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New Scars

What would happen if Bella had gone home with Jacob the night after the movies, the night Jacob made his first transformation as a werewolf? And what effect would this have when Edward comes back in the picture? LAST CHAPTER UP!

This story takes place right after Bella and Jacob drop Mike off at his house and Jacob is admitting he isn't feeling well. Page 218 in New Moon if you want to be exact

10. Chapter 10

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“Welcome to Volterra,” Aro said and pulled me through the front door.

We entered into what appeared to be some sort of a waiting room. It was brightly lit and had a very tasteful décor, surprising since the outside made this building look like a medieval castle. “Welcome home, Aro,” the woman sitting behind the front desk greeted him. She gave a confused look in my direction but refrained from asking anything.

I balked at the sight of her. Not because she was pretty but because she was human. If keeping their existence a secret was at the top of their priorities, then what was a human doing here, working for them? Surely she had to know about them; she had called this Aro’s home.

“Marcus and Caius are waiting for you upstairs in the thrown room with the ‘disturbance,” she informed him, putting air quotes around the word. “I’d get rid of the human first. His mate is dead and it has made him a bit . . . unstable,”

Aro chuckled at her words and briefly touched her arm. Reading her thoughts, I realized. “Thank you, Gianna but I had different plans for her. The rest of you may return to you corridors. You are no longer needed for the time being,” The vampires who had accompanied us split up and went their separate ways. All except Demetri. Instead he walked up and leaned against the desk, saying something to Gianna in a low, attractive voice. I couldn’t pick out the words but her eyes flashed to me and she giggled flirtatiously.

“Come,” Aro ordered walking towards an elevator in the corner of the room. I followed him hesitantly. What other choice did I have? From what I could see this building was filled with vampires. Any attempt of resistance would be useless. I am hardly a match against a human, much less these stone-like vampires.

“I want your transformation to be underway as soon as possible.” Aro started to explain as the elevator doors shut and it moved upward. “But I must confer with Caius and Marcus about you first and to be able to do that, we have to rid of this disturbance.”

“Do you get disruptions often?” I asked. If I kept myself or Aro talking, I could keep my mind off of whatever was to come next.

When he looked at me, his expression seemed pleased, as if he was pleased that I was taking interest with the Volturi. “We get disputes and vampires who cross the line, like with Victoria, but this one is a difficult situation since Caius and Marcus are in need a third person’s opinion. From what I’ve seen in other’s thoughts, this vampire is suicidal, a very rare, strange occurrence.”

I nodded, given this new information. Aro continued assessing me with his eyes. I fidgeted under his gaze. His scrutiny was making me uncomfortable. Aro continued talking as a ding sounded and the doors opened. “You’ll enjoy being a member of the guards. I can tell you will have an amazing, powerful ability once you are one of us.”

I followed Aro out of the elevator and down a hallway. I doubted Aro’s words. I didn’t see how I could enjoy being a member of the Volturi without my Charlie or Renee or Jacob. I felt a pang for them. They would have by now discovered I was missing and were looking for me. Jacob was probably blaming himself and Charlie would be tearing himself apart. I now wished I had left a note or something of the likes, explaining somehow that they should just forget me and not look for me.

I also didn’t believe that I would have some amazing power. There was nothing amazing about me. I was average, plain; nothing extraordinary about me except for the people I hung out with and seemed to attract like bees to honey.

Aro led me to two double doors made of a dark, shiny wood. He opened them and led me inside. The room was large, bright and open with large windows letting in the sunshine. There were others in the room; all vampires. They seemed comfortable with their surroundings, speaking in low, attractive voices. The sun’s rays shone through the windows and hit the vampires, causing them to sparkle beautifully. All walked around and mingled with one another except for three in the back, two of them sitting and the other one, standing in the corner with his back turned to the room, staring darkly but still without expression at the wall.

Gianna had called this the thrown room. Centered in the back of the room were three magnificent, expertly crafted throwns. The setting very much reminded me of the era of kings and queens with the lavish banquets. Occupying two of the chairs where vampires who had the same presence of wisdom and power as Aro had. They also had the same strangely delicate looking skin. One had raven black hair, just like Aro’s, and the other had startling snow white hair. Both of them looked as if they could kill themselves from boredom as they sat dully in their chairs.

“Wait here,” Aro told me, leaving at the entrance of the room. He spoke quickly and quietly to two females before walking over to the two in the chairs. The females he spoke to came and took a place besides me. Aro must have given them instructions to watch me so I didn’t run away. Not that I had any intentions. Where would I go? I was in Italy without money or passport. There was no way I could get pass customs. And oddly enough, Aro was the only form of protection I had at the moment.

“Aro,” the white haired one acknowledged him in a tired, monotonous voice that matched his expression.

“Caius, Marcus, it’s great to be back,” Aro spoke enthusiastically, a stark contrast to how he was greeted.

Aro briefly clasped hands with Caius and then Marcus, hearing their thoughts. His voice was amused when he said, “So this is the trouble I was called back to so urgently.”

“You wish to die?” he addressed the third vampire standing in the back of the room. I strained to hear their conversation. “Such a waste,” Aro continued and this time touched the figure on the shoulder seeing as he would not turn away from the wall.

“Such a waste indeed!” Aro recoiled back after listen to his thoughts. “With a gift like yours, it would only be wasteful; and I would not hurt my friend like that by hurting you.”

I could barely make out what was said next. “I do not wish to live anymore,” the voice answered back meekly so saturated with pain and sorrow that it was tangible. “She is forever gone and I have no more reason to exist.”

Aro laughed. I found it a bit heartless to laugh at someone in so much pain. I could relate, a little bit. His love was forever gone, mine just doesn’t want me. Either way, we are both unhappy.

“That is where you are wrong. I have a reason for you to live. Bella,” Aro called.

I tentatively walked towards the two standing in the back. Aro saying my name snapped the man standing in the back’s head in my direction. I balked at his face.

His eyes were black, unlike the red eyes that filled the room, with only the slightest specs of gold. There was no reason to stare at his face, I had it committed to memory. I knew exactly how his square jaw looked and how silky his brown red hair would feel if you ran your fingers through it. Knowing all these things and seeing him again was almost too much. His reappearance ripped the whole in my chest right back open, hurting harder than ever before.

“Bella?” he asked; his voice rang desperation.