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Edward and Bella are finally going to get married. Bella is finally going to be changed. They go to Alaska after the change, but what happens when Bella's power is shown. Why do the werewolf’s get involved? Like to add a thanks to my new Beta she started with the honeymoon chapter and will be editing the rest. She is also going to be doing a banner. Thanks Blackrosedemise.

This is my first fan fiction so please be nice. Helpful critisim is welcome.

3. Chapter 3 Wedding Changes

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When they got home after telling Charlie, Alice ran out to the car along with the rest of the Cullen’s. Edward just gave them all death looks letting them know to stay away. He told Jasper to grab Bella’s bags and take them to their room.

Edward then picked up Bella and carried her gently to the large bed in their room. He then held her close as she cried and after what seemed like an eternity she fell asleep.

She slept a dreamless restless sleep, waking up many times throughout the night. She would cry and then fall back asleep

. When she awoke the next day she still felt exhausted, but not as bad as she had the night before.

Snuggling further into Edward’s comforting arms she apologized for the night before.

“Don’t worry about it.” Edward replied. He then turned Bella toward him so he could look into her eyes. “Bella I am going to ask you some questions and I want you to answer them with only your wants in mind and no one else. Will you do that for me?” All Bella could do was look down and nod.

Edward then began the questions. Do you really want to go through with everything and if so are you sure you want to have a big wedding?”

Bella kept her head down refusing to look him in the eye. “Yes I want to get married to you and do everything that we planned for after. No I really don’t want a big wedding, but I don’t want to hurt Alice’s feelings.”

Edward brought her chin up so that she was facing him. “I am glad you still want to marry me, but I think that we should have a small wedding. This is your wedding day after all. Alice will be fine. Why don’t we take whoever you want, my family, and my best man and go and find a small chapel?

Bella’s face lit up. She was really excited to not have to have a big wedding. After last night she didn’t think she could handle it. “Ok. Can we leave tomorrow? I don’t want to have to wait any longer.” Edward nodded.

Bella was so happy she wouldn’t have to wait any longer to be able to be married to her Edward.

After a few kisses Bella called Renee and Charlie and told them what had been decided. Renee was happy and said she would be there. Phil had a game and couldn’t make it, but she said she would be on the first flight she could get. Charlie on the other hand was less excited but said he would support her as long as he still got to walk her down the isle.

After hanging up she asked that Edward please meet her one request. The request being’ “after the wedding will you change me?” His face showed hurt but he agreed saying “whenever you wish.” She smiled at his answer. “On the honeymoon I want to be changed then. I want to go to Alaska and do it there.” His face went to complete shock before he reluctantly nodded.

All that was now left was to tell the Cullen’s, though Alice probably already knew. Although everyone was hurt no one disagreed after the events last night.

With all the plans settled Bella decided to go back to sleep. Although it was still early she was exhausted from the night before. Edward agreed that she needed sleep and just left her in his room while he hunted.