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New Scars

What would happen if Bella had gone home with Jacob the night after the movies, the night Jacob made his first transformation as a werewolf? And what effect would this have when Edward comes back in the picture? LAST CHAPTER UP!

This story takes place right after Bella and Jacob drop Mike off at his house and Jacob is admitting he isn't feeling well. Page 218 in New Moon if you want to be exact

9. Chapter 9

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There, crowding the entranceway to the room, stood four dark figures. Victoria turned on her heel and fled. Immediately she was followed by one of the newcomers. This person moved with such speed and grace that they were instantly marked as vampires.

“Grab the boy and the human,” the voice from before ordered, noting my slightly distressed expression, marking his authority. Riley, who was staring around the corner where Victoria and the other had disappeared, was seized by a dark figure. Another appeared beside me and placed an iron grip on my upper arm. I would have bruises later if I made it through this.

Victoria and her capturer reappeared, Victoria fighting in his arms wildly. Closer up, I could see that new vampires were covered head to toe in dark cloaks. They too, like Riley and Victoria, had red eyes.

The leader strode forward and clasped hands with Victoria. He grew very still just as I remember Alice had when she was experiencing a vision. He bent his head over their conjoined hands. The room grew tense as we waited for whatever it was they were doing to be over.

Finally, they broke apart. The vampire was frowning as he looked up back at the others. “Hmm, I was afraid that was what was happening,” he said, his voice sounded slightly regretful.

“Victoria,” he said turning and addressing her. “Do you know what our one law is?”

Law? I stared at him and Victoria in confusion. There were laws to being a vampire? How could I not have known that? After all the time I had spent with them, they never cared to mention that there were rules to being a vampire. And I had wanted to become one someday. You would think one of them would have informed me of this.

I wondered what that one rule would be. If there were rules to being a vampire, did that mean there were some kind of council that enforced those rules and would served out punishments for when you broke them?

Victoria was not confused as I was. Instead she answered reluctantly, “To keep our existence a secret,”

“And all this just for revenge?” He asked in a speculative voice. He shook his head in what I guessed as disappointment.

“Now I realize you aren’t the one who originally revealed our existence,” he continued after a glance my way. “But creating newborns is a serious matter. I’m sorry but we will have to handle this the way we always do.”

He didn’t sound very sorry. Victoria started the sputter excuses but the others had already advanced on her. They seized her again. I watched I horror was one grabbed her shoulder and soundly ripped it off. Victoria let out an ear-splitting scream. I quickly adverted my eyes was the sickly snapping and more ripping sounded. I felt nausea in my stomach.

“The other one too,” the vampire ordered. Another scream came from Riley followed by the same disgusting noises. The fear that had alleviated a bit before from the change in the situation had come back full force. They so easily killed Victoria and Riley. It would be nothing to rid of me.

The leader now turned his attention to me. He glided to me where I was standing, still restrained by the arms. He reached out and touched my hand just as he had before with Victoria and bent his head over our hands again. His hands were ice cold, just as I remembered the others having. They were also strangely papery feeling. It made me wonder how old this vampire was. I assumed he was old and power to wield as much power as he did. I also guessed that somehow touching my hand had to do with some type of extra power he had.

The time stretched on as he held onto my hand, concentrating harder than he had earlier. It certainly hadn’t taken this long when he did it to Victoria. He eventually pulled back and straightened up.

“Interesting,” was all he said. The others looked at him expectantly.

“The rest are downstairs,” he told them, ignoring their questioning faces. “Take care of them. I’ll stay here with the human. I wish to have a word with her.”

The atmosphere of the room changed and the vampires seemed excited. They all left, including the one who held me previously, leaving me with the head of the group.

He pulled back his hood to reveal shoulder length hair as black as his cloak. His skin was much more translucent than any of the Cullens. It looked very delicate, like he could easily be broken thought I knew that wasn’t the case. His eyes, thought red, had a milky film over them. I wondered if that affected his sight. I couldn’t decide whether or not he was beautiful. Sure, his features were perfect, but there was something alien about them.

He gave me a smile that I presume was supposed to be reassuring or maybe comforting. I didn’t feel either, his face looked so foreign. “Hello my name is Aro,” Aro introduced himself in a musical voice.

“Bella,” I said cautiously. Aro. The named seemed vaguely familiar.

“It’s very nice to meet you, Bella,” he said warmly, sounding like he actually meant it.

“You too,” I said uncertainly. It came out as a question.

“I’m going to have to get right to the point,” Aro said bluntly. “I need you to tell me how much you know about Victoria and the current situation.”

Shouts came from below. There was a shriek that was so loud it hurt my eyes and I had to cover them. Aro seemed oblivious to all of this.

