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Ink Stain

Jake/ Samara Jake and Samara are together again for the first time in years and everything will be alright now. They deserve it, right? When strange visitors come to Forks, Billy Black and Charlie Swan are put in the hospital. Now, Samara's past is brought to the light and the secrets Jacob knew she always hid are darker then he could have ever imagined. Lies, betrayals and the return of old friends and enemies, turn Forks Washington and the surrounding area into a battle ground, where the fate of all the immortals will be decided. This is the sequel to Watermark Book two of the Imprints of Life series Final Chapter posted.


6. Visting Terror

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She walked into the living room, full expecting what she was about to find. The Twelve women sat in a circle around the living room, her mother in the center of the circle holding a shallow silver bowl in her lap. A greenish light was emanating from it, casting a strange glow on her face. Diane looked up at her daughter grimly as she dropped her bag on the floor and looked around.

"What are you doing?"

"You know what we need, Samara, what we want."

"I'm not helping you! I told you that."

"What choice do you have? You need a roof over your head. Someone to pay for school, don't you?"

"Are you threatening me?"

"I just need you to find them, Samara. Find the remnants of the sisterhood, find your aunt so my power can finally be complete."

"Like I'd help you achieve that. With absolute power who knows what you would do."

"I have the ability to do some damage. A lot of damage."

"You know what happened last time you attacked my family."

"Ah, but your little puppy is not here."

Samara ground her teeth together. "It does not matter. I put so many wards on them. You'll never be able to break through."

Diane's eyes narrowed.

"Did you think I would be so stupid as not to do something about them?"

"Force her!" snapped one of the women. She was a white haired woman with grey eyes.

"She could not stand up to us all together," another added.

Samara's eye narrowed. "Do you dare try?" Samara was bluffing. She was out of practice with her powers and her mother knew it. Any attack on her would probably succeed, but did the rest of the small coven want to risk it?

Diane pursed her lips. "Do this for us, or you can just leave. Remember, if you stayed with your aunt she would use you too. You are not safe."

Samara's eyes were hard and she turned quickly and left the room. She was aware fifteen minutes later of the rest of the coven leaving the house. She stuffed her art box and as many clothes as she could in her suitcases. Before dragging them down to her suburban parked out front. The June air was warm on her bare arms and she took a deep breath of it to calm herself.

"What are you doing?"

Samara did not turn to look at her. "I'm leaving to go to school."

"What? You can't."

"I can. I have more money then you think I do. I've been planning this."

She closed the trunk and headed over to the drivers seat. "Goodbye."

She started the car and drove off.

She was brought out of her memories by Jacob's warm lips on the side of her neck. She nearly jumped in surprise.

"What's wrong?" he whispered, gently pushing her to the ground and leaning over her so he could look in her face.


It was Sunday afternoon and Samara would have to return to school soon. Jacob would be running her home. Right now, they were laying in his living room, stretched across the carpet. Billy had gone on a fishing trip with Charlie and would not be back until later on tonight.

"You sure?"

She ran her fingers through his hair and down his bare back. "Yeah." She kissed him again, running her lips up his jaw and to his ear. "I promise," she whispered. He shuddered slightly and she shifted so her leg was around his hips and he stopped whatever he was doing to her neck and drew back.

"Jake," she whined.


She huffed a little and pulled her shirt down, crossing her arms over her chest. He starred at what her tank top revealed and she huffed again.

"Sorry. We probably should get going."

"Leah tells me you never would have stopped before and that you forced Bella into a kiss once. Now you act like you might break me or something."

"I was different back then. The situation was different back then. And I could break you."

"I don't see how."

"One to hard move and I could break your back."

"I meant the situation is different. I have no doubt that it is possible to hurt me," she snapped.

"You're different then Bella...and I'm older."

"So, the fact you knew deep down that you would never be attached to Bella forever made having sex with her okay? How does that make any sense?"

"It-We should get going. You shouldn't get in to late."

