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Post Eclipse WITH spoilers. Jacob x OC Chapter 1 - My Bella
Chapter 2 - Home
Chapter 3 - Epiphany
Chapter 4 - Confrontation
Chapter 5 - Truce
Chapter 6 - Sarah
Chapter 7 - Cancer
Chapter 8 - Delivery
Chapter 9 - Morte
Chapter 10 - Sino
Chapter 11 - Revealed
Chapter 12 - Agony
Chapter 13 - Killer {Just added 8/27!}

DISCLAIMER: The only characters I own are the random patients of Dr. Carlisle Cullen and Sarah. All of the other characters belong to Stephenie Meyer. The plot is also mine, but I must credit Ms. Meyer again, because if she had not created these lovely characters in the first place, I wouldn't be able to toy with them as I do now.

10. Chapter 10

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Chapter 10- Sino

I checked the clock, like I had been every day for the past week. After some investigating - Embry and Quil called it stalking, but I disagree - I managed to find Sarah's address. Which had caused another major internal debate - should I go see her?

I shook my head, and walked over to the counter, picking up the sticky note with all of her contact information on it, debating yet again. I had nearly lost her phone number when I took a shower and almost scrubbed it off my hand. It was then that I decided to write it down. I knew I couldn't trust myself not to lose it later if I didn't.

Sam had told me I should tell her as soon as possible. If she was dying - I choked on the word; there was no way in hell she was dying on my watch - then time was running out. It was now or never.

Or that's what he thought, anyway.

Nervously, I tapped my finger on the counter, and then reached for the phone. The dial tone blared in my ear, and I took a deep breath. This was going to be hard.

As I punched in the number and the phone rang, I hoped she didn't think badly of me. She had willingly given me her phone number, but did that mean she actually wanted me to call?

I didn't have time to think about it, because someone picked up the phone as soon as the doubts had crossed my mind.


The voice was shrill, a higher tone quality than Sarah. It definitely wasn't her.

I felt my shoulders slump slightly. "Hello, this is Jacob Black. Is Sarah there?"

"Hang on," the voice answered, and I heard a small amount of whispering in the background before the phone changed hands.

"Hey, Jake!" Her greeting was warm and friendly; I smiled. Obviously, she wasn't that upset about me calling.

"Hey, Sarah," I said. "How are you?"

She swallowed, and I regretted asking. "I guess I'm okay. You know, as okay as I can be, with everything going on. How about you?"

"I'm okay. I was just wondering..." I trailed off, not sure what I was wondering. Did I want to go to her house? Did I want her to come here? Would it be better if I just told her on the phone?

"Yeah?" She interrupted my thoughts, and I decided it would be best if I went there.

"Would it be okay if I came over for a little while? To talk?"

"Sure," she responded. "Do you need my address?"

I almost said 'no', but thought better of it when I realized that it was kind of odd that I had her address already when she didn't give it to me. "Uh, yeah."

She laughed lightly and I pretended to take the time to get a pen and paper.

"Ready?" She asked.

I nodded, and then remembered she couldn't see me. I was laughing when I answered. "Yep."

I quickly jotted down her address, told her I'd be over later tonight, and said goodbye. Something told me she was hoping it would be sooner - or was that just my own hope getting to me? - but I needed some time to think. What was I even going to tell her?

Sarah, I'm a werewolf. For some reason, I didn't think she would take that very well.

I'm in love with you. I rolled my eyes at myself. Anything I tried to tell her today would sound entirely ridiculous. Hell, even I wasn't completely sure what was going on; what I was feeling.

But I knew one thing - it bothered me that she was going to die. It even bothered me more than when I knew Bella was going to become a bloodsucker.

I sighed, writing a note for Billy for when Charlie brought him home, and then ran out the door. I needed some time to think.

As soon as I hit the edge of the forrest, I morphed and ran, blocking out the thoughts of others in my head.

I had gotten a good mile or two before someone started screaming at me, and I stopped dead in my tracks.

What? I snapped.

I. Need. To. Speak. With. You. It was Leah, and she was talking like I was some stupid little kid.

About what?

Your precious little leech. Don't move, I'll be there in a little bit.

I snarled and morphed back, slipping on my sweatpants that had become a permanent decoration on my leg. A part of my mind debated leaving now, before Leah could get here. But the reasonable part of me told me to wait. She never talked to me unless it really was important, so she most likely wasn't trying to just annoy me.

Rolling my eyes, I sat down a tree stump and waited. A few minutes later, I heard rustling behind me before Leah stepped out from behind a tree.

"Leah," I greeted.

She nodded at me, and then stepped forward a little bit.

"They're back," she said after a minute.

"Who is?" I asked, though I was almost certain I knew.

She glared at me. "Your precious little bloodsucker and her husband, that's who."

"Oh," I said.

She stared at me for a minute, and then she snarled softly. "That's all you're going to say? 'Oh'?"

"What am I supposed to say?" I practically yelled. "Great for her? I'm so happy the girl who chose a leech over me and broke my heart is back in town?"

"You could at least seem a little concerned!" She yelled back. "They're back on our territory, and Bella is a newborn now! She's threatening the lives of people in La Push and Forks, including your precious little Sarah!"

I shook my head, refusing to believe Bella was a bloodthirsty monster. "Edward would never let her hurt a human."

"You put too much trust in them, Jacob," she snapped. "They're leeches. Bloodsuckers. Monsters. They have no emotions."

"That's not true," I muttered, but my will was crumbling. She was hitting a nerve with everything she was saying.

"It is and you know it. Stop defending her and face the facts. She is your enemy now, whether you like it or not."

I lunged at her and transformed mid-air, my pants falling to the ground in pieces. She was quick to follow, and soon we were wrestling around on the ground.

Jake. Leah. Sam's stern voice scolded us in our heads, but we continued to tackle eachother.

Your precious little Bella is a leech. A dirty, disgusting, monster. Leah continued to taunt me, and I snarled.

Eventually, I lost it, growling fiercely and lunging at her neck.

STOP! Sam screamed in our heads. I flinched, stopping with my teeth inches from her throat. It was an order, not just a suggestion.

Both of you need to calm down. Do you want to draw attention to yourselves? Leah, I need you to help run guard with me. And Jacob, I think it's late enough for you to go see Sarah.

I glared at Leah and ran from the small clearing we had been wrestling in.

Even though I shouldn't have taken anything Leah said seriously, because she was a bitch and she just tried to make everyone hurt, she had definitely been right. Everything she said had been true. While Bella would never be a monster to me, we were enemies now. There was no way our seperate species could interact with eachother in a friendly way. It was impossible - our instincts were too strong.

If you call me a bitch again, Jacob Black.. Leah snarled at me.

I growled, morphing back just as I walked into my house.

I grabbed a clean outfit to wear and cleaned myself up a little bit, taking a shower to calm myself. It wouldn't be good for Sarah if I went over there still as angry as I was. She could end up hurt, like Emily. Or worse.

I shuddered, and grabbed my cell phone, sticking it in my pants pocket before running out the door.

It was time, whether I was ready or not.

Time to decide my fate.