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Edward and Bella are finally going to get married. Bella is finally going to be changed. They go to Alaska after the change, but what happens when Bella's power is shown. Why do the werewolf’s get involved? Like to add a thanks to my new Beta she started with the honeymoon chapter and will be editing the rest. She is also going to be doing a banner. Thanks Blackrosedemise.

This is my first fan fiction so please be nice. Helpful critisim is welcome.

1. Chapter 1 Preface

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Jacob couldn’t believe Edward’s note. He couldn’t believe he was really so close to losing Bella. He had promised Bella he was going to behave, but it was tearing him up inside. He didn’t know if he could continue to behave much longer. That filthy bloodsucker was taking her away and he truly did not want Bella to continue to be with him. She was making the biggest mistake of her life.

He had run as far as he could before turning back to join his pack. He knew he could never leave them. They were the only ones that really seemed to care about him and how he felt. When he got within the range of where the pack was they quickly surrounded him and tried their best to comfort him. He just collapsed and let them do what they wished.

They eventually led him back to his house and to his room. He then asked to be alone and they left hoping he would be ok.

He just gave up hope for awhile. He continued to remember the time when Edward had left and Bella had been his. He had put her back together and then he came back and she just forgave him. He would’ve never done that to Bella and he couldn’t see why she just forgave him.

It was weeks before he left his room for anything but the bathroom. He had to be force fed by Sam.

After A month of Sam taking care of him Jacob slowly became a little more himself. He would never be the same, but he realized that it was not yet over. That he still had a little time.

As he was thinking of how much he was hurting he heard the phone ring and Billy answer. Billy then yelled his name and told him that it was for him. Jacob had no will to answer it, but decided that it would be rude not to. It could be Bella and she could’ve changed her mind.

When Jacob got the phone and said hello he heard a voice that he never expected to hear. It was Edward asking him to be the best man at the wedding. Before Jacob knew what he was doing he had said yes. Edward said good and hung up before Jacob could get a grasp on what he had just done.

He couldn’t believe Edward would do that. He didn’t believe Bella would like Jacob to be at the wedding, but Jacob knew he would be there it was his last chance to try and get Bella to see she was making a big mistake by being with that bloodsucker. It was his last chance to try and get Bella to see that she really belonged with him and not Edward.

He became mad that he had spent a month in self pity and not trying to get Bella to realize that she was making a mistake and now he didn’t have much time. The wedding was his last hope. If Bella didn’t change her mind then it would more than likely be the last time he ever saw her. He couldn’t believe that the one woman he loved he was going to lose to a filthy bloodsucker that was going to change her into a bloodsucker too. The others that had imprinted had been able to be with their loves. Yet the one he had wanted to imprint on loved another. How could the world be so cruel? Why did he have to be the one to face this? It hadn’t happened to anyone else that had imprinted since imprinting had begun.

All he knew that he had to give it his all to try and keep Bella human longer. He had to convince her that he was what she really needed. He wasn’t ready to throw in the towel.