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Edward and Bella... plus the mosquitoes

Edward and Bella are hiking in the woods, but there they encounter something else that wants Bella's blood. One-shot.

My first fanfic! Let me know how I did. (And later, maybe read my other stories? =3)

1. Chapter 1

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I hiked with Edward through the forest in the middle of Montana. His family was out getting supplies for me (darn those human insecurities), leaving us to be alone together and spend some "quality time".

I was actually having fun, since there was a trail (though still seldom used by tourists) and I had Edward with me to make sure I didn't hurt myself. We took a break and sat on a log. I stretched and yawned, but then I felt a sting on my head.

"Ouch!" I slapped a mosquito on my forehead.

"Bella?" Edward was concerned.

"Mosquitoes," I muttered. He sighed and wrapped his arms around me. I laid my head on his shoulder and lay there in peace for a while...

Another few mosquitoes landed on my legs. I felt a couple of bites, then they started itching. A few mosquitoes attempted to bite Edward, but left quickly. Disappointment from lack of blood or impenetrable skin was most likely the problem.

"Ugh," I groaned, scratching myself.

Edward smirked. "They seem to be unable to restrain themselves from your blood. It's a good thing I've got so much self-control." I rolled my eyes, blushing. Two more mosquitoes landed on my arm and I hit them. I winced.

"Edward," I complained. "I'm eventually going to hurt myself and have a ton of bruises from slapping myself!"

Edward pulled out some bug spray and covered me head to toe in it. I felt relief... for about 5 minutes.

"OUCH!!!" I yelped again. Edward frowned.

"Apparently this isn't working out. Let's go back to the cabin, it's getting dark anyway." He flicked a mosquito off my shoulder, scooped me up in his arms and ran. In a matter of minutes we were back to our hotel room. Gently placing me on the mattress, he tucked me into bed and lay next to me.

"Does it still hurt?"

"Of course. When was the last time you had a mosquito bite?" He just smiled and ignored my question.

"Good night, Bella."

"Good night." A few minutes passed.


He leaned forward to whisper in my ear. "You should be sleeping."

"I'm getting to that. You know how if a vampire bit me... I'd be one of them?" Edward scowled; he disliked this topic.

"Your point?"

"Why doesn't that happen with... mosquitoes?" Edward was puzzled. "Like, what happens if a mosquito bites a human? Why don't we turn into mosquitoes?" I continued.

"I guess I can't complain if you'd rather turn into a mosquito than be eternally damned for the rest of your life."

"Very funny." I narrowed my eyebrows. "Can't you show a bit of sympathy? I'm itching... and I'm curious. It might be a good thing to learn."

Edward laughed and raised his eyebrows in amusement. "I'm sorry. But the answer is perfectly reasonable." He kissed my forehead. I sighed; his cool marble lips feel good against the stinging.


"At least you know you won't die of malaria."

"See? Mosquito bite equals a disease- malaria. Vampire bite equals... turning into a vampire. But I know that you'd save me, wouldn't you?"

"Of course. I love you enough to change you, just to save you from malaria," he smirked. "Now... good night, Bella," he closed the subject and kissed me goodnight.

I felt reassured. No mosquito would get me. (HA!)