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I Watched

Angela Webber has seen many things in her lifetime. As she watches Bella suffer through New Moon, she reflects on something disastrous that happened to her own life before Bella came to Forks. Photobucket

This is an idea that popped into my head. :D

1. Red Eyes

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I watched her fall. The day he left was the day she fell from the heavens, like an angel. I knew what it was like; to have the world crumble beneath you. I could still remember the day she left, after all. My baby sister, Marcy. I could remember the glitter in her sparkling blue eyes and the bright smile that welcomed me everyday. Yes, I could easily imagine Bella feelings right now. She had lost someone close to her, as I did. It was a painful experience, and I knew what that felt like too well. It was like someone had died. Like you had died.

I came to school every day and watched her closely. Her actions were robotic, numb. Her eyes were empty of all emotion, as was her voice. Her hair was lifeless, completely stiff. Few people stared at me, mentally reminding me of my own descent just a year and a half before Bella came to this small and dreary town of Forks. But a difference between Bella and I was that I had Ben. That had already been taken away from her.

I still remembered that day so very clearly in my clouded mind:

"Angie, will you read me a story?" I looked down to my little sister. She stood nearly 4 feet now. I was shocked. She was growing so fast! She grabbed onto the edge of my shirt and tugged while giving me puppy eyes and pouting.

"Oh, all right, Marcy. But just one, I need to get my homework done!" She giggled a childishly adorable laugh and sat down on the near by sofa. I walked over to her book selections and picked out Cinderella. She looked up at me with her bright blue eyes and smiled brightly, showing a gap in the front of her mouth because of her recently lost front tooth.

After I finished reading Cinderella she applauded sweetly and left me alone to finish my homework. I watched her skip lightly out of the family room; her long light brown hair swinging behind her. She tripped once but got right back up and turned to me with an apologetic smile. I laughed once at her clumsiness and she continued her skipping through the rest of the house. She really was an adorable child, and the best little sister I could ever wish for.

Later that night, after Marcy had been tucked into bed and I had read her another story, I went into my room. I was completely exhausted. I slowly undressed and got into soft pajamas. As I lay there in my bed I thought I heard a soft whimper from down the hall.
It was probably just one of the dogs, I thought. I then heard a loud noise coming from the room next to mine. Marcy's room.

I jumped up in complete shock and burst out of my room, not even caring if my door hit the wall and created a loud
BANG! I sprinted through the hall and it seemed like the more I ran, the further her bedroom door became. Oh God, no, not her. This can't be happening, I chanted in my mind as I came to her door. I yanked on her doorknob but it wouldn't budge. I twisted it and turned it but nothing happened. One thing was sure, Marcy would never lock her door.

I was quickly brought back to reality as I felt some one tap on my shoulder.

"Look at Bella. How pathetic." I responded to the nasally voice with a glare. Lauren stood over my shoulder, looking cruelly towards Bella who sat in her truck sobbing. The poor girl. I turned my head towards Lauren and glared icily, something I usually didn't do.

"Maybe you could go pick on someone who isn't having a hard time right now." Lauren stared back at me shocked. The whole school must know how I never judged anyone or was cruel. Well, maybe it was time for a change.

"Yeah, because we all know how you've had your own hard times, right? Does the name "Marcy" ring a bell?" Her eyes stared back at me; cold and unforgiving. The name of my sister always sent a shock of grief and anger and she knew it. It was my weakness. I shook with anger as I turned my back on her and walked towards the old rusty truck.

"Bella?" I walked up to the window and knocked quietly. Bella looked up, startled, and wiped at her eyes.

"Hey," she sniffled out after rolling down the window. Her eyes were all red and puffy. God, she looked like hell.

"Are you all right? I saw you from the benches and I wanted to make sure everything was ok." She looked at me curiously before turning so she was gazing out the windshield. Her mind must have been a thousand miles away.

"Nothing will ever be all right, Angela. Never." She gasped as she said these words and I finally noticed something big. Something that made my heart reach out to her frantically. She was hurting so much more than I ever did with Marcy. I stood in a daze as the details all fell into place.


"Come on! Open, dammit!" I shrieked as I pushed on the door desperately. The light overhead flickered on. I heard muffled voices but nothing mattered anymore. My attention was strictly on getting into Marcy's bedroom.

"Angela, what on Earth is wrong?!" My mother rushed to my side and brushed away the tears that were streaming down my flushed face. I shushed them as I heard something coming from inside the room.

"Angie?! Help me!" Marcy whimpered from somewhere far from the door. Then I heard something that will always haunt me. A child screaming. Not just a scared scream, but a terrorized scream with levels of pain. I screamed out with my baby sister in frustration and kicked the door. My father ran down the hall as I kept punching the door and trying the handle. My younger brothers were terrified at my actions.

My father soon came back with a key in his hands. Of course! A key to her bedroom! I snatched the key from his hands and frantically shoved it in the keyhole and tugged. The door swung open as I kicked it open. I looked inside and froze in place. Blood. Emptiness. Wind gushing through the opened window. Furniture and memories were strung over the whole room. A struggle had taken place. I crumpled to the floor while sobbing. I, surprisingly, drifted into the world of dreams after that.

