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New Scars

What would happen if Bella had gone home with Jacob the night after the movies, the night Jacob made his first transformation as a werewolf? And what effect would this have when Edward comes back in the picture? LAST CHAPTER UP!

This story takes place right after Bella and Jacob drop Mike off at his house and Jacob is admitting he isn't feeling well. Page 218 in New Moon if you want to be exact

8. Chapter 8

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No! No! No! Not now! I mentally screamed when I opened up my front door only to face Jacob pulling up in his Rabbit. I had my keys in hand and was en route to my truck when Jacob showed up. He had horrible timing. I thought he would be at the funeral. A very solemn looking Charlie had ten minute earlier to attend the service.

I chose not to go with him for two reasons. First, I didn’t know Harry that well; only met him once or twice. Most of my grief over his death was borrowed. Second, Charlie would be out of the house making it a perfect time for my getaway. I was afraid that if I had left during the night, the noise of my truck would wake him.

I was careful to keep my face blank of emotions except slight surprise from seeing Jacob. The real emotion I was hiding was annoyance. I was trying very hard not to think about what I was about to do otherwise I would send myself into another panic attack.

“Hey,” Jacob greeted me as he climbed out of his car. I nodded in his direction, feeling impatient.

“I thought you’d be at the funeral,” I said when Jacob failed to fill the silence that was created after his greeting.

Jacob’s face fell a bit. The pack was taking Harry’s death hard. Harry had been on the Council of Elders. “Yah, I was but I thought I would stop by and see how you were doing. Where you planning on going somewhere?” he asked as he took in the keys held in my hand.

“Oh, I was just going to the store to get some stuff,” I lied.

Jacob nodded. “I guess I should be going then.” He turned to get back into his car. I started walking towards mine when he called out my name.

“Yes?” I called back.


I stared at Jacob, not seated in the Rabbit, in confusion. “For what?”

Jacob shrugged as he struggled for words. “I don’t know; for being so understanding about this werewolf thing, for not thinking I’m some freak, for not hating me for what I did to you. Just, for everything.”

My heart felt heavy at his words. Here he was thanking me for all these things, probably hoping they’ll make me feel better about myself, but they only make me feel worse about what I’m going to do.

“I’m really glad I met you,” he continues. I felt choked up and couldn’t say anything in reply. Seeing that he wasn’t going to get one, Jacob waved goodbye and drove off. I numbly climbed into my truck’s cab and drove off myself, only I felt like complete crap.


I wasn’t quite sure how I was going to find Victoria. It wasn’t like I could find her in the

phonebook or go around broadcasting that I was looking for her. I wasn’t even completely sure it was Victoria who was creating all this madness in Seattle. I was thinking I had a fifty-fifty chance. It could be Victoria, which in that case she can just kill me and get over it. Then all the murders would stop. If it was some other psycho vampire, well then in that case I saved some innocent Seattle citizen from facing my fate.

To try to find them, I chose to play it safe. Or at least, it was a safe bet for this situation. I kept it simple; a dark alley. This had to be where they got most of their victims. It had poor light, was secluded, and I doubted anyone would hear me scream. I walked down the alley trying to look as small and harmless as possible. My plan worked. It took all of eight seconds for me to no longer be alone.

“Hello there,” an icy voice said into my ear. A loud, possessive growl emerged from within my head. I jumped slightly. The voice had appeared out of nowhere and I wasn’t expecting any Edward hallucinations; it had been so long since the last time I had had one. I wasn’t used to the stealthness of vampires; it had been so long since I had been around them.

The voice laughed a quiet beautiful laugh. “A bit jumpy, dear?” a frozen hand touched my face. I recoiled at the touch; it had sent a shock wave through me at the temperature.

“You’re such a pretty thing,” the voice continued. I could now tell the voice was definitely male. I heard him inhale beside me.

“Hmm,” he sighed. “You also smell positively luscious.” The hand resting on my cheek slide down to my jaw and twisted my head to face him. It too dark to see things clearly but I could faintly make him out. He wasn’t too tall; only a few inches taller than me. He was surprisingly non-descriptive or it would just be the bad lighting. What did strike me where his eyes which glowed red and screamed thirst.

