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Before Embry

In Eclipse we found out that Embry's dad was from La Push. What we didn't find out was who exactly it was. Who cheated? Or was there really no cheating at all and just wrong assumptions? What exactly did happen before Embry? The teen rating is for stuff that may or may not come in the future. I'm not totally sure yet what future chapters are going to hold. I'm just being safe. Disclaimer:All the characters from the Twilight series belong to Stephenie Meyer. Not me. Too bad though. It would be so awesome if I owned them. But I don't. Sucks for me.

I was really curious about Embry and his dad and stuff after I read that part in Eclipse, so, just like Stephenie, I decided to write and find out what exactly happened.

2. Creating Embry

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Billy’s P.O.V.

“Billy!” Harry called to me. “Finally you’ve arrived.”

“How many people did you guys invite? It’s packed in here.”

“I’m not exactly sure. I think almost everyone we know in La Push. Oh, and Charlie,” Harry told me.

“Charlie’s here?” I asked. That was odd. He hated parties. And he didn‘t have a wife forcing him to go. “How’d you get him to come?”

“I told him we were having some people over to watch the game. It’s not totally a lie,” he said and then pointed to the T.V. which was showing a football game.

“Oh good. I was hoping you would be showing it. I didn’t want to miss this game,” I said. Then we went to the small couch and sat down and started watching the game. A few minutes later Charlie came over to us with three beers.

“Hey, Billy, you’re here.”

“Yeah.” I took one of the beers he offered to me.

“Did Harry lie to you, too?” Charlie asked me as he sat down in the recliner next to the couch.

“No. He didn’t need to. Sarah forced me to come.”

“Aah. So who’s winning?”

“We are,” Harry answered him.


Then we settled back and continued to watch the game.

Maggie’s P.O.V.

I pulled up to the address the lady on the phone, Sue, had told me. She had called me up a week ago to welcome me to La Push and invite me to this party. Even though I had told her there was really no need for a welcoming party, she had insisted so much that I didn’t have the breath to discourage her anymore, and so I found myself searching for a parking space along the curb of the street where the party was located. There was really no need for Sue to tell me the address. I would have known from all the people crowding the front window of the house. Although it was very nice for the town to throw me a welcoming party, it was very unnecessary.

Finally I found a space on the curb seven houses down and parked. I made my way back down the street to the party house, trying to gather up all of my patience on the way. I knew I was going to need all the patience I could get. This welcoming party looked like the kind where the people will ask you all different things about you, and then inform you on what they’re like, as if any of us really cared. I finally got to the house where the party was and walked up to the door. Before I could knock twice the door was open.

“Hello. You must be Maggie,” a lady with shoulder-length, almost black hair greeted me. “I’m Sue.”

“Hello. Thanks for throwing me this, ummm, party,” It looked like one of the biggest parties I’ve ever been to, but maybe it only looked that way because the house was so small. “But it was totally unnecessary.”

“Nonsense. Welcome to La Push. Come on in.”

When I stepped through the door-frame, I immediately felt claustrophobic. It was way too crowded in the little hallway. And loud. I had no idea how the others could stand it.

“Let me introduce you to some people.” She then proceeded to introduce me half of the people at the party, most of the names I didn’t remember two seconds later. And then after she left me, I was taken up again by others at the party, and was having the exact conversations I knew I would have. Didn’t anyone know how to leave a person alone for two minutes? I knew I would hate this party. I just wished that I could go and sit down and watch the football game that was playing on the T.V. in the living room, and I didn’t even really like football.

Billy’s P.O.V.

“Billy, have you been sitting here the entire time we‘ve been here?” Sarah came up to me and asked an hour later. I wished she would’ve taken two more minutes to find me, because now I knew she’d make me get up and mingle if she had to hold on to me the entire time, and the game was just getting to the best part. “I thought you said you would talk to some people, and not just plant yourself in front of a game.”

“I have talked to people,” I told her, which was true.

“I meant to people other than just Harry, Quil, and Charlie.” Quil had joined us about fifteen minutes ago.

“I talked to Sue, too.”

“Come on. Please get up. You‘re being rude.”

“Give me two minutes. The game‘s almost over,” I told her. I really wanted to see who would win.

“Fine. But I better see you up and talking to someone in two minutes.” Then she left me in what little peace I had left for probably the rest of the night.