I woke up to a cold, marble-like, thing on my forehead. It was wiping the hair out of my face while whispering soothing words into my ear. I struggled to open my eyes to be stunned. There sat Esme Cullen sitting on my couch with my head in her lap and soothing me. She smiled kindly and I looked around. All of the Cullens stood around my family room while talking to my parents. Chief Swan was also there. All the memories of a nightmare I had had then rushed into my mind. Marcy. Screaming. Blood. Opened windows. And, then, red eyes. Hauntingly beautiful red eyes that glittered with malice.

"Shh, It's all right. We'll find her." She, once again, brushed the hair out of my face. I felt some one take my hand as I looked up. Alice Cullen was kneeling on the floor in front me and holding my hand.

"My family will do whatever it takes to find your sister and return her to you. I swear to God, whatever it takes."


"Bella, do you need to talk?" I asked her gently. Sometimes all it took was a heart to heart talk to help someone. She looked at me with confusion clearly written all over her face. She wiped at the over-flowing tears.

"Oh, Angela. Thank you, but no. I can't talk about it right now."

She was broken. It was so clearly written all over her. From that day on, I watched. She was wasting away right in front of us. What ever Edward said to her that night I would never know. From the incident with Marcy, I had always thought the Cullen family was exceptionally kind. Sure, they were a bit different, but weren't all of us? I felt like there was something Bella wasn't telling us. If the Cullens were really moving to LA, wouldn't they communicate with her? There had to be something missing from this scenario. All I knew was that until I had the whole story, I wouldn't judge Edward, or any of the other Cullens.

I waited for Bella to get better, and she slowly started to. She had a bit more color in her face, her eyes were a bit more bright, and her hair had a bit more volume. I heard from a few people that she had started hanging out with an old family friend, Jacob, down in La Push. I was glad that he was helping her but something told me inside that no amount of time or Jacob could ever fully heal Bella. No, the only person that could ever do that was Edward Cullen. And as of right now, he was in LA and probably never coming back.

Then, the unexplainable happened. They came back.

I watched, again, as Edward, Alice, and Bella all walked in the school together. That must have been the most biggest awkward silence recorded in all history of the world. I noticed Bella blushed deeply and Edward took her hand. So they were back together.

I cautiously walked up to the three of them and hugged Bella tightly. She froze beneath be in shock and then returned the hug. I let go and looked into her eyes and nearly squealed in joy as I saw emotion, actual emotion, in her eyes. She looked so much more healthy. It was amazing that overnight someone could change so drastically.

"I'm glad you're back, Bella," I whispered to her fiercely while hugging her again. She laughed weakly as I pulled away. I felt a pang of guilt when I realized she had tears in her eyes.

"Me too." She gave a small smile and I was about to say something else but suddenly I felt a pair of strong, cold, arms around me. I heard a high pitch squeal and I was then released

"Calm down, Alice. Don't strangle her," I heard to the right of me in a deeper, musical voice which was followed by a dazzling chuckle. I looked to the left to see Alice next to me and bouncing.

"It's good to see you, Angela! How have you been?!" Alice hardly paid Edward's warning any attention and didn't let his words ruin her good mood.

"You too, Alice. I'm just perfect." I smiled kindly, and thankfully, the rest of the day passed uneventful. Except for the gossip, of course.


The next weeks passed without news from the Cullens, or my sister. I was shocked though at Alice Cullen's behavior. She seemed to rarely leave my side during school and was always good company. She tried so hard to get my mind off of my sister's disappearance.

Then, later one night about 3 disastrous weeks after Marcy had first gone missing, we got a phone call.

"Hello?" My father's tone was desperate and tired. Marcy's disappearance had taken a toll on us that left us exhausted and grief-filled.

"What? Are you sure? Oh God, we'll be right there." He hang up quickly and ran into the family room. He grabbed his jacket and I was scared to see he had tears running down his face.

"What is it?! Honey! What's going on? Is it Marcy?" My mother was frantically blurting out questions as my father raced around.

"Everyone, come on! Dr. Cullen called, they found her!" He stood in front of the door as we all raced around getting our shoes and jackets on. We then piled into the car and drove as fast as we could to the hospital.

We finally parked in the hospital parking lot and ran into the hospital. All of the Cullens were in the waiting room except for Dr. Cullen. As we came in, Alice came running to my side. She hugged me tightly and sobbed into my shoulder.

"We tried. Oh, Angela, we tried so hard." Her tiny form shook with sobs as the blonde male, who I believed to be Jasper, stood behind her. He looked extremely on edge and distressed. Oh God, she was dead, wasn't she?

My mother was off to the side, talking to Esme, and trying to hold in her tears; my brothers were off talking to the big burly one, Emmett, and the one with bronze hair, Edward. It seemed to me like Emmett and Edward were trying to cheer them up with corny jokes and crazy facts. I looked over to see my father pacing quickly and looking for Dr. Cullen. I was pulled back to reality as I heard Alice gasp. I looked to my right and saw Dr. Cullen walking down the hallway with his head bowed.

