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New Scars

What would happen if Bella had gone home with Jacob the night after the movies, the night Jacob made his first transformation as a werewolf? And what effect would this have when Edward comes back in the picture? LAST CHAPTER UP!

This story takes place right after Bella and Jacob drop Mike off at his house and Jacob is admitting he isn't feeling well. Page 218 in New Moon if you want to be exact

6. Chapter 6

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Tonight, there was a pack meeting at Emily and Sam’s place. I was now included in pack meetings ever since that scene in the meadow. The pack had caught up with Laurent and ‘took care of him’ as Jared so kindly put it. I explained to them what Laurent had said to me, that he and Victoria were back and Victoria wanted revenge. I had to explain why she wanted me dead; that the Cullens destroyed her mate James because he was playing so sick game where killing me was the prize.

Hanging out with the pack was always fun. They really were like family and they were kind enough to include me. The bonfires were always the best. The council elders would tell us Quileute legends, more detailed than the ones that Jacob told me on First Beach.

I found out a lot of things about werewolves that the movies and books never discussed. They were all unnaturally fast, strong, and graceful just like others that I used to know. Werewolves never aged, at least not until they gained enough control from phasing. There were weird things like how when they were in werewolf form they could hear each other’s thoughts. Also, there was this thing called imprinting. I was worried when Jacob first told me this, but then he eased my panic by telling me that it hadn’t happened to him yet. That was good. I didn’t want Jacob to have some freaky wolf claim on me when I was still undecided about my feelings.

When Jake and I stepped into the kitchen, the rest of the pack was already there. There was salad on the small table and you could smell pizza baking in the oven. We were greeted loudly by the others and they soon included us on the conversation they were having on whether James Bond could kick Jason Bourne’s butt. (I had absolutely no input towards anything they were talking about) After Emily pulled the pizzas out and we had sat down to eat and were half way done, Sam began.

“I wanted us to all be together, especially Bella, so we could discuss what’s been happening lately with Victoria,”

“But we haven’t seen her in weeks,” Embry interjected. That was true. After the werewolves killed Laurent, Victoria only hung around Forks for a few days, flitting around the edges, trying to break through, but them she disappeared. At least the killings and missing hikers in Forks had stopped but now the biggest story on the news was some giant killing spree that was going on in Seattle. Bigger than anything the police had ever seen.

“That’s what I wanted to talk about,” Sam said. He reached behind him to the countertop where a newspaper rest. He grabbed it and tossed it onto the table. It had today’s date and the headline was ‘MASSIVE MURDERER PLAGUING SEATTLE’ I tried not to look at it but I couldn’t stop the names and numbers that seemed to pop off of the paper, begging for you to look and see who’s been killed.

“How does this concern us?” Jacob voiced the confusion the rest of us were feeling.

“Simple.” answered Sam. “I was discussing this with the rest of the Council Elders and they told me about how in the South, there were these wars. A vampire would turn a large number of people, creating some sort of an army, and they used them to battle other covens that had done the same as them. Newly turned vampires are unpredictable and during their first year are at their strongest.”

“Why would they do that? I thought vampires were usually solitary,” Jared said.

Sam shrugged. “They usually are. They were fighting so they would be the only vampire in the area. That way, they could feed more often without drawing attention,” he said with disgust.

“So you think that’s what’s happening in Seattle?” I asked. “That Victoria or some other vampire is creating an army?”

Sam nodded. “We’re pretty sure it’s Victoria who is doing this.”

“Is there some new vampire coven in Seattle or even Port Angeles that we don’t know about? Otherwise there aren’t any other vampires since the Cullens left,” I flinched as Paul said their name. Sam and Jacob noticed but thankfully didn’t say anything.

“I don’t think their target is another vampire coven. I think their target is us,”

There were shouts of outrage and disbelief at what Sam said. I just sat there taking it all in. Here I was, yet again endangering the people I cared about. First it was James, then I had to drag Victoria back into this mess, and now there’s a whole army that was probably created just for me.

“We’ll monitor them for a while longer but if this continues to get worst, especially at the pace its going, we’re going to have to interfere. We don’t want them to come down to Forks.”

“No, I can’t let you do that,” I said. That got everyone’s eyes on me. I felt uncomfortable under all the attention but I kept my voice strong. “I wouldn’t be able to stand it if any of you got hurt. I would never be able to forgive myself. Besides, this is my entire fault anyways. If you’re right and they’re after me, I’ll go to Seattle and give myself up or something like that.”

“Please, Bella,” Jacob said rolling his eyes. “That’s insane. We’re not going to let anyone touch you.”

“How many are there?” I asked.

“Hard to tell,” said Sam. “I’m going to have to guess a lot considering the murder rate.”

“See,” I argued. “There’s only five of you and you have no clue how many they have. They have Victoria, who you haven’t managed to catch yet and a bunch of new vampires which you said are at their strongest.”

“Quil’s got to be close to joining us,” Embry said quietly. The room seemed to damper at the news. No one in this room wanted another to share their fate, no matter how comfortable they are with it.

“So we’ll have six” Jacob said a moment later.

“Are you insane? Six against, what, twenty? There’s no way you’d win,”

“Come on, Bells, a little faith please. We’re designed to destroy those leeches. It’ll be nothing.” Jacob reassured me.

The other nodded in agreement. “If it was anything like how we go rid of that other bloodsucker it’ll be a piece of cake,” commented Paul. “It was hardly even fun it was so easy,” he mused.

I wasn’t buying it but I thought it useless to continue arguing. My mind was already set. I sat with the other through the night, listening to their planning knowing that they would not be needed if my plan came through. I thought about how all this time I had been trying to break that promise I made to Edward. I thought the motorcycles were good. This was the ultimate way of breaking it. There was nothing less safe than handing yourself over to a bunch of blood thirsty, revenge seeking vampires. Congratulations, I thought grimly, you can’t do worst than this.