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Perfect in the Opposition

As tensions run high in the Cullen home, Rosalie looks to Jasper for comfort in an unkind world.


1. Chapter 1- Balancing Acts

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Jasper’s PoV

It was a delicate balance, a group of blood-thirsty “vegetarians” living in one home together.

Rosalie and Edward were always on edge with the whole Bella situation. Not that her secret lust for him screaming at me whenever they were in the same room together alleviated the stress. Their perfectly composed faces lie, but never my mood ring.

And of course, I can’t say anything, because again, we have an uneasy peace here.

Not that I would ever betray Emmett or Bella: Emmett could break my neck in two seconds flat, and Bella being upset would disturb the peace just as much.

Everyone around here loves Bella. Nobody cares that any second we could slip up, any second I could slip up, and then we would all be ruined.

This is another reason for the unease in our home, or not un-ease as much as threads of the old peace that we use to attempt to hold us all together.

Any moment one of us could get too thirsty, and then Bella could be gone, a mere skin in her place. Edward would be devastated. And I see it now, in my head as I’m reviewing all this information on the way to the park (to hunt of course).

I see his terrified face, the silent tears that wouldn’t ever fall. Nobody would feel the magnitude of her loss, except for him and I. He would be broken, devastated beyond repair. How could this happen??? He would ask himself over and over.

And I would have to feel his anguish, the intensity of his fear at being alone once more, drowning me along with my own grief at my mistake. He would try to hide it, but again…

My “mood ring” never lies.

We all would know how that death happened, even if we tried to bury the pain of the recognition.

Because it’s a delicate balance in the Cullen home.

The park is getting closer now, and once more, I will be a monster. People who know what we are believe we are monsters, not us specifically but vampires in general. And we are, just not the way they think.

In 5 minutes I will let my body take over, I will give in to the instincts of my kind. Once again I will hurt. I will hurt innocent beings, feel their pain as I kill them. But I have no choice.

I only take the lives of animals, which is more than a terrorist or a murderer could say. They aren’t perceived as monsters, but they are really the ones who should be called by the name. We are built as beasts but we choose to overcome the natural instincts we are cursed with, choose to do the right thing, so that we remain terrible only in the physical sense

Alice is noticing the thoughtful expression on my face, the odd smirk curling my lips.

“Jasper?? Are you ok?” concern washes over me: her feelings. She worries too much. I send a wave of calm over to her which is returned with a glare.

“Don’t do that,” she snaps, trying to look angry but failing miserably. I take her face in my hands and kiss her, relishing the taste of her marble lips.

She loves me. And I fell like the luckiest out of the whole house, as I feel our balance strengthened with her cold body against mine.