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Before Embry

In Eclipse we found out that Embry's dad was from La Push. What we didn't find out was who exactly it was. Who cheated? Or was there really no cheating at all and just wrong assumptions? What exactly did happen before Embry? The teen rating is for stuff that may or may not come in the future. I'm not totally sure yet what future chapters are going to hold. I'm just being safe. Disclaimer:All the characters from the Twilight series belong to Stephenie Meyer. Not me. Too bad though. It would be so awesome if I owned them. But I don't. Sucks for me.

I was really curious about Embry and his dad and stuff after I read that part in Eclipse, so, just like Stephenie, I decided to write and find out what exactly happened.

1. Welcoming Party

Rating 4.5/5   Word Count 705   Review this Chapter

Billy’s P.O.V.

“Honey, we’re going to be late!” Sarah called from the small living room.

“Just a minute! I can’t seem to find my shoes!” I called back. I had been looking for them for ten minutes now. I was sure I took them off in our room last night, but they didn’t seem to be there.

“There in here,” Sarah called to me. “Now hurry up!”

I rushed into the living room and saw my shoes by the couch. How they got in here, I have no idea, but I quickly ran over and put them on.

“Okay, I told them they could stay up until midnight, but no later. The number of where we’ll be is on the fridge. If they get hungry, you can give them whatever is in the fridge or in the pantry. I think that’s all. Do you have any questions?” Sarah asked the babysitter as I was getting my shoes on.

“No, I think that’s it Mrs. Black. Have a nice evening. You too, Mr. Black.”

“Thanks Stephanie. We will,” Sarah said. “Are you ready, Billy?”

“Yes,” I answered her. I just finished getting my shoes on and was in the doorway. “Let’s go.”

“Bye Mommy!” Rachel and Rebecca came running into the room hollering. “Bye Daddy!”

“Bye sweethearts. Now be good for the sitter, okay?”

“Okay,” they both answered. Then they ran over to Stephanie and started talking to her about what they wanted to do first.

“Bye you guys. Have fun,” I called over to them, but they were having too much fun, it seemed, to answer me, so we just left to go to the welcoming party the Clearwaters were having for the new woman who just moved here from the Makah reservation. Everyone in La push was expected to be there. Even Charlie who lives in Forks. This was going to be some party.

“Now, Billy, you’re going to talk to people instead of just watching what’s on T.V., right?” Sarah asked me

Of course a game was going to be on. There always was the few times somebody put together a party. And every time all the men gathered around it and all the women talked with each other. Usually Sarah didn’t mind much, since all the guys did it. But tonight’s party was to welcome the lady from the Makah reservation, so I was expected to welcome her and mingle with her, as Sarah had gone over with me a dozen times.

“Yes I will talk with other people, Sarah.”

“Good. And welcome Maggie?”

Maggie was the woman from the reservation. “Yes, welcome Maggie. That is what I meant.”

“But you are going to talk with other people, too, though, right?”

“Yes, I’ll try to talk to everyone there.”

“Thank you, Billy.”

By this time we were already halfway to the Clearwaters’ house. We would have already been there if it weren’t for the fact that the fastest my truck can go is 60mph.

When we got there, I saw that it was worse than I could have ever possibly imagined. There were cars lining the street even though a lot of people Harry told me were going to be attending were from this street, and I saw people in the front yard and filling the inside of the house, or at least it looked that way through the front window. I wouldn’t be surprised, though, if the whole house was being used. I knew that the backyard was being used, too. This was going to be a nightmare.

Sarah must have seen the horror that I was feeling on my face because she said to me “It’s going to be okay, Billy. And besides, you need to be more social.”

“Social is ten, maybe fifteen people. This is just crazy! I wouldn’t be surprised if the new woman came, saw what it was like, and then just kept on driving.”

“The woman has a name, Billy. It’s Maggie,” Sarah corrected me.

“Right. How long do we have to stay here?”

“A while. You are going to talk to people. You might even have a little fun.”

“I don’t think so.”

“Well then think of it this way. Harry has to suffer. So do you. Now come on.”

Then we got out of the car and made our way down the street to the Clearwaters’ house. My doom.