"Is she all right?" My father ran up to him and so did the rest of the family. All except me. I couldn't take this. To hear the fact that I had failed at protecting my baby sister and to be confirmed that she was never coming back struck me deep within. Alice kept her tiny arms locked around me as she shared a glance with Jasper. Even though I wasn't close to Dr. Cullen, I could still hear what he said.

"I am so deeply sorry, Weber family. I tried my very hardest to do what I could but in the end, it just didn't seem to be enough." The world seemed to stop then. My breathing picked up as my mother burst into sobs in my father's arms. I couldn't take this. Any of it. In a way, this was my fault. I had heard something in her room but never went to check on her. In my mind, it almost seemed like I killed her. With that thought, Edward's head whipped towards me and I ran out of the hospital, not looking back.

I stopped running when I reached the back of the hospital. I leaned against the stone wall and tried to catch my breath. It felt like the world was crashing down on me. The air in my lungs seemed to just disappear and now I was frantically searching for it. Just like Marcy. I yelped out in pain and sunk to the ground. This couldn't be happening. It just couldn't be!

I heard someone lightly breathing next to me and opened my eyes. I looked up and saw someone I never expected to see. Edward Cullen. He was standing 2 feet away and was leaning against the wall. I gasped as the moonlight hit his face, making him look ghastly beautiful. His topaz eyes glittered and his fierce features looked even more angular in the nighttime. He looked down and smiled gently at me.

"How are you holding up?" His eyes were full of curiosity. I laughed weakly.

"Not so good." He nodded understandingly.

"You know, it isn't your fault. No matter what you say or think, this is no one's fault." His eyes were full of compassion. How did he know I blamed myself? I stood up, realizing I probably looked idiotic rolled up on the muddy ground.

"That's where I beg to differ," I mumbled as I brushed the mud and grass from the clothes. God, I looked awful.

"You may think to blame yourself, but it really isn't. I am sorry though, my whole family tried very hard to save your sister. Even though the search is over, we'll keep looking for the kidnapper. I can promise you that." He spoke with such sincerity, I nearly believed him myself.

"Thank you. It was kind of your family to look for her in the first place. I just wished I had gotten to say goodbye." I smiled sadly as I remembered putting Marcy to bed that night. I had no clue it was the last time I would see her again. Edward looked far in the distance as he thought.

"It was no problem, Angela. My family was happy to help," he smiled sadly as he went on,"but just remember that none of this is your fault. No matter who says it is."

With that said, Edward turned around and walked back to the entrance of the hospital; leaving me alone in the chilling winter air.


The viewing and funeral went without a problem. We got a small, cherry casket with soft pink roses around it. The Cullens came and Alice stayed by my side. It was an open casket and I nearly broke into sobs when I saw my baby sister still and lifeless. She had been put into a beautiful ivory dress that nearly matched her skin color.

Dr. Cullen had said that they had found her in the forest outside of Forks. Somehow, she had been drained of all her blood. The thought chilled me to the bone and left me almost vomiting right then and there. Who could ever do something like that to a vulnerable little girl? Truly, a monster.

I shivered as I remembered the red eyes that had haunted me in my nightmares. Where had I seen those from? They just seemed to pop into my mind when I dreamed. As I remembered the eyes, Edward turned to me with a curious expression. I just ignored it and focused on burying my little sister.

I watched that day as they buried my Marcy, who I had always promised to protect, six feet under the ground in a beautiful cherry casket. Emmett Cullen watched sourly as they read for the service. He had told me earlier that it angered him to think that someone could hurt such a helpless girl. I completely agreed.

My sister, Marcy Weber, was only 6 years old when her life was so cruelly taken from her.


I sat with the usual crowd of people in the lunchroom. The whole school was full of gossip about the Cullens return. It seemed like it was the only thing people could be talking about. I tried to ignore the outrageous assumptions and rude remarks made by my classmates.

I turned in my seat to look at them. Bella seemed so much happier. It was clear. Alice was bouncing in her seat and talking animatedly while waving her hands around and ignoring the stares and gossip. Bella seemed to be uninterested in what she was saying. Edward was sitting next to her and he was twirling a strand of her hair around his finger. He seemed to be completely ignoring Alice's words and was completely taken with Bella. I smiled slightly as I thought of just how perfect they were for each other.

I had had such a strong bond with Marcy that didn't end through death. If anything, it had strengthened. It always felt like I was here to protect Marcy and that I needed to take care of her. While watching Edward and Bella, I realized they had the same kind of bond. Edward always seemed to be there to protect Bella and the way they looked at each other was full of love and passion. They were most definitely right for each other. As I watched, I came to the conclusion that no amount of time, or friends, or Jacob could ever heal Bella. She only needed Edward. And, right now, he was here for her.

As I thought this, Edward looked up towards me beaming and laughing.