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Post Eclipse WITH spoilers. Jacob x OC Chapter 1 - My Bella
Chapter 2 - Home
Chapter 3 - Epiphany
Chapter 4 - Confrontation
Chapter 5 - Truce
Chapter 6 - Sarah
Chapter 7 - Cancer
Chapter 8 - Delivery
Chapter 9 - Morte
Chapter 10 - Sino
Chapter 11 - Revealed
Chapter 12 - Agony
Chapter 13 - Killer {Just added 8/27!}

DISCLAIMER: The only characters I own are the random patients of Dr. Carlisle Cullen and Sarah. All of the other characters belong to Stephenie Meyer. The plot is also mine, but I must credit Ms. Meyer again, because if she had not created these lovely characters in the first place, I wouldn't be able to toy with them as I do now.

5. Chapter 5

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Chapter 5- Truce

Sam had managed - though Embry had protested because he would be the one to have to cover my shift on patrol - to get everyone to agree that I needed to speak to Bella.

And, even though neither of us were thrilled, Sam had ordered Paul to drive me.

Most of the ride was silent, and as soon as his beat up pick-up pulled up out front of Bella's house, I was out of the car.

As soon as I reached the door it flew open, and before I could react, a small pair of arms wrapped themselves around my waist.

I laughed and rested my cheek on her head, wrapping my arms around her in return.


I froze. The voice wasn't Bella's, and it wasn't Charlie's, either. Lifting my cheek from Bella's head, I looked up into Edward's topaz eyes.

"Edward," I muttered, my grip on Bella growing instinctively stronger.

She broke my grip on her suddenly and stepped backwards, into Edward's arms. He smiled at her and she smiled back. The love between them was almost enough to make me gag, but I settled for looking at the ground.

"Sorry," she mumbled, seeing the look on my face.

I grinned at her and waved my hand as if dismissing it before stepping past both her and Edward as I walked into the house. It hadn't changed much in the short time I was gone, not that I had been expecting it to. Charlie wasn't much for interior decorating, and Bella would probably hurt herself if she even tried. I smirked at the thought and walked into the kitchen, trying to ignore Edward's presence.

"So," I began, plopping into a chair and looking up at the both of them. He reached for her hand and she smiled before taking it and then looking back at me. I swallowed hard before continuing. "Obviously I'm okay. Did you figure out a new date for the wedding yet?"

Bella nodded and smiled again. "February 14th."

Two weeks. She would be Bella Cullen in just two weeks.

I supressed a grimace and rolled my eyes instead, focusing on my amusement at the date. Edward smirked. It had obviously been Bella's idea. Edward didn't seem to care when the wedding happened, actually. Maybe he wouldn't care if the wedding never happened after all.

"Sorry to disappoint you, Jacob, but I still very much care about that, though you're right about the date." His voice broke the silence and I grimaced, having forgotten that he could read my thoughts. He smirked triumphantly and spoke again, looking down at Bella this time. "If you can behave yourself, we would still very much like to have you attend.

I snorted. "Because I'd just love to hang out with a bunch of bloodsuckers all day. Sorry, I'll pass."

"Jacob!" Bella said, glaring at me. "Behave yourself. And you wouldn't be just around the Cullens. Charlie will be there, and so will Renee. A few of Carlisle's patients are coming, too."

"I don't know, Bells. I'll think about it."

She nodded her head and then looked up at Edward expectantly. I wondered what it was she was waiting for before he sighed and released her hand to step towards me.

"You know I wouldn't be doing this if Bella didn't want it so very much," he began, looking at her for a brief second before turning back to me. "But, she would like us to make a truce. I can't see how it would be beneficial in any way, but I want her to be happy."

He extended his arm towards me and I froze, trying not to laugh. Bella wanted me to make a truce? With a damn leech?

"Yes, mongrel. That's exactly what she wants. I'm not happy about it, either."

I grimaced again. "Stop it."

He smirked and stared at me, his hand still extended. As much as I hated him - especially now that he couldn't seem to find anything better to do then listen to the thoughts passing through my brain - I knew this would make Bella happier than anything. And this might be one of the last chances I had to be the reason for that truly heartbreaking smile that crossed her face when she was happy.

I extended my hand and met Edward's half way, holding my breath. He grabbed my hand quickly and shook before dropping it. I pulled my hand away just as quickly, cringing. Bella smiled, and then rolled her eyes at our reaction.

"You're worse then Angela's little brother, did you know that?" She mumbled, glaring at the ground.

Even through her annoyance, I could tell she was happy. And my heart swelled in response.

If nothing else, I could still do everything to make her happy.

I swallowed. "Bells?"

She looked up, clearly confused.

As much as I might not want to, there was something I had to do. Something I had to do for her. It would hurt me, but it was what she needed. And, as always, her needs came before mine.

"I'll be there," I whispered.

She smiled again, the smile I had been waiting for, and walked towards me, pulling me into a hug. I hugged her back fiercely.

"Can't...breathe..Jake!" She gasped, laughing.

I laughed too and let her down, looking hesitantly at Edward. He was annoyed with me, but happy that Bella was content.

I love her. I thought, looking at him.

He nodded descretly. "I know."

Bella looked at us for a moment before huffing in frustration. "That's really not fair, you know."

Edward chuckled and pulled her into his embrace, wrapping his arms around her carefully. I looked away, still uncomfortable. Clearing my throat, I stepped towards the door.

"I think I should leave," I said, feeling slightly awkward.

"Oh," Bella said, unwinding herself from Edward's embrace to hug me and open the door. I ignored the smell of her leech as I embraced her, and smiled as warmly as I could before stepping out the door and looking around for my car.

I didn't see it anywhere.

"Damnit, Paul!" I muttered, kicking a rock on the ground. That car was my baby. If he did anything to it...

Suddenly, a car came flying down the road. As it drove closer, I recognized the Rabbit. There was mud all along the sides and I growled slightly, annoyed that he got it dirty. I forgot, for a moment, the situation with Bella as Paul stopped the car inches from where I was standing.

I opened the door and got in, closing it gently. Then, I turned to Paul, ready to yell at him. The grin on his face made me even more angry, and my arms started to shake violently. I turned away and balled my hands into fists, trying to calm myself.

"Temper, temper," Paul taunted, driving away from Bella's house.

I just growled.

He laughed bitterly and turned his eyes back to the road, still smirking. "Well, you might want to calm down. I don't think Sam would be happy if you phased with Em sitting right there."

That caught my attention. Why was he talking about Sam and Emily?

"What?" I asked, my anger temporarily forgotten.

"Oh, I forgot," he mumbled, rolling his eyes. "We're having a pack dinner to celebrate you coming back."

I grinned. This would definately be enough to annoy Paul. I could see why he trashed my car now. That didn't matter anymore, though. It'd be torture enough for him to try and pretend he was happy I was back.

Tonight would be fun.