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New Scars

What would happen if Bella had gone home with Jacob the night after the movies, the night Jacob made his first transformation as a werewolf? And what effect would this have when Edward comes back in the picture? LAST CHAPTER UP!

This story takes place right after Bella and Jacob drop Mike off at his house and Jacob is admitting he isn't feeling well. Page 218 in New Moon if you want to be exact

4. Chapter 4

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I shouldn’t, after seeing and meeting Emily, have been shocked at what I had saw, but I couldn’t help the small gasp that had escaped my mouth. The person I saw in the mirror’s reflection seemed foreign, as if that person I saw wasn’t me. I had never really taken pride in any specific feature of myself, but after knowing what I looked like all my life, this new appearance took me by surprise.

The girl staring back at me had crazy knotted hair, a product of not being touched by a hair brush in who knew how many days. The right side of her face was just as I remembered. Still pale, clear, and slightly translucent looking. It was the left side that triggered the disbelief. It was hard to decipher the exactly what it looked like. Most of it was covered in bandages and the rest had staples and stitches. I could tell, under all the covering, I had three vivid red scratches going down the left side of my face.

They started at my hairline, to the very extreme left side of my face. They went downward, barely touched the corner of my eyebrow, while the other side went right through my ear and had cut through the area on my scalp where my hair had been. My ear was totally covered in bandages and I could tell there were a lot of stitches. I founded myself surprised my ear hadn’t been completely torn into ribbons. They continued, tearing through my cheek, the left side of my jaw bone, right down onto my neck. They just touched my collarbone before they ended.

“You were very lucky,” Sam said, bringing my attention back to him.

Emily nodded. “You’re cuts don’t run long and they remained to the left side of you face.” I looked at her face and realized how lucky indeed I had been. Emily’s scars were more visible than mine would ever be. Her lips were even turned into a permanent frown. I could already determine that my scars would be easy enough to cover up, for the most part, by paring my hair to the right and have my hair fall over and cover it.

“You’re right,” I agreed with them, “it could have been worst.” And I truly did believe that. It didn’t matter to me what I looked like now, I wasn’t all that attached to how I looked before. Also, I’m just not the type that would get plastic surgery. Like Emily said, this is just a part of who I am now. That reminded me of something.

“Where’s Jake?” I asked, handing the mirror back to Emily. Sam’s gaze dropped and Emily looked at him with a meaningful expression. I waited. Sam finally spoke,

“You have to try to understand, Bella, what Jake’s feeling right now. To know that you did this to someone, totally unintended, you are completely overcome with guilt. I could have killed Emily and he could have killed you. Add onto he’s a new werewolf and has to deal with knowing he turns into a wolf, Jacob isn’t feeling the best.” Sam paused. “We’ve been keeping tabs on him; I don’t want to weird you out but being a werewolf, we share thoughts, so the others have been in their wolf form so they can monitor Jake’s thoughts. But for the most part, they’re keeping their distance. We don’t want to push him too far. We just want to know where he is and that he at least isn’t hurt physically.”

“Where is he now?” I asked. I hoped I would be released from the hospital soon so I could go and see him. Perhaps if I saw him, I could tell him how I didn’t care if he was some wolf thing and I wasn’t affected at all by him accidentally hurting me

“I was last told he was near the Canadian boarder.” Whoa, Canada. All my thoughts and plans of going to find him where crushed. There was no way my ancient truck would make it to Canada.

Sam must have seen the distress in my eyes because he quickly reassured me. “Don’t worry; at least he’s keeping it close to home. He could be much farther away,”

Farer away? How farer could he run? I was filled with remorse. I was, for the most part, why Jacob was feeling so guilty and had run away. Poor Billy, first his son becomes a werewolf and then he runs away from home. I would have to go and apologize to him soon.

“So when do I get to leave?” I asked, after a moment’s silence. It was very probably that I wouldn’t be able go to Canada and find Jake but perhaps word could be passed to him, to let him know that I was no longer in the hospital and was doing well. Then I would be able to visit Billy faster. I should probably cook him dinner or something. He mustn’t be able to do much trapped in his wheelchair.

