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New Scars

What would happen if Bella had gone home with Jacob the night after the movies, the night Jacob made his first transformation as a werewolf? And what effect would this have when Edward comes back in the picture? LAST CHAPTER UP!

This story takes place right after Bella and Jacob drop Mike off at his house and Jacob is admitting he isn't feeling well. Page 218 in New Moon if you want to be exact

5. Chapter 5

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I believe it was safe to assume this was one of the werewolves. No other wolf could obtain that size naturally. It was huge; as big as a horse, only much more muscular. As it emerged, it snarled, revealing a mouth full of dagger like teeth. Shivers shot up my spine at the sight of this giant monster as it continued to come out of its hiding place in the forest and took its place beside me. My life was starting to sound like some science fiction book; one horror and tragedy coming after another.

Laurent immediately couched to spring in response and release a growl of his own. I was frozen on the spot, a deer in the head lights to an eighteen wheeler. I was almost certain that this was Jacob who was just an arms length beside me, angled so he was not only protecting me from the side but also from the front. While this werewolf was terrifying, it was also startling beautiful. It had a wonderful russet coloring that you could tell would be shiny and glossy if it had not been in such a tangle of twigs and leaves and a bit of mud. That’s what tipped me off that it was Jacob. He been missing and obviously hadn’t seen a shower in some time; I could also recall from my strangled memories that the thing that attacked me in the Black’s kitchen was of the same coloring.

Laurent continued his advance, despite the beast’s snarls of protest. Sam had explained earlier that werewolves were designed and equipped to destroy vampires. I found that hard to believe, standing here with that vampire who was hard as stone and practically invincible. And then there was the wolf, which, if you ignored the snarls and razor sharp teeth, looked soft and warm.

Just as I thought I was about to witness a massive fight in front of me which I was certain the fuzzy creature standing next to me would loose, he was no longer alone in fighting Laurent. Out of the forest, unnaturally silent for their size, came four more werewolves. They came in all different colors: silver, grey, brown, black.

All four of these werewolves came and joined in protecting me along side with the first wolf who I thought of to be Jacob. All of them were huge, the black one amazingly even larger than the red wolf who I thought to be the biggest thing ever. My wolf kept to my side while the black one took the lead and the others flanked him.

Seeing that he was severely outnumbered, Laurent turned on his heel and bolted. The wolves immediately followed suit and chased after him. All but the brownish red one that stood beside me. He hesitated, watching his comrades disappear, looking as if he wished to join them, but then returned his attention to me.

The wolf’s eyes caught me by surprise. They were just like Jacob’s and held much too knowledge and intelligence to be just some animal. The eyes looked and regarded me cautiously, probably in an attempt to refrain from scaring me. I was far past that point. I don’t think there was anything else I could see today now that would surprise me.

“Jacob?” I breathed, to confirm that this was who I thought it was.

In response, the animal slowly lowered itself to the ground, bringing itself level with me. I walked warily towards it. When I did reach it, which had only been a few footsteps, I extended out my arm and felt its fur. It was silky, despite its neglect, and was very warm. I continued to stoke it, feeling the texture, enjoying how it felt as I ran my fingers through it. The wolf closed its eyes and started to make a low, throaty sound that sounded somewhere along the lines of content. After a moment, I broke the silence,

“So,” I started. “You’re a wolf,” I didn’t have any experience I what I should say in a situation like this. What do you say to your best friend who turns into a mythical creature and who had ran away for the past week?

The wolf’s eyes opened and looked at me with meaning, trying to convey some message I couldn’t quite understand. He started to stand and I quickly stepped back. His eyes flashed to me, watching my movements and there was a glint in his eyes that looked sorrowful. He turned and dashing into the green canopy.

“Wait!” I called after him but it was too late. He had disappeared and I had not idea where he was. I sighed in defeat. I looked up at the sky and was surprised to see how late it had gotten. I needed to get home and cook Charlie dinner. I bent to gather the compass and map to bring back to me when something did come back out of the forest. Only this time it wasn’t any monster out of a horror movie. This time it was Jacob, my best friend.

It was such a relief to see him, to see Jacob as an actual human. It didn’t bother me that he was a werewolf but seeing his as a wolf wasn’t the same as me seeing him now. I hadn’t realized how much I missed him until I ran up to him and threw my arms around him.

“Jake!” I squealed as took in my best friend as if I hadn’t seen him in years rather than a week. He wasn’t wearing a shirt, only some cut off jeans and he was radiating heat. I breathed in his woodsy smell that had always soothed me.

Jacob’s hands hesitantly wrapped themselves around me. “Hey Bella,” he said softly into my hair. I pulled back, a huge smile covering my face, to look at Jacob. I couldn’t help but to be so happy. Jacob was my own little sunshine and it was never dark around him.

Except, when I pulled back to look at him, Jacob wasn’t looking as happy was I felt. He sort of actually flinched when he saw my face and his face was full of remorse and regret. “What’s wrong?” I asked, concerned.

“Well,” Jacob said tentatively, “Aren’t you mad at me?” he asked. Mad? I thought incredulous. I was so happy and relieve to see him again.

“Of course I’m mad,” I told him. “I can’t believe you would just run off like that. Do you have any clue how worried you had everyone? Especially me and Billy, we were worried sick. I could barely sleep not knowing where you were or if you were safe,” I felt like Renee when she lectured or yelled at me for doing something stupid like leaning too far off a cliff.

“That’s not what I was referring to,” he murmured, tracing the lines going down my face.

“Oh,” I said. Of course he would be feeling bad about that. What Sam had done the Emily had happened almost two years ago and I could still remember that look that came across his face when he admitted what he had done. I hoped Jacob wouldn’t wallow over what he had done like that.

“I’m so sorry,” Jacob said.

I started up at him in confusion “For what?” I asked.

“For this! For everything I’ve put you through! For everything that’s happened to you because of me” Jacob spread his arms out gesturing to the meadow, to my face.

“I’m alive because of you.” I told him calmly, fighting back the pain that came from remembering a conversation I had had in Phoenix with him while recovering in the hospital. “Laurent attacking was through my own doing. That had nothing to do with you although I am extremely grateful that you came and saved me.”

“And what about you face?”

“What about it?” I shrugged. It wasn’t a problem to me.

“I’ve ruined you,” he dropped his gaze in shame.

“No,” I insisted. “You gave me an awesome story to tell my friends. I mean, how many of them have this cool of scars.” I joked in an attempt to lighten the mood. I forced Jacob’s gaze back to my face and smiled at him.

He smiled at me but it wasn’t the smile I had wanted. I wanted that full out grin that radiated his happiness. “What about me being some freaky werewolf?” he asked.

I shrugged again. “So you turn into some giant, over-sized dog. Big deal,”

Jacob snorted in amusement. “You make it sound like it’s something you see everyday.”

“Who knows? Maybe I have. There are a lot of things about me you don’t know about,” I teased as I started to make my way out of the forest. I had quite a hike ahead of me and I had to be home soon.

Jacob shook his head but followed me silently. I was astonished by the grace he now moved with. He was twice as big as me but you could barely hear him walking while my feet made loud squishy noises.

Out of my peripheral vision, I could see Jacob eyeing me. “What?” I asked.

“You’re not going to go into shock or anything are you?” he asked.

I rolled my eyes. “Please, I’ve seen some pretty weird and scary things,”

“I bet you have,” he said under his breath.