she always hid are darker then he could have ever imagined. Lies, betrayals and the return of old friends and enemies, turn Forks Washington and the surrounding area into a battle ground, where the fate of all the immortals will be decided. This is the sequel to Watermark Book two of the Imprints of Life series Final Chapter posted.


16. Mom, Dad and The Truth

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Samara stood outside of the door for the longest time. Jacob stood silent next to her, guarding her it seemed. Finally, she put her hand on the doorknob and opened the door. She was greeted to what would have been an amusing sight had it been in a different circumstance. The first person she saw was Sam. He was standing between the door and the living room in a relaxed stance, his arms folded across his chest. His face, Samara knew, would be calm, but his eyes would be steely cold. On the couch sat Seth, with a very pleased Sally on one side and Emily on the other. Brittany hovered behind them.

Chief Swan was standing behind the other couch, which seated Ben and mom Emily. Billy was in his chair next to them.

She felt a rush of gratitude to Sam for keeping everyone so calm. Samara had noticed this trait in him and had figured that was why he had made such a good leader for a bunch of young teenaged werewolves.

She was also thankful that he was hiding her from view. She shot a look at Jacob, who looked relieved that no one was shouting, Seth wasn't transforming and that Sam's Emily was making polite conversation with Ben's Emily. That could get confusing.

Samara took a deep breath before stepping over to Sam and putting her hand on his back in thanks. He looked away from Ben and down at her with a small smile.

"Hi, dad," she finally whispered.

Ben stared at her for some time before getting slowly to his feet. "Samara."

She had never been so surprised as when he crossed the room and took her in his arms and hugged her.

Samara sent a shocked look over her father's shoulder to her sisters who mirrored the look. Sam relaxed completely, arms dropping to his sides and she felt Jacob shift.

He pulled away. "Are you alright?"

"Yeah," she whispered, smiling. "Yeah, I fine."

"Thank goodness."

Emily was next and Samara almost cried to be in the loving woman's arms again.

"I missed you, Sammy."

"So did I, mom."

Emily pulled away and went over to Jacob, hugging the surprised werewolf also. "I missed you too."

"Yeah," he croaked, before clearing his throat. "I see you met Seth and Sam...and Emily."

"Yes, they are all very nice."

Jacob nodded. "Seth is a great kid."

Samara shot him a grin and Jacob shrugged. Might as well start the kids case off now.

"I'm sure he is."

She turned to Samara. "We have a lot to talk about."

The witch nodded in agreement. "We do. You should all sit down."

Ben remained standing and motioned for Samara to take his seat. She did so, tired out from trying to kill a glacier, and she took it without protest. Jacob moved so he was behind her. He was looking quite menacing, he had ever since he left the Cullens and Charlie looked at him once before moving behind Billy.

"Okay...where to begin."

"Witches," Charlie said.

"Right, witches." She paused again. "To put it simply, you and Billy are-are-"

"Walking, talking, cursed time bombs," Brittany said.

"Eloquent," Samara griped, "very eloquent."

"What is she talking about?" Charlie finally said.

"Remember when you two were in a coma." At Charlie's nod she continued. "It was a curse and it's not over. You don't want me to go into details, but if I don't break it you two will...die."

Silence met her revelation, as she knew it would, and she took advantage of it and continued. "I'm going to stop them. Tonight."

Still silence and then, "We're going to die?" Billy asked.

She smiled at her ‘father in law' and shook her head. "Not if I have anything to say about it." She sounded and looked stronger then she felt. After schooling herself the whole drive home, she had decided that no one was going to know her dilemma. Only Jacob, and maybe Sam who kept setting her worried looks. She wished he wasn't so perceptive at times.

"Tonight," she continued, "I'm going to send all magic back to the Other World. The place it came from," she added for the benefit of those who did not know what she was talking about.

There was still silence after her dramatic revelation.

"So," Emily spoke up. "Who's hungry?" She stood up and so did Samara's mother.

"I'll help you."

Emily nodded and led the way into Jacob's kitchen. Samara sat fiddling with the ring she wore on her finger, a birthday present from Jacob.

"That's that," she said with a shrug.

"Is there a reason you did not tell us this earlier?" Charlie growled.

It wasn't very impressive, the growl, but then again she had been hanging out with people built to growl, but she answered anyway. "I didn't want you guys to worry. I don't know when the spell will continue to run its course. I, um, I'm going to go help them."

She got up quickly and hurried into the kitchen where Emily was frying a mass quantity of bacon. Her mother sat at the table peeling potatoes. The smell of bacon fat made her stomach turn.

"Oh, Circe," she moaned, before bolting out of the kitchen. She ignored the questioning looks she got from the people in the living room and slammed the bathroom door behind her, before retching.

A knock interrupted the pity party going on inside of her head and she heard the door open.


"Go away," she groaned.

She heard footsteps, before her mother's cool hands brushed the hair from her face and held it back as she threw up again. She wasn't even sure what it was, she had been unable to keep anything down all morning.

"It gets better," Emily said softly.

She looked up at her mother blankly. "Not for awhile, I hope," she said softly.

"The spell? It's not safe for it?"

"No. I have to do it. More people will just get hurt if I don't."

Emily pressed a kiss to her forehead. "I wish it wasn't you," she said softly.

Samara shrugged and got shakily to her feet. "Will you make me some brother or something instead?" she asked pityingly. "Please?"

"Of course." Emily paused. "I have to say this because I am your mother: I wish you would have waited until you were done with school."

"I didn't do it on purpose," Samara whined.

Emily winked. "I know, like I said I had to say it."

Samara hugged her. "I love you."

When they came back Samara went out to the porch to escape the smell. Jacob followed with a glass of water.

He handed it to her. "This all went surprisingly well."

"I hate bacon."

Jacob laughed. "I'm sorry."

"I hate this. I don't want to do this. I just wanted to live happily with you and now I just want to live happily with you and our family. I don't want to battle the Dark Ones and save everyone."

"I know." He pulled her close and kissed her forehead. "I don't either."

Samara was about to say something else, but once again her cell phone rang. She flipped it open without glancing at the number. "Hello?"

"I heard something very interesting today," a voice said.

"Devin," she breathed. Jacob stiffened beside her.

"Apparently, you want to stop us. How very noble of you. Tell me, who is going to protect them once you are dead? It was decided that I would get your little boyfriend and maybe your sisters."

Samara couldn't think of how to reply.

"Are you there?"

"You can't stop me," she whispered. "Try stopping me and you'll be torn to pieces."

Devin's laugh still rung in her ears as she shut the phone.

"We have to do it now."