“The doctors said either later today, or tomorrow morning. That is, unless you were planning on getting something else,” Sam trailed off and looked at me with judging eyes. I shook my head and he and Emily seemed pleased. “In that case, we could probably call Dr. Warren back in and ask him if you could be released.”

Thankfully, I was dispatched not much longer. Charlie had come back while we were waiting for one of the nurses to get a hold of my doctor. He looked relieved to see that I was awake, but still cautious. I could tell this had taken a toll on Charlie too. He wasn’t the one marked by the scars, but he had to see this happen to his daughter. I wish there was a way I could make him feel better, but he was the one comforting me, though I didn’t need it.

There were a lot of people I wanted to make feel better, but I just couldn’t. Charlie had called Renee, so when I got home, I had to call her and relay that I was fine. Renee was almost in hysterics, I could just picture while I was talking to her on the phone what disarray she would be in. She wanted to fly out and see me, but I steadily refused. As much as I missed my mom, it would be nice if she could see me once when I was perfectly healthy, physically and mentally. The last time she had seen me, I was practically cationic; the other I had multiple broken bones and had sever blood loss not to mention I was healing from a vampire attack.

I finally managed to convince Renee that I would be best if she just remained in her sunny Florida, that I already out of the hospital and was coping fine. And I was, I was completely fine with what had happened to me. Once I hung up on Renee, I called Billy, down in La Push, to offer my condolences. When Billy did pick up, he was offering his own condolences, trying to make me feel better. He was the one whose son had run away! I was just in the hospital for two days. That was nothing new. Billy assured me that, as much as my offers to come out and help him were appreciated, they were unnecessary. He suggested I rest and got my strength back up, just what Dr Warren had told me to do, and once again apologizing for what had happened to me.

I ended my conversation with Billy agitated. I thought I would be the one apologizing and trying to make everyone else feel better. Instead the situation was in reverse. I didn’t see how. I wasn’t the one whose son was missing. I just had a few bandages on my face which weren’t even there anymore. The comparison didn’t match up.

I was way too pent up to stay inside. After assuring Charlie that it was fine, he returned back to work. I was told to take it easy, but that was not going to work for me at the moment. Then I had an idea of what I could do. I still had the compos and map in my truck, so why don’t I go and take out a few lines while I’m waiting for Jake to come back? He will come back soon, I assured myself though I didn’t quite believe it. I could only hope his absence would not be long. I don’t know what I would do without him.

That was a very bad and dangerous thought, I reminded as I was trudging through the forest, along what I thought to be the next line on the map’s graph. Jacob had made his feelings very clear to me, but I didn’t know if I would be able to return them? Did I want to? I was damaged goods. Jacob could be so much better than me.

That was the nasty catch twenty-two. On one hand, I couldn’t be without Jacob. Walking through the forest alone was making me acutely aware of how alone I was. I missed his whistling and the care free atmosphere he imitated. He held me together when I was falling apart. On the other hand, I don’t know if I could ever be with Jacob? I wasn’t sure if my body would ever be able to finally repair that hole that constantly tore in my chest. Right now, loving someone else just seemed like a strange concept to me. I don’t know if I could do it.

I could feel that I was nearing my five or six mile mark so I would have to turn around soon, when I walked in between two trees and found exactly what I was looking for. I had walked right into the meadow. It was the same perfectly symmetrical clearing with the yellow and purple flowers. I could faintly hear the stream running.

Except, this was not exactly what I had been looking for; the meadow was no longer magical as it had been before. The meadow was still extremely beautiful and spectacular, but not like before. Maybe that was because the one thing that did make the meadow as magical and as special as I thought it to be, was no longer here. The thought ripped the wound in my chest right open. I gripped my sides in an attempt to hold myself together, and stunk down to my knees fighting the tears that were coming. I was about to fully collapse onto the ground when some movement caught my eye.

