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Post Eclipse WITH spoilers. Jacob x OC Chapter 1 - My Bella
Chapter 2 - Home
Chapter 3 - Epiphany
Chapter 4 - Confrontation
Chapter 5 - Truce
Chapter 6 - Sarah
Chapter 7 - Cancer
Chapter 8 - Delivery
Chapter 9 - Morte
Chapter 10 - Sino
Chapter 11 - Revealed
Chapter 12 - Agony
Chapter 13 - Killer {Just added 8/27!}

DISCLAIMER: The only characters I own are the random patients of Dr. Carlisle Cullen and Sarah. All of the other characters belong to Stephenie Meyer. The plot is also mine, but I must credit Ms. Meyer again, because if she had not created these lovely characters in the first place, I wouldn't be able to toy with them as I do now.

14. Epilogue

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My hands were shaking as I walked slowly up to the coffin, dry sobs ripping through me.


The sun in my eternal night had died, and now I was left with only the moon and the stars. My moon was enough to keep me alive, and in time I would heal, but knowing that the sun had died at my own hands... it was excrutiating.

"Bella, love. You don't have to do this. Billy will understand."

Always consoling me. But I didn't deserve it. "No, Edward. I need to do this. For me."

He nodded and pressed his lips together in a hard line. Taking a deep breath, I pushed myself the last few steps until I was looking inside the coffin.

A viewing was the last thing Jacob would have wanted. I could remember, back to the Edwardless days, the days that I could only refer to as my death (his return, my re-birthing), how we used to sit in talk in his garage. Even after the motorcycles were finished, we'd talk forever about anything and everything. At one point, he had even mentioned what he wanted to happen.

"I don't know if I'd want all those people looking at me. Especially when I'm dead. I'd look pretty bad, you know?"

I'd nodded despite myself. "I don't like attention as is. But I can't imagine having someone burn me."

"Yeah, me either. That's why I think that, when I die, I want to be buried here. In La Push. Maybe up on First Beach, or even in the backyard. I don't know, somewhere I can always come back and check on the people I love."

I smiled. "You definitely aren't the stereotypical werewolf."

"You aren't exactly normal either, Bella. I'm not the one who trips over air..."

The conversation had continued onto less gloomy topics, but that part was what really stuck out.

And that's when it hit her.

I had come early, before the guests, because everyone in the town had suspected me already dead. My father would undoubtedly be at the funeral, and how would he take it to see his daughter alive and well when he had been at HER funeral only a few months before?

There was still enough time to take Jacob out and close the casket, making sure no one opened it. The viewing would remain closed, and for the majority of the people, he would be forever buried in the La Push cemetary.

I would make sure that the pack and Billy knew differently.

Edward gave me pecular look as I reached into the coffin, and even attempted to stop me as I grabbed him and lifted him onto my shoulders.

"Bella, what are you --"

"Please, Edward," I begged, still trying not to cry. "Don't stop me. I need to do this. For him."

He contemplated for a moment before stepping away, saying, "I'll wait for you here if you want to go alone."

I nodded and kissed him lightly on the cheek before running towards the direction of La Push, pulling out my cell phone along the way.

"Billy? Yes, it's Bella. I know you might not want to talk to me right now, but could you meet me down at First Beach? Near the driftwood log that me and Jacob always sat on? And could you tell the pack? It's important..."


A young mother and her son were walking along a small beach in La Push when the son started complaining about being tired. To avoid an argument, she lifted him carefully onto her shoulders and walked a few feet over to a large piece of driftwood on the edge of the beach.

After a few minutes of sitting and just blankly staring at the waves, the little boy asked, "Mommy? What's that?"

His mom followed his small, pointing figure wearily and noticed something scratched into the wood.

Here lies the best friend, alpha, and son a person could ever ask for.
Even in Heaven, I'm sure you're the "top dog".
Remember me, please. I love you.
And I'm sorry.

The mom shrugged and took his hand, shivering. "I'm not sure, baby. I think we should go, though. It's getting cold and Daddy is probably getting worried."

The little boy hopped off the wood eagerly and practically ran back to his car.

Neither of them noticed the small wolf charm laying just barely concealed beneath the sand, nor the extremely beautiful woman carefully hidden behind the small forrest on the edge of the beach.

"I love you, Jacob Black," the woman whispered.

And then she was gone.