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Post Eclipse WITH spoilers. Jacob x OC Chapter 1 - My Bella
Chapter 2 - Home
Chapter 3 - Epiphany
Chapter 4 - Confrontation
Chapter 5 - Truce
Chapter 6 - Sarah
Chapter 7 - Cancer
Chapter 8 - Delivery
Chapter 9 - Morte
Chapter 10 - Sino
Chapter 11 - Revealed
Chapter 12 - Agony
Chapter 13 - Killer {Just added 8/27!}

DISCLAIMER: The only characters I own are the random patients of Dr. Carlisle Cullen and Sarah. All of the other characters belong to Stephenie Meyer. The plot is also mine, but I must credit Ms. Meyer again, because if she had not created these lovely characters in the first place, I wouldn't be able to toy with them as I do now.

12. Chapter 12

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My legs were burning when I spotted Sarah, standing with her back towards me. She was shaking slightly and I felt a low growl escape me before I could stop it. Quickly, I morphed back into my human form and came to stand behind her.

"Sarah?" I asked, staring at her. "Are you okay?"

She shook her head no and then turned towards me. Her pupils were dialated and her face was pale.
Her gaze left my face and then slowly focused on something else. I followed her eyes and then my own widened.

"Bella," I whispered, stepping forward slightly.

Edward looked at me and grabbed Bella's hand tightly. "Hello, Jacob."

I nodded at him before looking back at Bella. Her jaw was clenched tightly and her eyes were darting wildly around. I noticed the hunger in them and shivered, instinctively taking a defensive stance in front of Sarah.

"I think you should leave." The words were painful for me to say, I would much rather have had the time to talk to Bella, but now was obviously not the right moment. As much as I missed her, I was obligated to keep Sarah safe.

Edward nodded. "Bella will contact you later."

I shook my head, and turned back to look at Sarah.

That was when it happened.

Edward had loosened his grip on Bella's hand, intending to grab her other when they turned around so they could run together. The wind shifted, and caused Sarah's scent to blow in their direction. And Bella broke free of Edward's gentle grip, running directly at us.

My eyes widened and, for the first time without meaning to, I became a wolf.

A deep growl emitted from my throat as Bella pounced at me. Edward tried to grab her but she snarled and bit at him.

Whatever hopes I had at still being friends with Bella were shattered. She was not the same person I knew anymore.

Distracted by my thoughts, I didn't see the small opening to my left. Bella slipped through and, before I could stop her, jumped on Sarah.

I snarled and turned to pull her away, but it was too late.

Blood was trickling down Sarah's shoulder, and Bella's teeth were sunk deep into her flesh. My own teeth were bared, now, and I wasted no time in latching myself onto Bella's exposed arm. A surge of grief washed through me before I was again consumed with fury. She released Sarah briefly to snap at me, but it was enough. I released my grip on her arm and lunged at her, sending us both back into the trees. My teeth were inches from her neck when my anger ebbed just enough to realize that it was Bella I was about to kill.

Damn it! Get her out of here, Edward! And don't you ever bring her back here again!

I saw a flash of white as Bella was pulled from beneath me. She struggled against Edward's arms and was about to get loose again when he bent down and kissed her. Hard. She struggled for a few more seconds before going completely still. Then, slowly, she kissed him back feverishly. Without breaking the kiss, he picked her up bridle style into his arms and ran away from the small clearing where Sarah and I were.

Sarah, I thought, fear seeping into every inch of my body.

I changed back quickly, not even noticing that I no longer had any pants to change into.

"Oh my god," I gasped, seeing the wound in her arm.

Her head was flailing madly around and she moaned, her teeth clamping together. I could smell the venom flooding through her system and I couldn't help the small sob that escaped me.

"P-Please Jacob," she stammered through clenched teeth. "Stop the f-fire. I don't w-want to l-live through this."

"Don't say that!" I hissed, grabbing her hand and kissing it. A painful moan escaped her mouth and she yanked back her hand.

"Don't touch me!"

I flinched, and then the tears were clouding my eyes again. "Oh Sarah, I'm sorry, so, so sorry..."

"Kill me, Jacob."

The words were clear, but I struggled to comprehend them. Kill her? My soul mate?

"I can't, Sarah!" I yelled, begging her to understand. "I can't kill you."

"I'm going to d-die anyway," she said before shuddering and clamping her teeth together.

I couldn't stand watching her suffer, but I knew I couldn't stand to kill her either.

My throat constricted. "Please, don't make me do this, Sarah."

"If you love me," she gasped. "You'll kill me."

The intensity of her plea took my breath away. I knew that it was what had to be done. But, damnit, how could I kill her?

Slowly, I bent my lips down to hers. A tear slid down my nose and onto her cheek, and I wiped it gently away.

She cringed away from my touch again and I shuddered again, sobbing.

"I'm sorry," I whispered again, determination setting my eyes. "I love you. And I'll see you again soon, I promise."

She cried out in pain and I grimaced, placing my hands gently on either side of her neck.

"Please, J-Jacob."

Quickly, I twisted my hands and felt the bone crunch under my fingers before she went limp.

I shuddered again and, for the second time that day, I transformed without meaning to.

Angsty howls echoed through the night air as I sobbed, lying down next to her body and placing my head on her still heart. My eyes drifted closed slowly and my heart throbbed, almost breaking through my ribcage.

I killed her. Never again would I hear her laughter; see her smile. Never again would I feel her warm body curled up in my arms. We would never get the chance to be happy, like Sam and Emily. Forever I would be alone. And it was all my fault.

Not entirely, I reminded myself.

Never had I ever felt hatred for Isabella Cullen as I did right then. The love that I had once felt for her disappeared as soon as I saw the blood-thirsty monster she had become. As soon as she took the life of my Sarah, she had become the enemy. The very thing that she had sworn she would never become.

And she had broken the treaty.

My mind whirred and I found it impossible to sleep that night, curled up against my one true love's body. My howls eventually quieted to distorted moans, and I vowed revenge.

The last thing I thought before falling into a nightmare filled slumber was, I love you Sarah. And I'll be with you soon, I promise.