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Lycanthrope Bite

Someone grabs Bella but who is it? What will be the consequences? CHAPTER 4 IS OUT!!!!!!!!
Lycanthrope Bite


2. Chapter 1

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Chapter 1: Awakening

“What are we going to do with him?” I heard Jake ask. My eyes wouldn’t open. I tried to speak but no words came.

“She’s coming around.” Sam said and I heard the rustling of chairs as people got up.

“Bella? Are you ok?” I heard Charlie beside me, worried. I tried to answer him but all I heard were mumbles.

“Give her a minute Charlie. She’ll be awake soon enough.” Alice’s voice was soothing. Wait. Alice was here? I forced my eyes to open.

“Alice!” I shouted sitting up way to quickly. Everyone around me pushed me back down onto my bed. I was in a hospital. Great. How’d I get here? I thought to myself looking around. The whole pack was here as well as Charlie. Where was Alice though?

“Bella I’m right here.” Alice answered my question before I could ask it. She came to the side of my bed. “I’ll explain later.”

“Ok.” I said looking back at Charlie. “What happened to me? Usually I at least remember how I get hurt.”

“You were attacked by a bear, they’ve started getting closer to town.” He paused. “Which reminds me, I need to get going I’m leading the search party today. We weren’t sure how long you would be out.” Charlie frowned, getting up and walking towards the door. “I’ll stop by later ok Bells?” He said before leaving the room. Once Charlie left everyone seemed relax a little and then went straight to business.

“Bella do you remember anything that happened?” Sam asked seriously. I paused and thought for a moment before answering.

“I remember finding out that you are all werewolves and I remember telling you that Victoria was after me. After that everything is a little fuzzy but I still vaguely remember being attacked by someone and screaming for help.” I answered him as truthfully as I could. He frowned at my answer, obviously hoping I hadn’t remembered half of that.
“Sam, just tell her everything. She deserves to know what happened. She might turn out like Emily and she should know how and why.” Jake spoke up. Sam thought for a minute before nodding and beginning to spill the truth.

“Bella we’re werewolves. We can change into wolves in the blink of an eye. When you realized what Jake was, you came down here and talked to him about it. Shortly after that he brought you to meet us.” Sam paused. “As you remember, Paul lost his temper and lunged for you but Jake caught him and they began fighting. Then Embry and Jared took you to Emily where you guys ate a little before we got back. Then you started to tell us about Victoria. Jared lost it. He jumped at you and took off running in wolf form. We followed after but he threatened to kill you if we followed anymore. Jared ignored my orders completely, somehow, but Jake still ran after him.” Sam stopped, his end of the story over. Now it was Jakes turn.

“I ran faster than I ever have but I didn’t get to you in time.” Jake bowed his head. “When I finally got to you, he was holding you, and covered in your blood. You hung limp in his arms completely still.” Jake stopped again. This was obviously hard for him to admit. He continued. “I ended up tackling him to the ground before grabbing you and running here, the nearest hospital. As soon as I got here I saw the rest of the pack. Within two hours she,” he pointed to Alice. “Showed up.”

“Edwards going to have a heart attack when he finds out about this.” Alice shook her head. And then she picked up her phone and answered it before it rang. “Hello?” she said quickly into the phone.