The hand continued to travel downward and was now resting on my neck. I shivered under the touch. “I’m going to enjoy this,” he said softly as he bent his head forward and pulled me closer to him.

No, this was not the plan but how was I going to stop him? It would be too weird to say ‘take me to your leader’ and what if I was wrong about Victoria? This could just be some random vampire and I just ruined my chances of protecting everyone.

My mind was scrambling for a distraction when it came by itself. “Miles!” a voice barked.

Miles’ head jerked up to the entrance of the alley where the voice had come from. Our new arrival was also, by his voice, male. He was tall and had blonde hair, also with bright red eyes.

“Riley,” Miles greeted him stiffly; obviously upset his meal had been interrupted. The appearance of Riley soothed me for more than just that he had saved me from Miles eating me. I recalled Edward (I could say his name now because I wasn’t planning on seeing tomorrow anyways) telling me that vampires were mainly solitary creatures. So these two must belong to the army that was being created.

Riley strolled up to us and studied me. After a moment he turned back to Miles and for some reason looked livid. “You were planning to kill her?” he asked outraged.

Miles was as confused as I was. “Yes,”

Riley took in a breath and closed his eyes, like he was trying to contain his anger. “Do you know who this is?”

Miles glanced at me. “A girl.” He said uncertainly.

“This isn’t any girl, Miles. This is Isabella Swan.” Miles’ eyes widened at Riley’s words and he looked at me again, this time with new eyes.

“I didn’t kn. . . I mean I wasn’t going to. . .” Miles stuttered apologizes.

“Enough,” Riley cut him off. “We’re wasting time,” and with that Riley grabbed me, tucked me under his arm, and took off running.

This situation kept getting weirder. Where could they be taking me? I ignored my stomach’s protest and kept my eyes open. We went practically flying through the city, we were moving so fast. It wasn’t long before Riley slowed and we were standing outside a large apartment building, not in the best part of town. Miles appeared beside me as Riley pulled me along, climbing the stairs. The apartment wasn’t nearly bad inside as it was out, but it still wasn’t of the highest class. At least there were no rats scurrying across the floor.

“Riley, did you bring your food home with you?” I stilled at the voice. I was right. Perhaps my plan will end up working.

Victoria made her grand entrance. She was just as my nightmares showed with her wild red hair and eyes the same shade. She was briefly shocked at my presence but that was quickly covered by a grin. “Hello Bella,” she greeted me. She looked at Riley for an explanation.

“I found her while I was out,” he explained.

“Excuse me,” Miles interrupted. “But I believe I was the one who found her,”

“Yes, and you would have had her as a quick snack had I not stopped you,” Riley reminded him.

Victoria glared at Miles disgusted. “Go and join the others,” she commanded. Miles obeyed immediately only looking slightly put out.

Victoria returned her attention to me. She studied my face before giving me a look of mock sadness. “Poor Bella, what happened to you face? Did you little puppy get upset with you?”

I bristled at her ribbing Jacob. “Just kill me and get over with it, Victoria,” I said in a strange voice, my throat suddenly dry.

“Aw, but where would the fun be in that? The way you say it makes it sound like I’m going to do it quickly and not enjoy it. And I am so curious as to what bring you to Seattle.” Her voice was like a small child’s and sounded out of place saying theses things.

“I’m here so you can kill me and leave everyone else alone,” I answered.

Victoria barked a short laugh. “You just took the fun out of everything. Here I was preparing a whole army just so I could have a little fun but you come to Seattle and ruin it. How about this, I’ll consider not harming any of those little mutts you care so much about but I am going to have my entertainment with you,”

I looked at her with pure repulsion. It was sick how this was a game to her. “Let’s just get this over with,” I said, trying not to think of things that kept popping into my mind like Jacob and Charlie. It also didn’t help that Edward’s voice was still growling in the background, which had started giving me a headache.

Victoria laughed again and this time Riley joined her. “So eager for death,” she mused.

“But you wont touch her,” came a voice from behind us. Victoria’s head snapped to see who said that. If possible, her face managed to pale and her eyes bulged with fear. I turned to see the newest addition to this madness.