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Ink Stain

Jake/ Samara Jake and Samara are together again for the first time in years and everything will be alright now. They deserve it, right? When strange visitors come to Forks, Billy Black and Charlie Swan are put in the hospital. Now, Samara's past is brought to the light and the secrets Jacob knew she always hid are darker then he could have ever imagined. Lies, betrayals and the return of old friends and enemies, turn Forks Washington and the surrounding area into a battle ground, where the fate of all the immortals will be decided. This is the sequel to Watermark Book two of the Imprints of Life series Final Chapter posted.


19. Come Back to Me

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He sat staring at her prone form as the monitor beeped as it measured her heart rate. It was a grating sound, but it told him that she was alive and that was all that mattered. He just wished that she would wake up and he could share the good news with her, that beyond every miracle their baby had survived and was growing and safe.

He sighed and put his face in his hands, massaging his temples. It had only been a few hours, nothing to worry about. If it carried on for days, then maybe he should worry. He couldn't freak out, he couldn't loose it.


Jacob's head snapped up as he father wheeled into the room, being pushed by Ben.

"How is she?" Ben asked, worry and pain lacing his voice.

"Still sleeping," Jacob answered. "She should wake up soon." He sounded uncertain.

That had been some battle, one that would be hard to walk away from.

"You should get some rest," Billy said.

"I'm fine," he snapped.

Billy sighed and left with Ben. He wasn't surprised when Sam came in, grabbed the other chair, and sat down next to him.

"Hey," he said.

"What?" Jacob growled.

"Just wanted to see how you were. Don't get snappy."

"Sorry," Jacob muttered. "It's just-"

"I know."

"What if she doesn't wake up?"

"She will."

Jacob looked back down at his sleeping mate. He had barely known her for three years and two of those had been separate. He didn't want their life together to be cut short. And what about the baby? It needed its mother, even if it some how grew enough to be able to live outside Samara's body.

Sam sighed and patted Jacob's arm. "She did a good thing, you know. She got rid of a problem none of us even knew about."

"She lost a lot. Her power-"

"She gained much more."

Sam got up and left.

Jacob swore that if one more person came and spoke to him then he was going to hit something.

"She's thinking of you." A small laugh. "She doesn't know if she's dead or not."

Jacob glared up at Edward.

"Don't hit any of the equipment," he said. "It's pretty fragile, not to mention expensive."

Jacob did not say anything and Edward sighed. "She is far away, Jacob, but not out of reach. Try calling her back. She'll come to you."

Jacob did not say anything, he just continued to stare at Samara's body.

"Try it, dog," Edward said leaving. There had been no insult in the name, more like a fondness that Jacob never knew would ever exist between them. It was strange, that even after everything Edward put him through and what Edward was, Jacob could almost call him a friend. That revelation was to wrong and weird to think about now.

He moved his chair closer and took her small, cold, hand in his warm one. "Samara," he said softly. "You need to wake up. I have something important to tell you."


It was still dark. She hated the dark. It was cold and Jacob didn't like it either. He preferred the day time. She wondered where he was in all this darkness. She couldn't see him at all. Samara couldn't see much of anything really. Just pitch black. All she knew was, that her magic wasn't working which means she must have succeeded. Hopefully the others were okay.

The though triggered something. What if they were hurt and dead and she was lost and could not find them? Stupid darkness was getting in her way. She had to find them, find Jacob. Mostly Jacob, she needed him. His warmth would be wonderful in this chill.

"Samara, you need to wake up. I have something important to tell you."

Oh, there he was...but where was that. He continued to speak to her and she continued to follow the voice in the dark.

"You dad knows about Sally and Seth. He was a little freaked out, until Sam explained that imprinting wasn't about sex and stuff."

It wasn't? Could have fooled me. You seem to like the whole sex thing a lot.

"I don't think he's very happy though. We're trying to figure out a way so they can see each other more. Seth is thinking about moving and taking my old job for at least four years until Sally graduated high school and goes to college. She's probably get into Harvard or Stanford." He laughed.

I wouldn't be surprised.

Jacob had stopped speaking.

Jake? Where are you?

"You really need to wake up and come to me, Samara. I need you."

There was light suddenly and the stillness was gone and replaced by an annoying beeping. She blinked and looked at the white roof at the hospital room.


She turned her head and saw Jacob, who looked so relived that she started to cry.

"Jake," she sobbed. "I did it."

His arms were around her and he was stroking her hair and kissing her.

"You're awake," he kept muttering. "You're here."

She nodded when he pulled away. "It was so...I can't believe I did it. I thought I was going to fail and release chaos."

"You didn't," he laughed. "Everyone's fine."

"Everyone?" she questioned. "Even-"

"Yeah," he nodded, his grin widening. "It's perfectly healthy."

She smiled in return and burst into tears again.

The doctors checked her over and said she was perfectly all right, though they wanted to keep her in for a few days and make frequent doctor's visits regarding her pregnancy. After the doctor had left, everyone crowded into her room.

Sally talked nonstop about how brave Seth had been about fighting the witches that had found them. Alice couldn't stop talking about how the baby's room would be decorated (even though she said she would not be around). Jacob sat silently next to her in the bed holding her hand. It was over, the whole thing. No more witches to get between him and his growing family. Everything would be how it was supposed to be. Normal. Well...as normal as one can get if you're a werewolf.

Samara caught his eye and gave him a tired smile. After that, Jacob kicked everyone out of the room with threats of bodily harm, which Emmett surprisingly backed up. Jacob figured he just wanted an excuse to hit one of the wolves.

Jacob stayed with her until a nurse came and kicked him out. After kissing her, he left and Samara settled down for the night.

She woke up to a cold hand on her arm and moonlight streaming through her window. She started and sat up quickly. Bella stepped back and held her hands up. "I didn't mean to scare you."

"What are you doing here?" Samara ground out.

A movement in the door way, revealed Edward. Samara relaxed slightly.

"I asked him to bring me. I wanted to apologize for my behavior. I was...I don't have an excuse."

Samara looked at her. Bella's eyes were hard and cold.

"You're not really sorry," Samara said finally. "Edward just wanted you to come and say it."

"Esme, actually," she said tightly. "She has this thing about babies. Says I had no right to say those things."

"You didn't. You have no claim to him."

Bella smirked. "You didn't know him back when I did. I had him eating out of the palm of my hand like the dog that he is."

"Scraps," Samara shot back. "He was eating scraps. That's all you were at the time. A scrap from someone's plate."

Bella looked livid and she stepped forward. Edward too stepped into sight and grabbed her arm.

"It's time to go Bella."

Bella's eyes were almost black with rage. "You better hope we don't meet again."

"I've never had such a fervent prayer."

Edward took Bella away, leaving Samara to sigh sadly. The human girl that so many people spoke so fondly of was gone. Replacing it was a cold, hard, woman who regretted her decision. As poisonous as her words sounded, Samara could not find it in her heart to be angry with her. Sighing once more, Samara settled down to sleep