I wasn’t sure how to answer him. He was most likely to kill me no matter what. He had just killed Victoria for not keeping their existence a secret. I didn’t want this to lead to Aro finding the Cullens and punishing them for what they did. Then it hit me. Aro. He was a friend of Carlisle’s. He and two others, they were supposed to be a very old and powerful family or something like that. I remember now. Surely Aro wouldn’t harm a close friend of his would he?

I decided to risk it. As more screams and growls sounded, I explained my story, editing a bit with things like Edward and I ever being together, saying simply that I had befriended a few of the Cullens and I happened to figure out their secret. I kept the werewolves a secret. I didn’t know if other vampires were supposed to know about them. I did tell him though about James hunting me and Victoria trying to extract her revenge. When I finished Aro continued looking at me, his expression unreadable.

“Thank you, that clears things up a bit more except, I don’t believe you’re telling me everything. What injured your face?”

“Bear attack,” I recited my alibi I gave everyone. He didn’t seem to believe me but didn’t press the issue.

“Now, please allow me to explain a few things to you. As I said before, my name is Aro. Two others, Marcus and Caius, and I are leaders of the Volturi. We are like law enforcers for our kind. We make it so it is possible for us to continue living. As you can tell it is a very serious thing when our existence has been revealed to a human. We try to avoid this at all costs.

“Have you heard of vampires having extra powers?” he asked me. When I nodded he continued saying, “I have one and what my power is, is that when I touch someone I know every single thought they have ever had.”

My breath sucked in. His power was very similar to his. That also means that he knows everything, even the things I had tried to keep hidden. He knew about Jacob and the pack. If werewolves and vampires are natural born enemies, then I wouldn’t be surprised if Aro and his ‘Volturi’ go right down to La Push and kill them and it would be my entire fault. I came here so I could protect everyone but I am only causing them more danger.

“But for some reason, my power doesn’t work on you,” Aro continued to muse, staring at me with intense curiosity. “That has never happened before. It makes me wonder, how you would be as a vampire,”

The word sent an electric shock down my back. Me, a vampire. At one point, it was all I ever wanted. To live an eternity, to be powerful, graceful, breathtakingly beautiful. To be an equal to Edward. To be someone who was worthy of him and his love. Except, he never did love me. I was just another distraction; something to pass the endless time with.

Before either of us could say anymore, the rest returned from downstairs. They all looked pleased and jubilant, joking with one another. “That’s the only good part of this job,” I heard one of them say. At least the screaming had stopped.

“They are all taken care of,” Aro inquired.

“Yes sir,” one answered. “We are ready to leave. Gianna called, you are requested in Volterra immediately.”

“Then this all works out nicely.” He said turning to me, “I wanted to turn you there anyways,”

Four pairs of eyes flashed to me them back to Aro in question but didn’t voice any. Instead I was pulled out the front door onto the dark street. I could hardly see anything even with the street lamps. One vampire remained behind in the house a moment longer than the rest. Soon I smelled gasoline and smoke.

“Demetri,” Aro called. The vampire who had spoken and restrained me earlier came up to me again.

Stone arms suddenly hit me from behind my knees sweeping me up in their arms and soon we were flying through the streets. Everything blurred past us and I wasn’t surprised when moments later we were at an airport.

The tickets must have been ordered beforehand. None of us had luggage and it didn’t take long to get through security. I didn’t get to see where our plane was going but I could guess. Aro said he wanted to take me to Volterra to turn me. That meant we were going to Italy.

A few passengers and stewardesses were staring at the vampires because of their cloaks and inhuman beauty but we were riding first class so no one said anything. I was given equal, if not more stares, all of their eyes lingering at my face where my scars showed. I couldn’t cover all of it but the way I had been styling my hair covered the majority of it. The stares were making me uncomfortable and Demetri, who had taken to sitting next to me, could sense it. He turned to smile at me and then wink. My eyes widened slightly and I turned away to face the window. Creepy.

I slept for most of the flight. I found myself exhausted after all I had gone through today. I dreamt of how my life would be if I was a vampire. I would be almost as glorious as Rosalie and I never tripped. I never blushed from embarrassment and I never again was the damsel in distress. Best of all, I could spend all my time trying to find Edward. Maybe if he saw me as a vampire he would see me in a new light. Not just some pathetic human he always needed to save but someone he could compete with.

The planes decent awoke me from my pleasant fantasies. The captain announced first in Italian, then English, that we had arrived in Italy. It was bright outside but my company was safely covered by their dark cloaks. I now understood why they wore them.

Demetri quickly swept me up again and we were zooming through the country. We reached a city, Volterra, and I was carried through the narrow streets and brought before a huge, magnificent building where Demetri set me down.

“Welcome to Volterra,” Aro said and pulled me through the front door.