"Not until we finish this."

"Fine." He sat up straighter. "Remember that conversation Sam had about the risks?"

"Yeah, human birth control might not be able to stand up to a werewolf. How will the fact that you don't want kids be fixed when we get married. Will you still have the same problems then?"

"I can't support a family yet, Samara. I just barely got the financial aid needed to go to the community college. The job I have barely brings in any money and I'm saving that up as much as I can. You're going to school. I don't want to risk brining a life into this world that I can't properly care for." He growled low in frustration. " It's how I was raised, Samara. It's how my father was before he ended up in the wheelchair. If I can't take care of a child and its mother then I should not be doing anything that could risk that. It's not because I don't want you or because I can't forget Bella Swan Cullen!"

Samara was so stunned she nearly fell over. "I-I never thought-"

"That's usually how it happens," he said with a small grin.

She nodded. "I-you're so..."

"Wonderful?" He was teasing her now.


"Let's get you home."

When she arrived back at her dorm three hours later, Zoë pounced on her.

"So glad you're back. I missed you talking in your sleep. Hey, someone came and left you a note. He was cute too. How many guys do you have lying about?"

"What are you talking about?"

Zoë handed her an envelope. "He said to give this to you as soon as you get back."

Samara took the envelope and looked at it curiously. "I wonder who it is from."

"You mean you don't know? You have a guy you don't know leaving you letters."

Samara did not answer her as she slit the envelope open. She pulled out a single sheet of heave lined paper. It was sealed with wax, though in the shape of a raven. Her stomach clenched in fear and her hands shook as she opened the seal. A famlier scrawl met her eyes as she read it.


You are a very hard girl to find. Even when I did you were not where you were supposed to be. No matter, there is a good chance I will find you before you even see this letter. I will be around and I want to talk to you,


She took a shuddering breath. They had found her. Her mother had found her and sent her new consort, Devin to talk to her. The man she had seen in Forks had been him, she realized. He even knew where she hid from her hiding place. This was bad, there was no way her mother would let her get away again and her friends and new family were not warded. They were in danger. She was thankful, though, that Diane had sent the powerless Devin to get her instead of one of her more powerful witches. Devin would only talk, he would not hurt anyone. He might have some pre-made curses, though, and as a witches lover, he would be more then able to wield them. Diane had some wicked curses.

"Are you alright?"

"Yeah," Samara said weakly.

"He's not some stalker is he?"

Samara laughed. "No. He works for my mother."


"It's fine. She just wanted him to check up."

All week Samara was on edge, but Devin never once showed himself. She had a feeling he was in Forks, waiting for her there would it would be tougher to leave. When the weekend rolled around again she was in no mood to want to see Jacob. She pondered not going at all, but he would ask a reason and she did not want to lie to him again. There were too many already and Samara was sick of being tangled in them.

She was glad she came when she saw Jacob's grinning face for the first time in a week. He took her into his arms and she buried her face in his warm shoulder and inhaled. "I missed you so much," she said.

"You alright?"

She frowned up at him and he laughed.

"Sorry. It's a habit."

She laughed. "Thank you for worrying, but you don't have to."

"I know. Unfortunately, I have to go patrolling. Sam's acting paranoid for some reason so I'm humoring him."

"Paranoid? What for?"

"Obi-Wan is sensing a disturbance in the Force."

"What kind of disturbance?"

"It's probably nothing. Sam has the ability to sense the supernatural if you will. He has always been able to sense the vampires before any of us. We chocked it up to being an alpha thing, but he's getting the same vibes again. There might be one loose. Easily taken care of."

"Is it safe in town?"

"Yeah. Why would you want to go there?"

"I forgot some things I need. I have to go to the drugstore."

"You should be fine. Like I said it's probably nothing.

Or Devin, she thought. The sooner she dealt with him, the sooner she could fix things.

"Do you need a ride?"

She shook her head. "I'll take my car."

"Alright." He kissed her. "I'll see you later on tonight."