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Edward and Bella are finally going to get married. Bella is finally going to be changed. They go to Alaska after the change, but what happens when Bella's power is shown. Why do the werewolf’s get involved? Like to add a thanks to my new Beta she started with the honeymoon chapter and will be editing the rest. She is also going to be doing a banner. Thanks Blackrosedemise.

This is my first fan fiction so please be nice. Helpful critisim is welcome.

7. Chapter 7 Honeymoon

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The plane ride was long and Bella spent most of it asleep in Edwards’s arms. He let her sleep since her days of being human were numbered much to his dislike. He would greatly miss her blush and the smell of her blood. Yet he wouldn’t have to worry about breaking her or losing control anymore.

Once they arrived in Alaska, Edward led Bella to a hotel that was located away from everything and was one of the very few homes for new vampires to live so they could be taught how to control the blood thirst and learn not to attack humans.

Edward had chosen it because of this, since he knew that Bella wished to be changed tonight. She had kept her promise of marrying him first and now it was his turn to keep up his end of the deal. Even though he thought he had a lot more to go through to meet his conditions. She just had to get married, and he had to take away her life. It didn’t seem fair.

Once they checked in they went up to their room and to Bella’s surprise there was a huge circle shaped bed in the middle of the room that had a red bed spread and numerous black colored pillows. Edward saw the surprise in her eyes and responded saying “I requested it.”

She was shocked at seeing all of this but decided to continue looking at it all to see what all there was. The room had red walls with dark colored curtains that when they were shut not a lot of sun could come in making the room more private. There was also a huge couch and in front of it was a fireplace that was already lit. In the bathroom was a hot tub for two surrounded by many different bath salts and bubble baths. This clearly looked like the honeymoon suite of some fancy hotel rather than a place for new vampires and ones that would be changed.

After she was done Edward grabbed her hand and led her over to the bed and they both lay down. Bella curled up in Edward’s arms and let her mind drift between many things. Was she ready for everything? Was Edward going to follow through with his promises?

He responded as if he was able to read her thoughts, “We will only do what you wish for us to do.” As if testing what he was saying she looked him in the eyes and then kissed him. The kiss lasted longer than usual, but he eventually pulled back leaving her breathless.

When Bella looked into his eyes they were completely black. She could tell that he was having lots of trouble keeping his control. She was scared, but she knew what she wanted. “I want to do everything with you. I am scared, but I want to go through with everything tonight” with this said she kissed him again.

Cautiously Bella began to undo the buttons on his shirt and he didn’t stop her. She was extremely happy at this. They slowly continued to kiss and undress. When they were naked he looked into her eyes and could tell that, though she was scared, she really wanted this. He knew he couldn’t control his hunger much longer, but he wanted to do this as much as he knew she wanted to. So he slowly got so that he was hovering over her. (Well you can guess what happened. This is the edited version that says no details sorry. If you want the original version with the details you have to review and then email me)

After everything she was left out of breath, but had clearly enjoyed it. It was great, but when she looked over at Edward she realized how hard it must’ve been for him. When she looked into his eyes they seemed blacker than before if that was even possible.

He seemed to be fighting himself and was struggling with it a great bit. She tried to wrap her arms around him and comfort him, but he got out of bed. “I am a monster Bella. I don’t know how much longer I can control myself. How could you want to be with me? Maybe I should just step out for a while. I don’t want to hurt you.”

The hurt was apparent in her eyes. The hurt of what she had caused. She had caused him to have to fight himself to keep a hold of his thirst.

“I want you to change me. Then you will no longer have to fight yourself.”She said starring into his black eyes. She was scared, but her love for him outranked her fear.

He sighed knowing that he had promised her that he would do this. It was time to damn his angel to the immortal life. He slowly walked back to the bed going more slowly than any human could move. Once he reached the bed he lay down with her. Kissing her slowly and taking in her strong scent.

She turned her head to the side begging him to bite her. She seemed so eager to begin the rest of time with Edward. He kissed her neck and then slowly sank his teeth into her soft flesh enjoying the taste more than he could have imagined. It was so sweet.

He fought for control the whole time knowing that if he lost it she would die and he would be the cause of it. After what seemed like a short time he forced himself to pull back.

Her breath was ragged and shallow. Her eyes slowly closing as she tried to burn his image into her mind. Soon all she would know was pain, so she wanted to know his face through all of it.