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New Scars

What would happen if Bella had gone home with Jacob the night after the movies, the night Jacob made his first transformation as a werewolf? And what effect would this have when Edward comes back in the picture? LAST CHAPTER UP!

This story takes place right after Bella and Jacob drop Mike off at his house and Jacob is admitting he isn't feeling well. Page 218 in New Moon if you want to be exact

11. Chapter 11

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I was ready to fall to pieces right then. All I wanted to do was crumple into a ball and stop the pain because Edward Cullen was standing in front of me.

The Edward Cullen who was a vampire

The Edward Cullen who I kissed and for the first time, it actually meant something.

The Edward Cullen who showed me the most magical things and made me feel beautiful and loved.

The Edward Cullen who save my life.

The Edward Cullen who claimed I had his heart.

The Edward Cullen who managed to say he loved me and then broke me three days later.

The Edward Cullen who gave my life meaning then took it all away.

The Edward Cullen who I couldn’t even think his name because I couldn’t bare the pain.

Though the thoughts were forbidden, I had once or twice imagined what I would be like if I ever did by some chances see Edward again. I imagined myself being brave enough to be indifferent; we would have some conversation about how we’ve been doing. I’d lie and say I was fine. It’d be great, because he’d be fine too. But I knew that, deep down, I would still be dying inside because he would be standing right there in front of me and I would be able to do nothing about it.

By some strength I never knew I had, I forced my legs to continue forward and eventually came to stand beside Aro, with Edward standing in front of us. Why would Edward be here? He said he wanted to die. The thought hit me as hard as it did in September, which seemed ages ago. The thought of Edward no longer existing was even more painful than when he left me, because then at least he would still be alive and living his life somewhere, out there, possible with some beautiful vampire who could make him happy.

Edward stared at me, eyes bulging, shock and disbelief flicking across his face before he could regain composure but I could tell he was staring, especially at my scars. I did my best not to stare back but only partway succeeded. I snuck a few glances but made sure not to look too long. I took special care not to look into his eyes. Though they weren’t topaz currently, it was still a guarantee that I would be lost in them.

Aro clapped his hands together like a delighted child. “Isn’t this splendid! A wonderful reunion! You say you have no reason to live but here I give you one. I have such great plans for the two of you. You’ll both make excellent members of our guards wont they?”

“Pardon?” Caius asked, startled my Aro’s announcement. Edward too looked startled, Marcus mildly interested, and the others in the room paid no intention. Guards? I knew Aro planned on turning me but to make me one of the guards? And apparently he also had the intentions to make Edward one too.

“I cannot read her thoughts. They are as blank to Edward as they are to me. Think of the possibilities. If she is this gifted as a human, imagine what powers she will hold as one of us.” Caius and Marcus seemed taken back by Aro and Edward’s inability to read my thoughts when the doors opened, announcing the arrival of another.

The atmosphere in the room changed instantly. I turned with the others to face the door. Two small angle-like children, dressed in midnight black cloaks, held hands as they came into the room. Aside from Aro, Caius, and Marcus, all the other vampires tensed instantly. Even Edward straightened up suddenly and his expression turned hard.

To my immense surprise Alice followed behind them. Aro went towards to two small children and greeted them warmly. “Alec! Jane dear! Welcome home,” he kissed them on their cheeks.

“And Alice, what a surprise!” he turned to Alice. Her steps halted for a moment before continuing towards us. She shot an annoyed look at Edward. She must have seen him asking for death. I would be annoyed with him too. She didn’t seem to be shocked by my appearance though, so she may have also seen that too.

“You must have had a vision of this,” Aro said, putting my thoughts into words.

When Alice looked startled again, Edward explained, “Aro can too know thoughts, except he does it through physical contact and he gathers everything you ever had.”

Alice nodded in understanding. Aro sighed. “But to hear thoughts from afar, that is what I crave. And you Alice, your brother seems to take much stalk into your visions.”

Alice shook her head and smiles politely. “He and my family have too much faith in what I see. Nothing is absolute nor set in stone.”

“Carlisle had done well; he has such a powerful family. One that reads thoughts, you that sees the future, and another that manipulates emotions. And then we have Bella, and who knows how she will turn once she joins us.” Alice looked at me in interest while Edward hardened even more at Aro’s implying of me becoming a vampire again. I recalled how I would always fight with Edward; being a vampire was all I wanted. When I was a vampire, I would be beautiful, strong, and powerful. He wouldn’t have to be constantly saving me. I would be graceful so I wouldn’t be embarrassing myself with my clumsiness. Most of all, I would be his equal and would get to spend eternity with him.

But Edward never wanted me to. He made that very clear when he had left me in September. He didn’t want me to be a vampire because then I’d be tacked onto him for all of eternity. He probably felt sorry for me and was saving both of us from the eternal grief if he had turned me.

“Jane, now that you are here, will you participate in a small experiment of mine?” Aro asked. “Bella’s thoughts seem to escape from mine and Edward’s knowledge. So I was wondering if it was also the same for others. . .” he trailed off.

