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New Scars

What would happen if Bella had gone home with Jacob the night after the movies, the night Jacob made his first transformation as a werewolf? And what effect would this have when Edward comes back in the picture? LAST CHAPTER UP!

This story takes place right after Bella and Jacob drop Mike off at his house and Jacob is admitting he isn't feeling well. Page 218 in New Moon if you want to be exact

1. Chapter 1

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A strange looked crossed his face. “I really think I’d better go home now,” he said.

I reached for the door handle before looking back at Jacob one more time. His face looked sort of distant. I noticed is hands and arms were slightly shaking. “That’s it,” I said. “I’m driving you home.”

Jacob shot me an annoyed look. “Really Bella, I’m not seriously sick. I just feel sort of strange. Like I said before, if I feel like I can’t drive, I’ll just pull over.” As he told me this, another set of trembles rolled down his arms.

“Nope, not good enough. Jake, look, your arms are shaking and I practically burned my hand feeling your forehead. I don’t want you to die in some sort of a car crash on you way home. Plus, this way, if you pull over I’ll be able to drive you home. Otherwise you would just be stuck somewhere in the middle of no where all sick.”

“Someone would see me,” Jacob argued.

I shook my head. “This place is way too small. It would be forever before someone came along and noticed you. I’m coming with you,”

He sighed. “You know you worried too much, right?” he grumbled in defeat as he put his car in drive. He started driving towards La Push, as we sat in the car in silence. I kept my eyes on Jacob to make sure he was in control of the car. It appeared his was but it didn’t ease my worrying.

“How are you going to get back home?” Jacob asked me, breaking the silence.

“Oh shoot,” I frowned. I hadn’t thought it through this far and we were already over halfway to Jacob’s house. It would be pointless to turn around and get my truck. “I suppose I could just walk home. It isn’t that far.” I wasn’t necessarily looking forward towards walking home, but I saw no other option. I could take my motorcycle but Charlie would burst a vein in his forehead if I did that.

“No, you don’t have to do that,” Jacob reassured me. “You can take my car and you can get it back to me later.”

“Thanks Jake” I looked over at him and smiled. He smiled back before frowning hard and his hands shook again. “Are you sure you’re okay? Do you need me to drive?” I asked concerned.

“No, I can still drive. I just feel. . .” Jacob struggled for the right words to use. “I don’t know. Something feels off. I don’t know how to describe it but it’s like, deep down I can tell something isn’t right? You ever get that feeling?”

I flinched and wrapped my arms around my torso as it brought back memories of him. Right before he left, how he had been all silent and distant. I knew something big between us was going to happen but I never expected what actually did. The pain lashed at my insides but not as bad as I thought it would. As usual, Jacob’s presence kept the extreme pain at bay.

“Yah,” I replied in a low voice. “I know that feeling.” The rest of the drive continued in silence. It wasn’t long before we pulled up to the tiny red house. Jacob parked in front of the house and handed me the Rabbit’s keys before opening his door.

“What are you doing?” Jacob asked when I got out of the car and followed him up the pathway to his house instead of climbing back into the car and driving myself home.

“Charlie isn’t expecting me home for a while so I thought the least I could do is make you some soup or something.” I told him. Also, if Jacob really was sick, I probably wasn’t going to see him as much and as horrible as it was, I wanted to spend as much time with him now as possible, to make up for his soon to be absence.

Jacob rolled his eyes and said, “Jeez, thanks mom,” sarcastically. I laughed once and entered the house after him.

“Jake?” Billy called out from the kitchen.

“Yah, and Bella,” Jacob called back.

Jake and I went into the kitchen where Billy was in his wheelchair. “Hello Bella,” he greeted me.

“Hi Billy, how are you?” I inquired. I hoped he didn’t have whatever Jacob might be coming down with.

“Fine, thank you.” he looked at his son. “You okay Jake? You’re looking kind of funny,” he teased but suddenly his eye widened. I looked over at Jacob, who was standing next to me, to find the cause of alarm.

All of a sudden Jacob was shaking violently, much worst than he had been doing earlier. The tiny tremors that ran down his arms were nothing in comparison to what he was doing now. His whole body shook and Jacob had a look of rage on his face.

“Bella, leave!” I was about to comply when I momentarily froze. It was not Billy’s voice that had said that, though he quickly was commanding that I did indeed leave. It was his smooth, velvety voice that had ordered that I got out of there. I was confused. There was some danger that he and Billy knew about that I was remaining oblivious to.

A ripping sound came from beside me, where Jake had been standing, followed by a loud ‘pop’. I yelped and jumped in surprise. All I could see was this brownish red thing that I had no clue as to where it came from. My instincts as well as the voice in my head were steaming at me to run and get out of there but I was stuck where I was standing in fear.

Just as quickly as this giant thing appeared, it followed by a crippling pain from the left side of my face as this beast lashed out at me. I felt my body buckle and I fell to the ground. I could hear other noises, Billy’s urgent voice along with some type of growling noise, but I couldn’t make them out or register them clearly. Instead, I slipped into darkness that I welcomed seeing as it took away the pain emerging from my body.