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New Scars

What would happen if Bella had gone home with Jacob the night after the movies, the night Jacob made his first transformation as a werewolf? And what effect would this have when Edward comes back in the picture? LAST CHAPTER UP!

This story takes place right after Bella and Jacob drop Mike off at his house and Jacob is admitting he isn't feeling well. Page 218 in New Moon if you want to be exact

2. Chapter 2

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I wasn’t entirely awake or fully conscious, but the first thing that did register in my mind was the annoying beep of a heart monitor that was steadily beeping to the right of me. I groaned and rolled over onto my side. I was in the hospital. Again. God, I hated being in hospitals. Hospitals were full of needles and sick people and doctors running through the halls pushing their crashing patient on a gurney being asked what’s wrong with them and they reply “I don’t know,”

“Is she awake?” I heard someone’s hushed voice asked.

“I don’t know. I think she’s coming around,” another quiet voice answered.

I wasn’t able to recognize the voices. What was I even doing here? My whole upper left side of my body was numb and my brain was all foggy. I was fighting hard to figure out what had happened. I remember being at Jake’s house and him not feeling well. The rest after that was foggy. There were things that I remember, like this giant things that was russet colored. But that didn’t make any sense with the rest that I could remember. They must have really given me a lot of drugs for me to be this confused.

“Any news from Jake yet?” asked the second voice, faint. Wait, Jake? I strained harder to hear what they were saying.

A sigh sounded. “Not yet,” came the first voice. “I just stepped in to see how she was doing. I wish she were conscious so if we did fine him, at least we could have something good to convey to him.”

“How’s Billy?”

“Worried, but all things considered, taking it pretty well. Where’s Charlie?”

“He was here all night, staying up watching her.” The second voice said. All night? How long have I been out? “I finally talked him going home to rest. Also, I was hoping Bella would wake up before he got back so I could talk to her.”

Why would I need to be talked to? I was so confused! I wanted my body to wake up so I could find out who these people talking were. Their voices sounded familiar but my mind was too hazy right now for me to put faces to the voices’ tones.

“That would be best if you got to explain things to her. Did Charlie buy the story?”

“Yeah, he believed it pretty easily. Still took it pretty hard, but believed it. Also, once she wakes up, I’m calling Emily. I think she’d be the best one in this situation.”

“Okay, since there doesn’t seem to be a change in her status, I’m heading back out. Paul and Jared are still out there.”

“Try more north,” suggested the second voice. “I just hope Jacob doesn’t do anything rash,” the voice worried.

“I do too,” agreed the first voice. The door opened and closed. Very soft footsteps, footsteps I could barely hear, came around the foot of the bed I was lying in and over to the side.

“Oh Bella,” the voice sighed. “Why did this have to happen to you, too?” an extremely warm hand started to softly caress the right side of my face. The heat felt nice, I was always cold these days, and this person was probably trying to soothe me but I didn’t feel right having some stranger touch me. I forced my extremely heavy feeling lids open.

At first I squinted my eyes at the sudden bright light. When that passed, I found myself face to face with a very tall and muscular man. He looked faintly familiar. “Bella?” the man asked. I recognized his voice as the second voice I had heard earlier.

I wanted to answer but my tongue felt thick in my mouth and my head was still not working properly. I felt like what my friends had described as what they felt like when they had been drinking too much. So instead, I just opted to nodding my head.

“Do you know who I am?” the man asked.

I stared at him, concentrating, trying to figure out where I had seen him before. My brain just wasn’t up to the task. “No sorry,” I finally said, apologizing. Surprisingly, my voice did not sound horse, like I thought it would.

“That’s alright,” he flashed me an easy smile. “I wouldn’t have expected you to. You were kind of out of it that night. My name’s Sam Uley.” Sam . . . I looked at him again. This time I recognized him. Sam was the man who found me in the forest, the day he left me. I was hit with a fresh wave of pain only to be quickly replaced with hatred. I remember Jacob telling me about Sam. How he was in some type of gang and had Jacob scared.

“Bella, I need to ask you something,” Sam asked me. He seemed to be carefully measuring everything he said to me. “I need to know, what exactly do you remember? Do you know why you’re here in the hospital?”

I wanted to ask him what he was doing here in the hospital before I thought it would be better if I didn’t say that. From what I had earlier, he had been staying with me and had been worrying about me, no matter how my attitude towards him was effected my Jacob’s telling. I thought for a moment. I wondered if this is what Sam had been talking about before with the other person of what he wanted to discuss with me before Charlie got back. “I remember going over to the Black’s house and Jacob telling me he felt strange.”

Sam sucked in his breathe as I told him this. “Anything else?” he asked me, seriously, staring intensely into my eyes.

I thought again for a moment but shook my head. The rest that I could remember didn’t make any sense and I didn’t want to give Sam the impression that I belonged in a mental institution seeing as the last time he saw me I also wasn’t in the best state of mind. “I think I’m on way too much pain medication. I can’t think at all. What am I in here for anyways?”

“You were in an accident Bella. Your injuries probably affected your memory so you are having a hard time recalling what had happened. Since Jacob wasn’t feeling well, he thought going for a walk in the forest would help clear his head and perhaps make me feel better. So you agreed to go along with him. You two ran into that bear all the rangers had been worrying about. Before Jacob would do anything, the bear attacked you and now you’re here in this hospital recovering from you injuries.”

I looked at Sam in disbelief. None of that made sense at all. Except maybe the bear part. I definitely was not out hiking with Jake but the bear did help slightly to explain what ever had attacked me at the Black’s house. But I was for sure in their house when I was attacked and also I had no clue bears even got that huge.

I shook my head at Sam. “No,” I said slowly, mentally cursing my mind’s sluggishness. “That didn’t happen.”

“Yes, Bella,” Sam said eruptive, his voice suddenly hard. “You were in the forest with Jake and were attacked by a bear. I’m sorry that happened to you and I can understand if you don’t want to believe what happened, but I am telling you the truth.”

“No, you’re not,”

Yes, I am.” Sam’s voice was like steel.

“Why are you pushing this so hard? I’m not positive what happened but I know that’s not it. I heard you talking before, why would you and other be searching for Jacob?”

Sam looked slightly surprised that I had heard their conversation. He quickly managed to regain his composure, though. “Jacob is just very upset over what happened. He just decided to get away for a bit, but we’re pretty sure we know where he is. It’s nothing to worry about,”

I didn’t buy it. “The way you said it made it sound like he was far away. Sam, tell me what happened. I know you’re lying to me. Why would you tell me the truth?”

“I am! Why won’t you believe me?” Sam cried out in angst.

“Because I know you have been lying to me and I want to know why?”

“And why should I tell you?” he countered.

“Because I deserve to know.” I knew I had him there. Sam stared at me in the eyes for a moment. Then his gaze shifted over to the left side of me face. I still wondered what were the full extent of the damage was. I mean, I’ve had stitches before. After a while it would just heal so I wasn’t worrying about it now.

Sam now looked at me with what looked like a guilty expression. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. I waited patiently for whatever he was about to tell you. Sam reopened his eyes and their gaze pierced through me with a type of emotion I couldn’t recognize.

“Bella,” Sam said slowly and slightly hesitant, “We’re werewolves,”