At first, my body tensed; I was far from the main trail that most people took and hadn’t expected to see anyone out here. I doubted it was some stray backpacker. It was probably some animal. My thought immediately jumped to super bear. But of course it isn’t, I told myself. Super bear wasn’t real. Instead it was a pack of werewolves, something my best friend now was.

Whatever I saw had seen me. It approached me and as it got closer, I could make out the shape of a man. I was confused. I doubted that anyone would find me here. The man continued to come towards me and I was finally able to make him out. To my immense surprise, I recognized him.

“Laurent?” I called our in confusion and stupidity. Probably the last thing I wanted to deal with was a vampire.

“Bella?” he asked back, a look of astonishment on his face.

“Yes,” I answered, grinning. Here was proof! I was in no way crazy. Vampires actually existed, as did the Cullens.

Laurent studied my faced for a small moment before asking, “What happened to your face?”

My hand reached up to the scars now permanently marring my face. I not longer had the bandages over them so he could see the trio of bright red marks. “Oh, just me being a klutz,” I waved it off, not sure if Laurent should know about the werewolves but didn’t want to reveal them just in case.

“I didn’t expect to see you here,” Laurent said as he continued to walk towards me.

“I could say the same. I thought you were in Alaska,”

Laurent stopped around ten feet away. “I was for a while. But I decided to go on my own for a while again. I was going through the area and decided to make the Cullens a visit. I found the house empty and it didn’t smell as if they had been there for a while. Why didn’t they take you? Weren’t you some sort of a pet to them?” he said jokingly.

I smiled politely. “Something like that?”

Laurent laughed a quiet, beautiful laugh. I hadn’t heard anything like that in so long. I drank in his appearance unnaturally angle-like appearance. I found it hard to believe that someone could actually be that beautiful looking. Then I noticed something wrong with his appearance. His eyes. Instead of the topaz color I used to be accustomed to, they were dark red. Seeing that, I took an involuntary step back. His red eyes followed my movement.

“Do the Cullens visit often?” Laurent asked, conversationally.

“Lie,” the velvety voice of my hallucinations told me. I didn’t doubt him for a minute.

“Every now and then,” I told him, trying to sound casual. “I suppose it seems longer to me than to then.”

“Hmm,” Laurent pondered what I had told him. “Like I said, the house smelt as if it had been vacant for a while.”

“You’ll have to lie better than that,” the voice cautioned me.

“I’ll have to tell them you came by. Though I believe it would be best if I don’t tell Edward,”’ I barely managed to choke his name out. Trying to cover for my slip up, I said the first thing that crossed my mind. “Did you ever find Victoria?”

“Funny you should mention that,” Laurent said. “I’m actually here as a favor for her.” Laurent took a step forward.

“Don’t move,” the voice ordered. I listened to it instead of following my instincts which were screaming at me to run.

Laurent frowned. “She won’t be happy about this,”

“About what?” I asked, eager to keep a conversation going.

“Me killing you,” Laurent flashed me his teeth. I staggered back a step as the voice in my head let out a growl.

“She wanted her own sort of revenge,” Laurent explained. “It’s a bit backwards if you ask me. But that’s how she saw it; your Edward kill James so she wants to kill you. Some sort of mate for mate type of deal. She’ll be rather angry with me for killing you when she wanted to do it.”

“Why not just wait for her?” I managed to squeak.

“You’ve caught me at a bad time Bella. I was originally here to get a lay of the land for Victoria but before I came across you, I was hunting. You see, I am rather thirsty and you do smell mouthwatering,” Laurent looked as thought that was meant to be a very kind compliment.

Laurent flashed me his teeth again before strolling forward towards me. My eyes were wide with fear and I was glued to the spot. Just then the wind came and ruffled my hair and blew towards Laurent. He inhaled deeply, savoring my scent, when he stopped mid step.

“I don’t believe it,” he said in a low voice I barely heard. His head snapped to the left, his eyes narrowing towards something in the forest my eyes could see.

Then, out of the forest, stepped a gigantic russet colored wolf.