“Man, I’m glad I don’t have a wife to do that to me,” Charlie said, but we all knew he still missed Renee.

“Why hasn’t Sue bothered you yet?” I asked Harry.

“She’s too busy making sure everyone else is having fun that she doesn‘t have time to nag at me for not being social. Lucky for me.”

“Really.” I agreed

“Score!” Quil shouted. That got all of our attention back to the game.

“Dang,” I said when I noticed Sarah watching me in between chatting with people. I checked my watch. It had been about three minutes since she had talked to me. “I have to go mingle. Ugh, I thought the game would be over by now.”

“We’ll tell you what happens.” Charlie said.

“Okay. I hope it’s nothing too good.” Then I reluctantly got up and wandered over to a group of people, glancing back at the T.V. the whole way there.

Maggie’s P.O.V.

I had finally found out where the alcohol was at a half hour into the party. It was a good thing, too, because I didn’t think I could’ve stood another minute at this party without a cold beer. I was now heading back over that way to get my fifth.

“Hi. You must be Maggie,” a lady about my age, maybe a little older, came up to me. Here we go again.

“Yeah,” I said and put my ‘I‘m so happy I have such good neighbors that would throw such a nice party for me’ face back on for what seemed like the millionth time.

“I’m Sarah. Welcome to La Push.”

“Thanks. You have a very nice town,” I went along with the dialogue that made it seem like I was in a play and we kept rehearsing the same scene over and over again.

“Thank you. I’m glad you like it.” And we were off. Now I just needed some director to pop out and tell us to take five… or ten thousand.

Finally, fifteen minutes later, she decided to leave me alone for the next person to come and harass. Only I didn’t want there to be a next person. I was starting to get a headache. I wondered if they had any Advil here. Maybe they had some in the bathroom down the hall. I headed back there to go find out. It was much quieter in the hallway, which immediately helped my headache, but didn’t nearly stop it. I got to the bathroom and rummaged around in the drawers- nothing. I looked up at the mirror. It looked like one of those that could pop open to reveal a medicine cabinet. I tried pulling at it. I was right. I saw the Advil bottle and dumped one into my hands. Hmmm. Maybe two. I popped the pills into my mouth and rinsed them down with water from the sink.

But I knew I couldn’t go back out to the party yet. That would only worsen my headache. Ugh, I shouldn’t have had all those beers. I bet Sue wouldn’t mind If I lied down on one of her beds for a little while- just until my head felt a little better.

I walked down the hall a little ways more until I came to a bedroom. It was very simply done. Just a bed and some curtains. No dresser. It must be the guest room. I walked in and lied down on the bed. Aaahhh. I was starting to feel better already. Then a few minutes later the door opened. What now?

“Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t know anyone was in here,” the man apologized once he saw me.

“It’s okay,” I told him tiredly. I just couldn’t be alone, could I? He seemed to hear my annoyance in my voice.

“What’s wrong?” he asked.

“Headache,” I said, trying to sound nice even though I felt like screaming.

“Aaah,” He said knowingly. “Not a fan of big parties?”

I gave him a small smile. “Not really.”

“Me neither. Do you mind if I lie down? I’m getting tired. That‘s what I came in here for. I didn‘t really feel comfortable using Harry‘s bed, or his daughter‘s.” he said

I rolled over to the far side of the bed in answer. I was just so glad he wasn’t bugging me with the same old questions.

“God. This has got to be one of the biggest parties ever in La Push. Sue must have invited the entire town,” he said as he lied down on the other side.

“I was claustrophobic the minute I stepped through the door,” I said in agreement.

“I wish that I could just watch football games through all of the parties I go to.”

“Me too. But maybe not football,” I told him.

“Not a fan of that either?” he asked.

“I can’t say I am.” I looked over at him. I couldn’t believe I finally found someone at this party who felt the same way I did. God, if only I had found him two hours ago. Maybe that would’ve saved me from all of the chatting I had to do.

I’m not sure why I did it. Maybe it was all the beer. Or possibly that extra Advil. But I suddenly leaned over and kissed him. It wasn’t just a peck on the lips, either. When I stopped, I saw his eyes were open. I just stared at him in shock, not sure what was going to happen. I felt kind of embarrassed. I didn’t usually go around kissing random strangers. But maybe he felt as loopy as I did, because a few seconds later he was kissing me back.