Jane nodded sweetly, before focusing her attention on me.

“No!” Edward roared and jumped between the girl and I. In an instant, Edward was lying on the ground, withering in pain.

“Edward!” I cried reaching out towards him but Alice came behind me and held me back.

“Shh, wait,” she whispered into my ear. “It’ll be over soon enough”

I watched impatiently, and helplessly, as Edward silently endured whatever torment that small monster was putting him through.

“Jane,” Aro broke Jane’s attention from Edward. He got up cautiously, as if waiting for the pain to return, before coming and standing at Alice’s side. Now Jane was staring intently at me. Edward tensed again but as the seconds went by he began to relax. He even appeared to be smug. I looked back at Jane uneasily; her staring was making me uncomfortable.

Aro suddenly laughed. Jane snarled in aggravation. “Do not worry dear, she confounds us all.” He laughed again. “All the more reason to change her immediately,”

“Actually, Aro,” Edward started to say before being interrupted.

“But before we do, I must ask you two a question.” Aro addressed Alice and Edward. “Would you two like to join us?”

“No,” Edward said curtly.

“No, thank you,” was Alice’s response.

“Very well,” Aro hid his disappointment I could tell he was feeling. “Bella, I am very sure you will join us. We could offer you all the protection you would want, a home seeing as you do not already belong to another coven, and we did rescue you from the torturous death Victoria would have put you through,”

Edward growled at Victoria’s name. I had a feeling he still had a bit of a grudge held against her, and me, for putting his family in danger. Aro did have a point though. He had saved me from death, though I wasn’t fully opposed towards it at that moment. I did, in some way, owe the Volturi something.

I opened my mouth but then closed it, unsure of what to say. They all stared at me, waiting for my reply when Alice decided to take matters into her own hands. She strolled towards to Aro and offered out her hand, intending him to read her thoughts. Excitement flashed through his eyes, like a child just offered a huge lollipop.

I waited uncertainly as the moments rolled by; Aro hovered over Alice’s hand. All was silent; even the others in the room had quieted down. The silence was broken by Aro giving out low chuckle. He eyes me with new interest before saying, “That was very, very interesting.”

Then in a louder voice, “Yes, Alice, I agree with you. Things will be much better if she is to return with you to Carlisle and have him turn her, but we will be expecting a visit once it is done.”

“Let’s go,” Edward said, grabbing me by the arm and dragging me out of the room, Alice trailing us.

“Goodbye, Bella. I will be eagerly awaiting for when we meet again,” Aro called after us. His tone suggested he knew what was to happen in the near future and that made me uneasy.

When we exited and came into the city, the sky showed that daylight was to come soon. I worried for Alice and Edward, and their inability to be out in sunlight. Alice inconspicuously disappeared, leaving me walking beside Edward as we continued to make our way out of the city.

“Where’d Alice go?” I asked, breaking the stillness that was occurring.

“To get us a car,” Edward answered in his velvet, smooth voice.

“You mean to steal a car?” It had been so long since I had heard his voice; I would have said anything to keep him talking.

Edward threw his head back and laughed. I almost melted at the perfect sound. “Yes,”

We met Alice on the outskirts of the city, waiting for us in a dark, sleek car. When we got in, she drove us to the airport.


Since that conversation, I hadn’t said another word to Edward, even though I was sitting next to Edward on the plane, with Alice behind us, talking on one of the phones. That was why I was startled when, about three hours into our flight, Edward reached over and traces the three red slashes goes through my face and asked, “What happened to you, Bella,”

“A lot,” I said. I let the words sink in before turning my head to look out the window, keeping my face out of his reach.

I knew I shouldn’t have said that, that I should have told him the truth. I should have told him about Jacob and the pack, about Victoria and Laurent, how I had come to being in Volterra in Aro. I should have told him how much I missed him, how I still loved him, but I didn’t. He would just leave once this plane landed. What would be the point? Not talking to him would save me the pain.


I didn’t know whither to be angry and irritated, or slightly hopeful when the captain announced we were to land in Juneau, Alaska in fifteen minutes. I was confused as to why they weren’t taking me back to Washington, where my home was, but instead taking me to Alaska. Maybe this is where their new home was. After all, the story they told Forks was they had switched schools from Alaska. This gave me hope because it meant that I would have a chance to talk to Alice at least. Surely, they wouldn’t abandon me in Alaska without a way to get me back home.

I recognized Carlisle’s Mercedes in the parking lot. Alice tossed Edward the keys saying, “You take the car. Jasper’s hunting. I’m going to catch up with him.” She waved to me, and then glared at Edward. He nodded to what she had been thinking, then unlocked the car. Without any other option, I climbed in.

I had never been to Alaska before. It was beautiful, full of open, wide space, and, of course, it was cloudy. It was the perfect place for a vampire. I was busy enjoying the scenery when Edward interrupted.

“Bella, we need to talk,”