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Edward and Bella are finally going to get married. Bella is finally going to be changed. They go to Alaska after the change, but what happens when Bella's power is shown. Why do the werewolf’s get involved? Like to add a thanks to my new Beta she started with the honeymoon chapter and will be editing the rest. She is also going to be doing a banner. Thanks Blackrosedemise.

This is my first fan fiction so please be nice. Helpful critisim is welcome.

6. Chapter 6 Wedding Reception

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Edward and Bella were the first to arrive at the reception so they took the time to change into some more comfortable clothing. Shortly after they got done everyone started arriving.

Even the Quilet Gang had come including Leah, Seth, Emily and Kim as well as the boys. They were all there and there was no fighting going on. The boys were in there tuxes and the girls were in matching blue dresses that fit them perfectly.

Bella couldn’t help but smile. She ran over to the gang and gave each a hug in turn thanking each for coming.

Sam then stepped forward and said, “I know that some time in the near future you will be turned into a vampire. I would like it you Jacob, Carlisle, Edward, and I could have a talk for a few minutes in private about the matter of you being changed.”

Shortly after Sam had finished Edward showed up with Carlisle in tow. He had clearly been reading Sam’s mind and had taken it upon himself to find Carlisle.

The small group then proceeded to Edward’s room to talk it was the only place in the house that guests for the reception hadn’t gotten to. Edward had made sure not to allow anyone in his room, because he was afraid that his CD collection might get hurt or stolen.

Sam spoke first turning to Bella as he spoke. “According to the treaty if you are turned then we would attack. Even biting you would break the treaty that is in place. I however do not want that to be the case though. I know that I am usually the one that is least likely to accept working with the blood…..I mean vampire, but I know that if Jacob lost you Bella it would kill him. Whether he will admit this now or not.” He then turned to Carlisle. “I want to make an agreement. Jacob and none of the pack have heard any of my plan. This will be decided first before I involve anymore than is necessary. I’ve seen that vampires and the pack can work together and that is why I offer this.” He paused for a second to let everyone think.

He knew that Edward already knew what his plan was, but he wanted to give the others time. He turned to look at Edward to see him nodding as if he liked the plan.

He then continued talking to everyone now. “Bella can be changed by her own will and we won’t attack. The conditions are: 1. She will not be allowed to be close to humans until under complete control, 2. When under control she come back at least for a time and visit with Jacob and the rest of the pack, and 3. The vampires and the pack try to work out some of the differences so that if the town of Forks is ever in danger we can work together to fix the problem.”

Carlisle looked extremely happy and responded, “I think that you are one wise person and I agree with the terms if Bella, Jacob, and Edward do.” Bella shook her head yes as did Edward.

Jacob started crying before he nodded yes as well. He was so happy. “I am so glad that I can still be friends with you Bella.” He said between sobs. Bella hugged him also happy that she would not have to forget about her long time friend.

Everything was settled over the new agreement and Sam and Carlisle now just had to tell their families what had happened.

The reception went on and Bella and Edward were congratulated by everyone. Everyone ate dinner except for the vampires. The pack helping themselves to extra helpings of everything that they could.

When the weeding was over and Bella had told her parents that Edward and her would be leaving in the morning for Alaska for the honeymoon and then would start school there after that. Renee wished her well and Charlie just silently nodded. Everyone left for home the pack being the last to leave making sure all the terms had been worked out all the way.

After everyone left Bella and Edward went to pack. Bella hoped that this would be her last night as a human. Tomorrow was to be the big day of her transformation.